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Posted on 09-19-21 9:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well.. I told you..Democrats always fool you with so many dreams...and immigrants never learn..

I told you so many times, without Republican help immigration bill is just impossible...

don't tell me I didn't tell you..I am not the enemy here.

Trump made a sweet deal, give me a wall, I give you whatever you want.  DACA, TPS act like they are the king, they took Trump to court... 

Alook kha...lol

Last edited: 19-Sep-21 09:36 PM

Posted on 09-19-21 9:36 PM     [Snapshot: 18]     Reply [Subscribe]
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repubs are truly a racist party with a very outdated ideology ......
dems are a bunch of whinies who do nothing when they have power .....

dont like both :)
Posted on 09-19-21 9:42 PM     [Snapshot: 34]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Whatever Democrats are doing, it's not right.

They are trying to fool you, and you being well educated get fool by them. All the time. Wake up!!

I don't hate DACA and TPS, the only thing I am saying is the way Democrats are doing is wrong.

Posted on 09-19-21 9:42 PM     [Snapshot: 41]     Reply [Subscribe]
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whatever they are doing ....... can never ever support a party that support RACISM like republicans do ........
Posted on 09-19-21 9:43 PM     [Snapshot: 51]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Sunday night said Democrats would take an alternative proposal to MacDonough.
Posted on 09-19-21 9:48 PM     [Snapshot: 65]     Reply [Subscribe]
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keep dreaming and trust Schumer..lol....They are happy to get

this thing gets long as possible because the 2022 election is getting near...and they want you to believe they are working hard.



Posted on 09-19-21 9:55 PM     [Snapshot: 102]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough wrote in her ruling, "Changing the law to clear the way to (Legal Permanent Resident) status is a tremendous and enduring policy change that dwarfs its budgetary impact."

What a perfect response.  Now Republicans will call Elizabeth MacDonough, a new hope for America. 

Posted on 09-19-21 9:57 PM     [Snapshot: 120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sexy in sari sathi . VP will overrule her decision . Let see what happens . The Democratic Party will not be silent in this matter .let’s hope fors one thing best .
Posted on 09-19-21 10:02 PM     [Snapshot: 142]     Reply [Subscribe]
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buffalo momo with Daale Khursani ko tomato ko achar. And Stella Artois.

Posted on 09-19-21 10:05 PM     [Snapshot: 164]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice combination . Cheers sexy in sari
Posted on 09-19-21 10:17 PM     [Snapshot: 199]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vice President last over rule happened in 1975 re
Posted on 09-19-21 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 226]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In practice, this is rare; the most recent example of a Vice President (as President of the Senate) overruling the parliamentarian was Nelson Rockefeller in 1975.[3] That ruling was extremely controversial,[4] to such an extent that the leaders of both parties immediately met and agreed that they did not want this precedent to stand, so the next week the Senate altered the rule under consideration via standard procedure.[5]

From Wikipedia
Posted on 09-19-21 10:43 PM     [Snapshot: 254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tetro aas Mac Donald’s le khatam parla jasto cha.Mac bata Suru hune sabai khatamai hune rahecha
Posted on 09-19-21 11:16 PM     [Snapshot: 301]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey bhagwan, kehi ta upaaya hola ni Prabho. illegal bhayerai marine bho USA ma.
Posted on 09-19-21 11:58 PM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do u think democrates would let go this matter easily.hell fucking NO . They will come back .
Posted on 09-20-21 4:38 AM     [Snapshot: 491]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reality check for all TPS holders, here is my analysis :
TPS renewal will go on forever even if Trump wins 2024. Path to residency for TPS holders ? Never. As long as they keep attaching TPS with DACA, it will never pass. Why ? Black caucus and labor unions. Black caucus will never allow path to residency for DACA and other immigration reforms. As soon as it passes, blacks will become minority to latinos. Black caucuses were the main reason immigration reform failed in 2008. You see TPS for Haiti renewing without any problems, adjustment of status for Haitian TPS holders in early 2000 and so on. Democrats and Republicans, both are afraid of these black caucuses with their church groups and so on, because they have major influence on black voters. Cuban latinos from Florida are against immigration reform too, look at marco rubio and ted cruz. Even other latinos and immigrants become anti immigration reform as soon as they get their GC or citizenship, because they want to preserve their exclusivity.
So what is the solution ? Move forward in your life/career, TPS will keep on renewing till u die. If u keep on moving forward in life, u will find a way to adjust ur status. Only inconvenience will be expiring work permit every year and you wont be able to go to nepal, marry and bring your wife. Well thats a little price to pay.
The reason Elizabeth MacDonough gave for ruling against including immigration reform in budget reconciliation is pretty strong too. If democrats can give GC to a certain subgroup with 51/49 senate majority without 60 votes now, tomorrow republicans can rescind GC to certain subgroup with same 51/49 senate majority. It is against a law. It will set a bad precedent and is like opening a pandoras box. There is no alternatives to counter this reasoning. Schumer is only saving his face.
So be content that you have TPS and it will keep on renewing. Its a PInk Card, almost as good as GC.

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