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Posted on 08-19-21 2:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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interview of Afghanistani students.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-19-21 4:24 PM     [Snapshot: 128]     Reply [Subscribe]
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US Army would not lose to the slipper less Taliban unless the US politicians such as Job Biden did some underhand moves.
Posted on 08-19-21 5:05 PM     [Snapshot: 153]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Biruwa sorry to say this you really sound Biruwa. Disgusting when you used a phrase in front of the president's name and your second logic is just to blame him, coz you have no words to type. The former prez started the exit (rightfully!) and the current prez finished (rightfully) the task. His speech was mindblowing if you listened to it (I assume your source of info is Facebook).
Posted on 08-19-21 6:54 PM     [Snapshot: 219]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@BiratSwaroop what is your source of news? CNN?

You are taking whatever CNN and Job Biden tells you without using your own head.

Trump may have started the exit but the way of the exit has made the US utterly lose its credibility in the World. Joe was reduced to begging with the Taliban. It's a shame and is indefensible and yet here you come defending Joe Biden and his cronies.
Posted on 08-19-21 7:43 PM     [Snapshot: 247]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Biruwa when you said "sleepy" you showed that you have so much anger. Why? Why so much angry that you have to make fun of someone's physical appearance (if that is any appearance)? Did he raise your taxes? or make any changes in 2017's tax reform? Were you affected by any of his policies? Or are you one of those who liked previous Admin's stricter immigration policy that your kaka ko chhora, mama ko chhora would not be able to come to the US and you could post pictures on facebook so that you are here and dont want others (your close people) to come over here? Coz I have met many who liked the stricter immigration policy b/c of that.
About Afghanistan, doesnt work out there no matter trillions of dollars you spend.
No, CNN is not my source, is your's Fox then?
Posted on 08-19-21 7:54 PM     [Snapshot: 260]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What amazes me is that, it took only two weeks for Taliban to take over the country. What was USA doing in Afghanistan for 20 years?
Posted on 08-19-21 11:26 PM     [Snapshot: 327]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You can’t blame Biden for anything. You have to blame his handlers. Poor Biden has a hard time even when reading from a teleprompter.
Posted on 08-20-21 9:04 AM     [Snapshot: 409]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@independent you are probably right on the mark about sleepy Biden. He was basically sleeping on the job while China and Russia made the Afganiatan go into the hands of Taliban.

@biratswaroop, wow you made a lot of assumptions when you don't even know me. Looks like somebody licks someone's boots?I'm not angry as per your assumption but simply stating my observation. And yes I and the whole World is being affected by his sloppy policies which has started showing it's results.
Posted on 08-20-21 10:18 AM     [Snapshot: 437]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Biruwa you can't even name one policy that affected you?
Posted on 08-20-21 10:40 AM     [Snapshot: 448]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Biruwa & Logan :
These stinky A holes are money oriented sadistic [Disallowed String for - No bad mouthing]cking blokes who appears in sajha to humiliate others and enjoy the thread. GTFO .
Posted on 08-20-21 11:38 AM     [Snapshot: 476]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not chase anyone if someone has said something in a particular thread. Now you started it and showing what is your level of mature ( You used disallowed word )
Ha Ha, You poor child, shown your childish behavior every where.
Afgan solder and army do not have balls. Either you occupy Afgan or leave. Early or late Taliban will do similar act no matter who is the president. Those 20 years of training Afgan military did not stand even 1 hour.
Posted on 08-20-21 1:10 PM     [Snapshot: 516]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People have too much slave mentality thesedays trying to find rich and powerful masters to please and brown nose. Like in Nepal, people start bowing down to kuhires just because of their skin color thinking they might give them some money or gift. But same people look down upon their own kind. This is the same issue but in a relatively different degree. They believe the whatever the rich people tell them through TV news. You should know that it's all brainwashing the public to make money at the top. Afghan war 2 trillion dollars wow can you imagine how much money it was and who benefitted? Look at the owners of mainstream media and the top companies that benefitted from war like lockheed martin, boeing, blackrock etc. Stop talking out of your asses like you know what's going on.
Posted on 08-20-21 2:02 PM     [Snapshot: 540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@independent you are making our points. For that very reason, it is good that the prez withdrew from Afghanistan. Also, "They believe the whatever the rich people tell them through TV news." Who are these rich people on TV? Elon Musk/Bill Gates/Bezos have a TV?
@Biruwa has no interesting opinions to share, no idea about policies or politics, he probably watched Hannity alot
Posted on 08-20-21 4:28 PM     [Snapshot: 576]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@BS again making assumptions. You have totally lost it. The way US army exited shows they failed in their mission including all the other world powers including Europeans and India. The winners of this are Afganistan, Pakistan, China and Russia who wanted to see the US army lose too after the Russians had a humiliating withdrawal in 1970s.
Posted on 08-21-21 4:07 PM     [Snapshot: 686]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Absolutely Ujl, my exact thoughts. So after 20 years the same bad guys who harbored Al Qaeda and caused 9/11 are back in power. What does it say about all the martyrs that died fighting against these extremists? What is there to stop these Islamic fundamentalists from harboring terrorists and causing havoc in India, US, Europe and other secular countries? History will not judge Joe Biden kindly. Especially because he ignored intelligence report that the Afghan army will totally collapse very quickly.
Posted on 08-23-21 8:42 AM     [Snapshot: 869]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree on Exiting plan was very very poor and they should have planned to take out those who helped American troops. They will be beheaded if left there.
Posted on 08-23-21 9:19 AM     [Snapshot: 876]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One can only hire workers , buy slaves but Not soldiers.

Afghans never had soldiers to fight against taliban. Two trillion is wasted on training hired help, which was doomed to fail. Those guys are almost similar to some of our fellow brothers who join army for the sake of fixing their immigration. They never beloved in cause , but definitely needed/wanted pay checks while it lasts.
Posted on 08-23-21 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 956]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Afghan Army's 03 unit covered the evacuation of the US soldiers from Kabul. There were only 1,000 soldiers in the 03 unit. They were under-fed, had very limited supplies, and were outnumbered by the Taliban. Yet, the bravehearts of the 03 unit vowed to fight all night until they would run out of ammunition so that the American forces could safely get out of Afghanistan. The US commanders, on the other hand, struck a deal with the Taliban and left heavy artillery and equipment at Taliban's disposal. By now, the Taliban would've used those very weapons to butcher the 03 unit bravehearts. Biden cruelly and ungratefully accused the Afghan soldiers of not having the will to fight. When the soldiers of the 03 unit die fighting an asymmetric battle to provide safe cover to the US soldiers it's called making the ultimate sacrifice. It's not ridiculed as the lack of will power to fight. Shame on you Biden!

The Gurkhas guarding the Canadian Embassy provided safe cover to the Canadian diplomats and military attache so they could get out of Afghanistan. The Gurkhas were left behind at the mercy of the Taliban and have been probably slaughtered by now. Trudeau cruelly and callously declared that the Gurkhas were Nepali or Indian nationals who don't qualify for special immigration. Shame on you Trudeau!

What's common to Biden and Trudeau? Both are unscrupulous, left-wing, totalitarian racists. Afghans and Gurkhas are merely expendable stuff to these racists. Their stance doesn't bother their blind leftist supporters because they possess the same totalitarian mindset.

Contrast this with PM Modi of India. Every Indian embassy staff and their family was evacuated safely in a brilliantly executed covert ops. This, despite the fact that the Taliban is hostile to India. Indian special forces risked their life and limb to create diversions for the Taliban to provide a 25 minute window of evacuation I am told. No Gurkha, no Afghan who supported us (including those who drove the bullet proof vehicles), none of their family members were left behind.

Shame on the leftists who cannot bring themselves to unequivocally condemn Biden even now.
Posted on 08-23-21 9:11 PM     [Snapshot: 987]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If this thing happening under Trump, CNN, MSNBC they will send all pundits to Kabul airport and they will do live show day and nights from the airport.

And CNN anchors will do fake cry.

Now CNN is acting like, nothing is happening after one week. BUT WALL STREET, FINANCIAL TIME, BBC IS reporting much better .

And Sajha users will also create thread by thread under nasty name of Trump to protest and discuss the situations in Afghanistan.

Posted on 08-26-21 7:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1226]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Only the dumb consultants in the West swallow the story that the Taliban and ISIS-k are enemies of each other.

If Taliban is Diet Coke,
then ISIS is Coke Zero

And then there is Sleepy JoeBiden
putting on a ‘sad act’ having sold out Afghanistan.
Posted on 08-26-21 8:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1268]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sexyinsari and Biruwa. I know you only liked his immigration policy b/c Miller wanted to stop the faucets. I guess you are not millionare to like him out of self interest. You are those cheap people who do not like mila and saila to come to the US so that you can post your sukila-mukila facebook pictures. Haha your intelligence.

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