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 HIV/AIDS gain of function research?
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Posted on 11-04-21 10:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is not my opinion, this is something I found on the internet as I remembered there were some gain of function theory in the past for  HIV too.

The current theory of HIV origin is that it originated from chimpanzees with SIV (primate version of HIV) in central Africa.

But, this official theory doesn’t seem to be the full story. There seems to be a missing link from SIV to HIV (AIDS).

The above theory hypothesized that bush meat hunter must have contracted HIV from handing raw meat of chimpanzee. This is the head scratcher - if this was true - why have we not seen another transmission of SIV to HIV infection especially since the records show that bush meat hunting has increased in Africa. If another transmission happened we’d have a new viral linkage from SIV to HIV. Thus, it would have proven the bush meat hypothesis after nearly 40 years! But, no, this has not happened. We are not even sure if SIV can be transferable to humans and become HIV. There has not been a research proving such transmission is even possible. There was SIV (from macaques) infection incident in two lab workers, but not scientifically replicated nor did it develop into HIV or AIDS.

Infection of a Laboratory Worker with Simian Immunodeficiency Virus

infection of humans with SIVCPZ, a closer counterpart to HIV-1, has not been reported.

Another problem with the bush meat hypothesis is that SIV is originated from chimpanzees and chimpanzees are THE model subject for pharmaceutical experiment before human trials. Imagine a bunch of chimpanzees in labs and being experimented on right, left and center.

So, here comes the gain of function research on SIV. Someone was curious and hypothesized that SIV is transmissible to you humans. Hence, they modified SIV into HIV to make it human transmissible to develop a vaccine. But then, the HIV virus got out of the lab - intentionally or unintentionally.

Dr. Alan Cantwell who hypothesized HIV stemmed from Hep B virus research conducted on gay men during 1978 - 1981. Link to this article is here.

This seems very plausible since Hep B virus treatment is first tested on chimpanzees before human trials because chimpanzees are the closest primate relative to humans.

Development and chimpanzee testing of a vaccine against human hepatitis B April 1976

A protective efficacy trial was carried out in chimpanzees that were given three doses of vaccine subcutaneously and then challenged intravenously with 1000 chimpanzee infectious doses of human hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B Vaccine History

First research Hep B vaccine

... developed the first hepatitis B vaccine, which was initially a heat-treated form of the virus.

First Commercial Hepatitis B Vaccine

In 1981, the FDA approved a more sophisticated plasma-derived hepatitis B vaccine for human use. This “inactivated” type of vaccine involved the collection of blood from hepatitis B virus-infected (HBsAg-positive) donors.

The Chimpanzee Model for Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Despite the success of the first-generation HBV vaccine, there remained a certain risk of contamination of the vaccine with trace amounts of infectious HBV and/or other blood-borne diseases. Thus, alternative vaccines were developed and tested in chimpanzees.

So, it appears initial Hep B vaccine was directly extracted from the blood of animal subject (human or chimpanzee) that was infected with Hep B virus. Then Hep B virus was inactivated but who knows what else was in the original subject’s blood like other types of unknown viruses such as SIV or HIV. It’s interesting to note the first Hep B vaccine was FDA approved in 1981 which seems to be the end of human (gay men) trials between 1978 - 1981. Since the first Hep B vaccine, it was scientifically documented that other blood born viruses can be transmitted through the Hep B vaccine due to using previously Hep B infected individuals' blood. Hence it can be extrapolated that Hep B infected people could also be carriers of HIV thus using their blood to make Hep B vaccine could infect healthy people with HIV inadvertently.

Then THIS! A Timeline of HIV and AIDS

... the history of the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic from the first reported cases in 1981 to the present

It can take as little as 2 years from HIV infection to AIDS stage according to this paper.

[AIDS] is the last stage of the HIV infection, and it presents itself anywhere between two and 15 years post-infection

So what this all means is that

1965 - 1978 Hep B virus discovery and vaccine development in chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are known to carry SIV (similar to HIV). Hep B vaccine is made from Hep B infected chimpanzees’ blood.

1978 - 1981 Human trials for Hep B vaccine among gay men. Again, this Hep B vaccine is made from Hep B infected chimpanzees’ blood.

1981 The first FDA approved Hep B vaccine. This Hep B vaccine is made from Hep B infected human blood.

1981 First recorded AIDS reports, which means these patients would have been infected with HIV or SIV 2 years prior thus around 1979 which falls within range of 1978 - 1981 human (gay men) clinical trails for Hep B vaccine. Gay men were the primary research target segment since they were the most prone demographic for Hep B infections.


SAN FRANCISCO -- In the late 1970s, thousands of homosexual and bisexual men came to San Francisco's public venereal diseases clinic to participate in a government-sponsored study of hepatitis B.

His interest intensified when many of the first AIDS cases in San Francisco -- 11 of the first 24 in 1981 -- turned out to be participants in the hepatitis project.

With the consent of the participants, CDC randomly tested stored blood samples and found about 3 percent of the gay men in the hepatitis study showed antibodies to the then-unknown AIDS virus in 1978, rising quickly to 12 percent in 1979, 20 percent in 1980 and 36 percent in 1981. By 1983, 62 percent were positive.

Now this seems like a smoking gun, 11 of the 24 first AIDS patients in San Francisco were part of the Hep B vaccine human clinal trial. This was recorded right after the end of the human clinical trial in 1981.

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Posted on 11-05-21 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 34]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good to see that you are getting a bit curious about the medical-political-complex. Don't obey and comply like sheeps. Question and stay informed!

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