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 Parents' Birth Certificate - Secondary Supplementary Documents

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Posted on 10-20-22 10:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As most of us, my parents did not have their official birth certificate document. I obtained a validation type document from Ward Office (of Municipality). I am in the process of filing their GC. They don't have any other secondary suggested documents like Land Deeds, SLC Certificates etc. The only other option I see is an Signed Affidavit from their even older relatives.
But my parents are getting old and do not know how to get such document Notarized & Stamped. Anyone here knows, how I can reach out (from here in the US) to a Notary Public to get an Affidavit of Birth signed by my parents relatives?

BTW, this request is for outside Kathmandu Valley.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-23-22 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 629]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@chicagoan I would not think it take any longer than NVC. It will be faster than embassy process
@log…dick what’s your problem man. Stop being judgmental let people do whatever right for them. You Know Nepal would be coming out of dual citizenship in a near future and it does affect any Nepalese trying to immigrate here! Don’t F talk about nationalism nonsense. They would have jobs, careers, better life, better healthcare. Also can contribute in Nepal’s economic growth and other. No one forced relatives to stay here, they can go back when they feel like
Posted on 10-23-22 3:31 PM     [Snapshot: 635]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@chicagoan I-130 is pretty straightforward. If you don’t have any issues in your immigration history and have all civil documents in order it should be approved. Can they legally stay here with approved I-130? Probably not. Mine took almost 1.5 year with a RFE to get approval. They are doing witch hunting so the process looks like in process and they are doing work. You would have to keep extending the visa. You know always consult an immigration lawyer and it’s like 500-800 bucks most time
Posted on 10-23-22 10:50 PM     [Snapshot: 722]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please man, no name calling and then assuming what others people do and intend in their lives. What do you have to say about all those Chinese or Latinos/ Indians in US? Do you also have the same opinions about them?

Last edited: 24-Oct-22 10:22 PM

Posted on 10-24-22 1:32 PM     [Snapshot: 872]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dude, don't be a dic* really!! Do I even know you? Who are you to say, "तै जस्तो मान्छे". And whatever that means!!

Posted on 10-24-22 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 929]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Logbendck! Do you have any problems and issues mentally that you can not  resolve rationally. It seems like you are projecting to other people because you have not figure out how to neutralize basic human emotions such as anger, selfishness, ego and such.Does these behaviors give you happiness? I think you need to see a therapist cuz you are slowly turning in to sociopath!
Last edited: 24-Oct-22 03:21 PM

Posted on 10-24-22 7:59 PM     [Snapshot: 977]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rockb, no point on feeding the troll. There are a few characters in Sajha who just hijack the whole conversation. Admin does ban them time and again but they come back with new names :-) Be the adult here and let it go
Posted on 10-24-22 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 986]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rock b and Chicagoan : big FU
Posted on 10-29-22 6:49 AM     [Snapshot: 1552]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for all the good suggestions on secondary alternatives to Birth Certificate issue. Does anyone here know, if I can reach out to a Notary Public in Kathmandu from here in the US? My problem is that my parents are old and are not able to do anything. Their social contacts are limited and they live outside Kathmandu.
If there is someone whom I can reach out from here and provide their fees, I want to request an "Affidavit" Notarization document (which is one of the secondary alternative to Birth Cert).
Posted on 10-30-22 2:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1785]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@middle-age What’s the date of birth of your parents?
Posted on 10-30-22 7:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1837]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I thought we could file I-485 online but just found out it was to be paper. Am I mistaken?
Posted on 10-31-22 7:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1942]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Rockb - My parents Date of Birth are circa 1949 and 1954.

@Chicagoan - That is correct. I-485 is not yet available to file online. 
Last edited: 31-Oct-22 07:40 AM

Posted on 10-31-22 2:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2003]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When I typed notary public in Kathmandu, this came up. Please check out and see if you can call them from here to know all the process for your parents.

But the thing is if they are out of Kathmandu, then they might have to come to one of these offices "themselves" to notarize the documents and that too with two people who know them personally. Maybe the parents may not be asked to come there in person. I am not 100% sure. This is because, I have seen people who are here in US, making their birth affidavits there in Nepal in their absence but the relatives need to be there to sign in front of these notary officers I guess.
I am sure you would not have hard time finding the 2 relatives to sign the affidavits but then everybody "might be" asked to come to the notary office with their nagariktas.

See if you can find the notary offices in the same jilla your parents are at. For the format of affidavits, you know the sample right? Please check the link I posted earlier or you can also find it online.

Last edited: 31-Oct-22 02:19 PM

Posted on 11-06-22 1:00 PM     [Snapshot: 2803]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ba Aama lai angreji fitikkai aaundaina. Preparer ani interpreter ma mero afnai naam rakhda Hunchha? Preparer ani interpreter dui otai bharnu parchha?
Posted on 11-07-22 12:20 AM     [Snapshot: 2890]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For the immigration forms that I filled out myself (like N-400), I did not put anybody as far as I recall. But for all those cases where lawyers were helping us, they put their names in the preparer section but interpreter section was left out as all my family members were somehow able to handle their immigration interviews themselves. We never required any interpreters.

In your case, this is what I got from some research, you can put your names as preparer and interpreter for now, but during interview, USCIS may require a professional/ independent interpreter and not somebody who belongs to the family like yourself (this is my understanding but I am not 100% sure, please research further if USCIS can accept your as interpreter or if they provide one at the interview upon request). Please check out these links.

My keywords to check were like this.

Posted on 11-07-22 6:33 AM     [Snapshot: 2927]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok thank you. Appreciate it
Posted on 11-07-22 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 2962]     Reply [Subscribe]
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By the way I filled up the form online and downloaded. Now I have to change something but the text boxes turned to read only mode. Any suggestions?
Posted on 11-09-22 11:06 PM     [Snapshot: 3269]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You might have to go back online and do the whole thing (or maybe not, I doubt it though) all over again, if you want to make some changes. This is what I am thinking.
Posted on 11-10-22 8:32 AM     [Snapshot: 3366]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you. Some further questions.

Both parents are principal applicants correct?
Evidences to provide:
Copy of receipt of I-797
Two photographs each (as specified)
Copy of passport page as ID
Birth certificate
I-94 record
Passport page with B2 visa
Marriage certificate (may not be needed if both parents are principal applicants)
Evidence of financial support(affidavit)
1140 bucks. Cashier check or regular personal check is fine?
I-693 at a later time

Posted on 11-10-22 10:55 AM     [Snapshot: 3378]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since I am not a lawyer so sometimes I feel scared to give immigration advice to people with full confidence, but still I will help you with what I know and find. But please do your research as well. If anybody else know better, please pitch in.

Both parents are principal applicants:
Yes, as typically the derivative applicants are the terms used for spouse and children of the principal beneficiary in the petition provided they are named in the petition.

Please check this link: javaskript:nicTemp();

Evidences to provide:
I am sure you are following through the USCIS checklist for adjustment of status document list. I am not sure if you want to apply for travel or not and EAD either. I have been hearing a lot of lawyers say that file for travel document as you never know when the emergency can strike in our lives and then we have to head back home. This is up to you to decide for EAD and travel document. In my case my lawyer filed for both though I never used them actually while adjustment of status was going on.

Regarding other documents, I hope you are just sending them copies right? Do not send the original birth certificates or I-94 records. And also since two people are adjusting status, then you might have to file separately and not file together, so that filing fee might double up.

Regarding filing fee payment mode, check this link please, I am sure you know about it.

I used to send certified check from USPS or sometimes even personal check. The only good thing with personal check is you can find out if USCIS has taken the money or not directly from your bank statement.

Regarding medical, I-693, I think my lawyer made me submit together with I-485. I am not 100% sure on that, but since there is a 2 years validity, I think you can wait until USCIS requests for it and send later.

Just for reference.

Posted on 11-10-22 1:30 PM     [Snapshot: 3416]     Reply [Subscribe]
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