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 Do nepalese really need TPS?

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Posted on 02-16-19 8:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me clarify first that i am not hating on TPS or folks who are trying to jump thru hoops and eventually become a permanent resident in the US. I myself am in the same boat.
I am not an immigration expert, correct me if i am wrong. TPS by definition is temporary allowance for an individual to prolong the stay in US. It is not like asylum right?
So what is up with all these lawsuits for TPS, petition to extend it and lobbying for path towards green card?
Isn’t the goal of TPS to allow the individual not to worry about returning homeland temporarily because of turmoil in their motherland?
And Is the situation in nepal so bad that the youth today cannot live in it? I don’t think we have thousands of people dying from drug trade, or engaged in war, or dirt poor where people are dying of starvation.
Of course, life is tough, just had earthquake, bribery is rampant and politics is unstable but is that enough reason to stay in TPS? Are we just trying to suckle the tits no matter how old we get?
So, i am not scared if this TPS boat don’t float, i will promptly return home and embrace my parents. There is no shame in returning home. I might not make good money but i am confident that i won’t starve.
Final note: TPS is a blessing and a curse because it literally save lives and in our case destroys country.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-16-19 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 282]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To all readers,

You don't have to agree with my thoughts, but (to whom it is applicable) why are you guys think TPS should not be extended or TPS holder should not be allowed to live here permanently? Why are you so against those fellow Nepalese?

Here is my thought, If something will be good for someone please support that or else just keep quiet and focus on your work, trust me you will be more happier.

Most of us came to the US either in F1 or in DV. some of us are already a citizen and some of us are in H1 and GC. There is no shame in getting the privilege to live and work in the US. eventually, you will not be in shame of having your fellow Nepalese illegal and struggling for a better life. Personally, I don't want to hear any news about Nepalese getting deported and struggling for life.

Please do not say it is not fair for TPS holder to get into the path of permanent residency. Let them get it because mostly TPS holder from Nepal are maintaining F1 along with TPS and were in F1 or some of them are only in TPS since they visit Nepal and came back to the US using AP. F1 can be reinstated but it is too much hassle.

You guys might be curious about my status :)
I was in F1 then OPT then F1 along with TPS now in H1B.

I will be more than happy for my fellow Nepalese who are struggling to pay their college fee and building home if the TPS get extended.

PS: Please fill up DV lottery application asap when it open to get your chance to get GC :).
To those, if you don't want DV or TPS for Nepal please don't tell us here, there is no meaning of you saying you don't want.

Have a nice day and may you all be filled with all the positive vibes and energy.

Captain B
smile :)
Last edited: 17-Feb-19 12:33 AM

Posted on 02-16-19 2:55 PM     [Snapshot: 347]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Equality is what all deserves whethe it is TPS or DV lottery.
Posted on 02-16-19 5:30 PM     [Snapshot: 434]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just dismayed but not surprised to see how few here are bitter and complaining about how TPS is unfair. I smell jealousy more than talk of righteouness. How can you not see goodness when your fellow Nepalese has another chance to make their lives better.....You don't know those with the TPS are going through, do you? Have you put yourself in other people's shoes when they are going through hard times? I have stayed in the USA for 15 years now, came here as a student, worked on H1B and finally getting GC sponsorship from the company. Do you think it made sense to me to see those with DV lottery ahead of me? It did not but that's how life is. They got lucky and they fully deserve the life they have. Most of those have sacrificed everything to have better life for their kids. Most TPS holders have been in the US are in the same boat. How can we distaste that?
Think good for others who are going through difficult times then good things will surely come to you.

Posted on 02-16-19 6:00 PM     [Snapshot: 479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good to see your post brother.
Posted on 02-16-19 7:39 PM     [Snapshot: 543]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So at the port of entry people from different countries brought frogs inside the jar for various reasons. All of the jars had lids on them except Nepal. When asked why the jars had no lid, Nepali told them no need to worry about frogs jumping out of the jar coz these are Nepali frogs and they will pull each other’s leg. Getting out of the jar will be impossible.
Posted on 02-16-19 8:03 PM     [Snapshot: 575]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 18-Feb-19 01:20 AM

Posted on 02-16-19 9:17 PM     [Snapshot: 638]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 16-Feb-19 09:22 PM

Posted on 02-16-19 10:57 PM     [Snapshot: 728]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@maharjan123, you will actually have to put yourself in shoes of those who needs it then you can decide whether you would want it or not? If your condition is really worse as some may have , don't you want to suckling tits for ever?
Those who talks about fairness..STFU!!

Posted on 02-17-19 12:54 PM     [Snapshot: 938]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They are not getting free money, house or cars. They work hard just like everyone else. All they want to do is live a quiet life without fear. This lawsuit in itself is also not asking or lobbying for green card they are just saying basis of cancellation is not justified. However, if congress in future(seems very unlikely) decides to give all DACA & TPS greencard/pathway to. Who are we to complain ? On what basis are you saying things have improved/become normal ? Do you know every one of those 10K people on TPS & their life story ? And yes i dont know all of them either but i am 100% certain TPS has made their life easier. I personally know of 2 examples, someone who had been here for close to 20 yrs was able to see his mother before she passed away. Other guy who came as a student but because of TPS was able to send money for his mothers cancer treatment.
Also, just because people have adapted to the situation doesn't mean things have improved. Good for you, that you have a choice to go back & live with your family but not everyone has that choice.
People talking about fairness.. is it fair that your loved ones & houses survived the quake compared to those who didn't ? Should we destroy those peoples house & try to make it fairer ?
We need to get out of this Nepali mentality "mailey paina bhnaey, talai pani pauna dinna".
Posted on 02-17-19 1:27 PM     [Snapshot: 966]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Maharjan123 Bro,

You shouldn’t have raise this question . Now you are the most anti-neplease guy, out there because you raised question about why neplease still continue to get TPS. Our fellow country men have full right to it. And don’t even dare to say, it was & still is designed to be temporary. Our fellow conuntry men need it, for several more years and eventually wants to convert it to be path for citizenship. They want to keep renewing it for 20 years, kids will born out of TPS holder, small kids will grow, go to school and this will be only country they know . Creating another set of DACA issue. Another country will suffer great humanaterian crisis, and they will have to think hard to give TPS, because once you give is , its almost impossible to terminate due to activism, lobbing and legal battle. And this is not policy issue that you can disagree, because if you do disagree, you are the most anti-Nepali guy out there :).

And this is not public forum anymore where people who have different opinion will come and can post their opinion on issues, because if you do that, you will hurt some dudes feeling. You will get get crushing so bad that you will have hard time eating dinner in evening. And don’t even dare to talk against those Nepali organisations, which think the only thing they can work on is immigration and TPS. Don’t dare to say anything against those organisations like you will not support their agenda , will not donate or will talk to your congress reps against these provision or policy issue :). Don’t dare to think, just because policy is not helpful to people you know or you country men, you can still be in favour of it. If any policy helps your fellow neplese you should always support it no matter you fell it as right or wrong. Its like you always have to support your uncle,  who is getting filthy rich holding govt position in nepal. Every one in family knows how he is getting rich, but you cant dare to speak against you family men.
Last edited: 17-Feb-19 07:16 PM

Posted on 02-17-19 2:07 PM     [Snapshot: 990]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No ones putting him as most anti Nepali guy. He gave his concerns from his point of view and felt it was necessary to let him know that we cannot assume every ones life to be same as his. And prolly many didn't like his reasoning of him being ok going back home, as we all should be ok too. Must have triggered few fellows which he has 0% clue about their situations and summing up them with his own and what not.

Posted on 02-17-19 2:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1016]     Reply [Subscribe]
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More Nepalese in America more better . Whether tps, Dv or any legal mean . Whatever makes Nepalese happy and educated. It's not like some Nepalese not getting status is going to give u any kind of benefit .Support them.jealousy is worst human feeling . Don't be jealous of people who wants to live in America
Posted on 02-17-19 6:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1140]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think it should be a cause of all Nepalese, even if 5 Nepalese are benefiting from TPS. We all should directly or indirectly should support TPS. What kind of Nepalese we'll be if we don't even support people from our own county?
Posted on 02-17-19 8:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1197]     Reply [Subscribe]
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J sukai hos garne le file gari sakyo..yo ek dui janaale yaha lekhera vutro hallaune..Coz hune hatu support garne haru DC pugekai chan, na support garne haru yehi sajha ma ayera frustrations pokheka chan. Support nagarne haru pheri kei garneni hoina khali thread create garyo..vutro hune ho..ki jana paryo DC with proofs nadina vanera.
Posted on 02-18-19 5:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1458]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i agree with maharjan123 bro hai
Posted on 02-19-19 8:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1659]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for response people. What i got from most response was that i should be happy that fellow nepalese are trying to better their lives. I agree and i am. I was just trying to examine the true sentiment of TPS and weather we are exploiting it. Its like a handout and i don’t know what kind of morality are we potraying if we want to extend that for perpetuity.
Of course tps numbers are so little that it won’t matter on large scale. Hope everyone will successfully get rid of their immigration headache.

Harambe was innocent
Posted on 11-11-23 1:50 PM     [Snapshot: 12477]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We need TPS redesignation again for nepal . Please lets help every nepalese folks residing here in USA.
Harambe was innocent
Posted on 11-11-23 3:28 PM     [Snapshot: 12502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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470000 venezuelans recieved temporary protected status last month. I am in F1 now and nepal needs TPS asap . Lets unite and make it happen.
Harambe was innocent
Posted on 11-11-23 3:37 PM     [Snapshot: 12510]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Adhikaar and some other groups from south america have been fighting hard with uscis to re designate TPS for nepal . There are atleast 40000 nepalese who are in some kind of visas at this moment will be benefited if DHS agree to designates tps to nepal . Keep your chin up fellows.
Posted on 11-11-23 7:15 PM     [Snapshot: 12552]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सरकारी कार्यालयमा काम गराउनु पर्दा घुस सधै घुस ख्वाउनु पर्दा ठिक हुन्छ , न तिम्रा गोजी बाट जान्छ न तिम्रा बा / बाजेले बटुली दिएको सापटी जान्छ , आफुले नपाउने भए पछि अरुले किन पाओस को राप अलाप्ने हरुको कुरा गरेर साध्य हुन्छ र ?

मै खाउ मै लाउ ----------------- कबिता पढ्नु भएको छ|

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