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 Will MCC be a defining moment in Nepal’s existence?
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Posted on 06-20-20 1:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A country goes through many twists and turns in its history. Some moments are more significant than others. These moments are few and far in between the course of time. Nepal has also been through such events in the past seven decades.  After the monarchy was reestablished in 2007, almost every decade some significant turning points have been seen. This year in 2077, its most significantly dangerous moment in its existence. This is all due to something called MCC.

A few days ago, Nepal’s PM issued some highly intelligent statements about some relevant issues. After his statement that took coronavirus very lightly, and suggested with medical advice to ordinary people, he downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic in Nepal. Then he gave the most frightening statement that could have the most far-reaching consequence for all Nepalis.

According to the PM, MCC is highly in favor of Nepal. It is going to change Nepal drastically and have such an impact that it cannot be undone, while Nepal will be down the lane that will take it to lose it sovereignty. Nepal’s most significant and independent scholars have come forth after combing through the paragraphs and clauses of the treaty between the Nepal government and an American private company. The unanimous consensus from these scholars has been that the MCC is not in favor of Nepal. It will impinge on the sovereignty of Nepal and will very likely Nepal a military base of the US army to be utilized against China, a rival power poised to overtake the U.S.

What the PM said about this treaty is that he feels that people have not read the treaty and are speaking without the understanding of this treaty.  If we were to take his opinion at its face value, his assertion is that all these scholars who have taken the deepest look the document are fools, almost illiterate, and have no idea what they are talking about. This is coming from a person, whose own education is said to be only up to grade 8. This is the same person who took a leading role in passing the Mahakali Treaty with India that has not produced any benefit as boasted by these Communist and Congress party leaders that include many high figures. So, whatever they are stating about this MCC treaty has no value. People have become well aware now that the Mahakali Treaty was a big fraud against Nepali people. Yet, they are still touting It as a success. Many politicians and leaders have asked for these leaders to apologize for this grave error, but none is forthcoming. The PM does not believe he has committed any errors in the past two or three decades.

Interestingly though, about the MCC, a statement was released today by an American scholar who has studies Nepal for the past 35 years and feels a deep love for this land and people. She studied the documents and felt so deeply about it that she came out with a Facebook cover photo and said that MCC should be dismissed as it impinges upon the sovereignty of Nepal.  Her advice is not even to amend the treaty but to outright discard it. As an American, she understands the subterfuges that the U.S. used against poor countries and takes control of them to use against their enemies or in favor of their elite lobby controlling the state. They are called the “deep state.”

She raises the question as to why the Nepali leaders are failing to understand the damaging clauses in the document. Well, that is not hard to explain. It is because of two things. One, they have been bought off by the lucrative financial reward, and possibly green card and other rewards. Second, if they have not fallen for the prize, then they have been threatened the shit out of their pants. There was a report earlier on how MInendra Rijal was telling Prachanda that he would be made like Suleimani by America if he failed to support.

People have pointed out an incident when Prachanda issued a statement after America’s interference in Venezuela. His opposition to US imperialistic move in Venezuela was followed by a meeting with the US ambassador and then a state visit to the US with his wife for medical treatment.  So, Nepal’s leaders are easily bought off by outside sources, which means that our existence is facing a crisis like never before. In our history, we used to have patriotic leaders who never compromised on national self-interest. The tables have turned now and traitors are at the top making decisions for us.

It is reported that within the next 10 days, this MCC is designed to pass with a simple majority from the parliament. Even though there is a rift in the Communist party, the PM has the support of the Congress party and the PM is willing to disobey the party mandate or advice in favor of MCC.

If we allow that to happen, just like the eclipse on June 21, Nepal will start passing through greatest eclipse in its history and lose its sovereignty.  Can you imagine what life would be like in Nepal when Nepal’s laws will be subservient to those of an American business and future law of America whatever they might be?

 A project to build a home for all who are homeless and injured

Posted on 06-20-20 1:21 PM     [Snapshot: 9]     Reply [Subscribe]
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रिसाउनु हुन्न भने एउटा सुझाब दिउ शाक्य सर, मुजी लेख्नुस खुब लेख्नुस तर आफ्नो लेख कति जनाले पढे त्यो एस्सो विचार गरेर अर्को लेख्नुस । न पाउनेले केरा पायो बोक्रै संग चपायो जसोरी पोस्टेको पोस्टई हुनु हुन्छ । अलिक ब्रेक लिएर लेख्नुस, पहिले सबै लाई पुरानो पोस्ट पढ्ने मौका दिनुस तेस्पछि प्रत्रिकृयाको आधारा अर्को पोस्ट गर्नुस । मुजी आफै धामी आफै झाक्री जसरि आफ्नै पोस्टा कमेन्ट थपि थपि लेखि राख्ने हो भने तपाई र त्यो पागल लोगनेमा के फरक भयो र ? त्यो पाखे लोगनेको लेख्ने सैली हेर्नुस एकचोटी तपाईनि तेस्कै बाटो तिर उन्मुख हुनुहुन्छ । आफ्नो लेख लाई अलि रोचक बनाउनुस, सहभागितामुलक बनाउनुस, गरुड पुराण होइन ।
Posted on 06-20-20 5:59 PM     [Snapshot: 46]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The country of Nepal, that was founded upon the blood, sweat, and tears of the Gorkhali soldiers such as rai, limbu, magar, gurung, chhetris and others, is about to be given away for a garage-sale price of mere $500 million dollars with a few signatures on the dotted lines. Most of you were indoctrinated from Mahendra Maalaa Nepali textbook that PN Shah, Bhakti Thapa, Amarsingh Thapa, and Balbhadra Kunwar were the handful of individuals who alone expanded Nepal's territories to establish Nepal. You have been grossly misled.It was actually the Gorkhalis who were on the frontlines at every step of the way.

Impressed by the gallantry of the Gurkhali soldiers in the battlefields before the Treaty of Sugauli, the British enlisted them in the security forces of the British Raj and the Gorkhalis continued to make their new marks. Impressed and gratified, the British returned a few Terai districts to Nepal which the latter lost in the treaty. Then during the First World War, because of the heroic performance of the Nepali soldiers ( e.g., Kulbir Thapa Magar, first Nepali VC 1915), PM Chandra Shamsher was able to convince Britain to agree to the most crucial term of the Nepal-Britain Treaty of 1923 which spelt out as :
Recognize Nepal as an independent and sovereign state by Great Britain.
Because of this treaty and the inclusion of Gorkhali soldiers in the Indian army, India and Nepal continue to have this special understanding of sovereign nations with diplomatic ties while the former invaded easy targets such as Hyderabad, and Kashmir toward the dawn of India's independence.

There are two aspects to the sovereign nation of Nepal today:
The first is the founding of the nation with her current borders, and
the second is keeping (maintaining) the founding.
It is pretty self-evident from above how instrumental the Gorkhali soldiers have been in either of those aspects.
Therefore, we need to replace Prithvi Jayanti celebration with Unity Day. The media needs to highlight the overall sacrifices of the Gorkhalis not just PN Shah, Balbhadra, Amar-singh. They were also Gorkhalis but only during the establishment of the modern Nepal.

Accepting MCC is basically disrespecting the lives lost by the Gorkhalis and sacrifices made by all the Nepalese thus far. We all have to resolutely declare No to MCC, and explore if BRI can provide a much better deal to us as a next-door neighbor.

Last edited: 21-Jun-20 01:10 AM

Posted on 06-20-20 7:37 PM     [Snapshot: 81]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like you didn't like my first comment. There were no corporarations in the US when Washington won the revolutionary War with the Great Britain. Even communist China succumbed to the big corporations and opened the door 30 years ago. Lets see.
Posted on 06-22-20 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 304]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is my effort to write one article a day on the trending and important issue where I can make my points. Yes, it is harder than writing once a week column for university newspapers in USA, but writing is my passion now to share my experiences. I do not really care how many readers there are. I know they will be few because of the serious issues I address from my perspective, and probably a different angel. If I see something in the news that highlights or furthers the development of the issues I have written, I go and share that so few readers that find my writings worth their time can associate them with the article. I do not write to please anyone, just be true to the best interest of Nepal and stick to truth alone. If someone does not like it, that is their prerogative. I do not indulge in long discussions and comments. I just make short and simple statement pertinent, but thinking will be required.

I was not even aware there were comments in this post so I was quite surprised. Thanks for takign the time to do that, but I focus more on the blog, and this is just a place to share for Nepalis who could possibly be interested to read my blog posts. I even write for another site and sometimes have to write two articles a day. Not that easy.

There is no need to be concerned about whether I like your comments or not. You will take away what you find relevant to you or disregard that is not in your life experience. If you can use anything to help find a new path for Nepal, I will think I have done my little to serve Mother Nepal. After all, new revolution is needed and new future has to be made.

If you do not have time to read all the articles, you are free to choose from. No one has asked you to read even one. After all, there are tons of materials to read, why even bother? It is a fact of life that people will see their own reflections on others and make comments, try to impose their own bias on others, so I can easily observe and tell about people.

Posted on 06-23-20 2:06 AM     [Snapshot: 406]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MCC will definitely be a defining moment in Nepal's history. If it is passed, Nepal will go through probably the most difficult time of its history. And it will an uphill task to save the country from being a war zone.
What is scary is the fact that most of the nepalese do not care and do not come out to protest it. They would rather sit back and watch their country go through the slippery slope in front of their eyes.
Posted on 06-24-20 12:56 AM     [Snapshot: 502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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These Communists and the rest of the leaders are incapable to understand the history of America, a death merchant of this world. If people do not rise, then these leaders will make a mess of this sacred land.
Posted on 06-24-20 8:58 AM     [Snapshot: 540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Surendra Shakya I noticed that we can't delete others comment on our threads. Hope you will forgive me for accusing you.

If you couldn't delete it, then it must have been deleted by one of the administrators. I am pretty sure that they are US citizens and don't plan on going back to Nepal. Thats why they most likely want to save their tax dollars.

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