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 Federal judge temporarily blocks TPS from ending...WHat abt Nepal?
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Posted on 10-04-18 12:51 AM     [Snapshot: 248]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think Nepal and Honduras will immediately proceed with lawsuit based on precedence because the reasons for injunction will be the same for all countries...
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Posted on 10-04-18 9:58 AM     [Snapshot: 566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal along with Honduras will follow the lawsuit soon.
Posted on 10-04-18 10:24 AM     [Snapshot: 621]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Andolan garnuparcha
Ruler of the wasteland
Posted on 10-04-18 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 811]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hunu parne ho tara nepal ko laagi hudaina .
Posted on 10-04-18 10:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This news is great news for all TPS holders. Even though Nepal is not included as of now, we can be hopeful that it will eventually applies to Nepal too. Today I talked to Adhikar and they said they are working with legal team of organization like NDLON and ACLU to include Nepal to be part of the halt. But my confusion is even if the halt extends to Nepal How long will that last? Will case goes to supreme court? what will be the ultimate result? What happens after that?
Ruler of the wasteland
Posted on 10-05-18 9:04 AM     [Snapshot: 1394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The chances of trump winning this midterm is 99%. So guys afai dimag lagaunus. Blocking does not mean extension . Judge ley block matra garna sakney ho, extension garna sakdaina..DT only can do it.
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Posted on 10-05-18 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1522]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I did talk to Adhikar law firm they are working on it. I dont know how things will end but definitely we have to give a try. I know people who are in TPS its really important them.
Posted on 10-05-18 11:42 AM     [Snapshot: 1592]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Judge Chen most likely will rule favorably on behalf of the plaintiffs in next hearing or so. If Trump admin will take it to Supreme Court (not sure if they can depending on the timely filing & their priorities ) it’s up to Supreme Court to decide the fate of TPS. So it is very important for Nepal to be included in lawsuit. There are other lawsuit filed in Boston I think. TPS is different form DACA considering this is not a democratic open border agenda , this has been the law since 90s and republican & Democrats didn’t bother to cancel and keep it as status quo which benefited both govt n receipients. So I hope TPS will remain intact until congress decided to something about it.
Posted on 10-05-18 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1789]     Reply [Subscribe]
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WHAT ABOUT HONDURAS AND NEPAL?: A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the Trump administration from ending Temporary Protected Status for more than 300,000 people from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan. The decision halts those terminations temporarily, but it doesn’t address what happens to TPS beneficiaries from Nepal and Honduras, who’ll lose their protected status in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Why weren’t Nepal and Honduras included in the lawsuit? The Trump administration hadn’t yet ended TPS for those countries when the complaint was filed in March. The plaintiffs could have sought to amend the suit to include the two countries, but they were racing against a deadline for Sudan, according to Emi MacLean, an attorney with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which represents plaintiffs in the case. TPS status will end for roughly 1,000 Sudanese on Nov. 2.

What now? The plaintiffs are considering ways to protect the 86,000 Hondurans and 14,800 Nepalese, but they haven’t finalized a plan. It’s possible these countries will be addressed in parallel litigation: A separate lawsuit filed in May includes Honduran TPS recipients along with those from El Salvador and Haiti.
Posted on 10-05-18 3:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1808]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal's TPS will not be extended because there is no argument to support why we deserve it. We are not on a level of those countries whose TPS expiration is being blocked. Judge Chen knows that Nepal is a far superior country than those because at the end of the day any Nepali can make a good living in Nepal by opening a Momo shop and that judge knows this because he loves jhol momo.
Posted on 10-05-18 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1851]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hamro TPS end huna ajai baki cha.. samita ji le bhane jhai hamro Judge Chen lai nepal pathayera momo pasal ma rakhi uha lai nai decision garna deu na ta.. k cha bichar.. uha lai jhol momo banauna nauuna pani sakincha.. so ketchup packet momo bechna agraha garum hola..
Posted on 10-05-18 4:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1884]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo jhol momo ko kura chai sahi lagyo. Jhol momo khau Desh banau!!!
Posted on 10-05-18 4:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1904]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its funny you said Judge Chen likes Jhol MoMo, you might accidentally be right since this is Northern California, lots of MoMo pasal there. I saw some video where Steph Curry and his team mate enjoying MoMo out of Food Truck and Guy Fieri tasting it as well. So for the sake of Jhol MoMo hope he help Nepal extend its TPS so that he can enjoy Jhol MoMo at every corner of Bay area. ;)
Posted on 10-05-18 4:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1971]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys. Let’s try to keep it to the subject. The purpose of this thread is to post info and analysis on TPS.
Posted on 10-05-18 5:40 PM     [Snapshot: 2003]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hanmanji, nothing wrong with some lighthearted jokes. In the worst case scenario, all TPS holders will need to return to Nepal, which is not a bad deal. For god sake it is not high crime countries like Honduras or El Slavador nor it is a shit hole country. I am sure Trump thinks Nepal is not a shithole country as well. It is one of the most beautiful country and Trump would d love to open up a Trump ski resort in Everest Base camp vicinity. And I am sure you heard the song from the legend Bob Seger, " If i ever get out of here, I am going to Katmandu.. Kat kat kat katmandu, this where I am, going to... katmandu " . So just relax, if you really want TPS to be extended, meet Republican senators not democrats. Try to lobby good ol' Lindsey Graham form South Carolina to persuade Trump to work on the bill he co-wrote with Dick Durbin which will secure quota of DV lottery to expiring TPS countries. Lately, stink ball Graham has been licking Trump's ass to secure the spot for AG. So good luck.
Posted on 10-05-18 5:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1988]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 this has been the law since 90s and republican & Democrats didn’t bother to cancel and keep it as status quo which benefited both govt n recipients. So I hope TPS will remain intact until congress decided to something about it. 


So congress can change it ? YES (60 votes in senate also required) but no presidents would want to give up this extra ordinary power already in their hand- easily. So this will be never canceled. it's an endless cycle of power game.

Regarding this new ruling, although it might extend few month, I ask TPS holder not to rely on it. IT WILL BE STRUCK DOWN BY SUPREME COURT eventually. WHY? Look and read the ruling in fine print. This idiot Liberal judge heavily relies ruling based on Trump twitt and speech (shithole countries etc.). Same O argument for muslim travel ban and we all know the outcome from supreme court that favored president. With even this now confirm new S. court judge , unfortunatley chances reduced to zip zero. Do the right move, not depend on this ruling.

This adhikar, sign campaign, lobbying is all BULLSHIT  SHAM!!  when the law heavily depends on president's mercy. 

Posted on 10-05-18 7:24 PM     [Snapshot: 2107]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's what I am saying. Republican has house, senate and presidency. And now the solid 5 conservative judge. So, its worthless campaigning, picketing, rallying etc. Get president to act on it, people like Lindsey Graham or Javanka or Mike Pompeo can turn this around. Key is to how to persuade these people to tell president to work on helping these countries, The more liberal outcry is there the more it gets under his (Trump) thin skin, so let this president work. I am sure if he gets the wall and other border package he is asking for, i am sure he will get to brag about it and later he could work on some forms of immigration reform. All he need is everyone tell his how awesome he is. So the more resistance there is the more arse hole he can be. Get Mueller vindicate him, economy is at its best (thanks to Obama but he gets the credit), unemployment is the record low, if he can pass his Merit based immigration bill, this guy will definitely march to 2nd term, assuming Michael Avenatti dont find a sex tape of him banging Stormy Daniels with his tiny mushroom headed penis. :)
Posted on 10-05-18 8:24 PM     [Snapshot: 2114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Does president has heart to allow just 14000 nepali to stay ? I believe so looking his past deeds. Does he have balls to do it ? NO !! right now he is attacked from four fronts - ms media, democrats, oligarchs and established republicans, and he is a survivor so far pleasing his base lol ! but the problem is DACA ! almost 7 to 10 millions ( counting family ties etc) must be allowed under current law ! He can't favor one way or other hence hand tied. plus there are 10-30 millions illegal to deal separately. So even with border wall but no comprehensive immigration law changed, he is the hitler looking for constant praise and a cruel dictator. 

economy is at its best (thanks to Obama but he gets the credit) .

8 years -> 10 trillion debt -> 0% interest rate ->1% gdp growth when leaving , no friend, obama don't get credit at all , he just sat there and ran country blindly ( no vision but just putout fire where necessary strategy) with free printed money gambling good hand and surprisingly it did no harm in front , lasted 8 years , that's all ! except the huge debt in people ass. if Trump is same after 8 years I will do the same shaming but Bush, Obama were the instigator never forget.

Michael Avenatti dont find a sex tape of him banging Stormy Daniels with his tiny mushroom headed penis. :)   

M. Avenatti is a "creepy porn lawyer"  so he will always have something in his drawer lol !
that what penis ? revelation duh... who doesn't have mushroom penis? all homosapien do  ! I want her to identify like the boy identified Michel Jackson's  penis then I would be probably buy her book.!!
Last edited: 05-Oct-18 08:25 PM

Posted on 10-07-18 11:27 AM     [Snapshot: 2823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think there is chance that TPS decision for Nepal will be on hold, given that several stake holders group make a united effort. One thing that is going to affect this is how much effort can people in "Adhikaar" team make; if they can lobby (or in nice words put make a detailed assessment and justification) with mayors, lawyers and judges.

Unlike for other countries for which lawsuit was based on california, lawsuit for Nepal will most likely be based in NewYork, because this is were Nepalese with TPS are mostly concerntrated (Adhikaar too has it's hold in New York).

On the other side I see that navigating through isn't going to be easy, but Why?
- Because there are too many Nepalese who really want to TPS to end, but Why?
- Because the people that have secured their greencard and citizenship do not care, even though they forgot bulk of them are fake asylum holders. But again, why do think in such a way?
- Because human behavior is to be jealous and make sure that other's don't profit but only you.

Here is a an example from my life experience:
- I knew a someone who came to USA by doing something (not necessary to explain) and directly received a greencard. The person then enrolled in fake resume based IT staffing company and makes good money, but the person supports trump because the person thinks that Trump will throw all the desi people out, so he will have more chance in the job market.
Does that person realize he/she is not better than any other person, because he/she faked their experiences and is providing no quality service? These people hop company to company every 3-6 months, but think they only qualify to be in USA. Wow, seriously.

- There are another group of people (mostly students) who are educated people of Nepal. But, the fact is "Nepal ko educated people le gobal stage ma kehi khyasna sakeko chaina". These people think that they such a standard and educated people that they only deserve to be in USA. They think that other fake asylum seekers, nepalese bhutanese, people who come from mexico border are low life and don't deserve better life in USA.
I have seen most of these students cheat in their home work, work illegally on cash, etc. etc. And, you think you are only the good pool of people who deserve to be in USA, wow Seriously !

- There is this another group of people who came to USA couple decades ago on tourist VISA and have secured their greencard by going the asylum route.
Now, that they are secured they think that they only deserve to be here. They have forgotten how they met their means.

I have seen some desi people who were happy because H4 work permit is going to be cancelled.
I have seen some desi people happy because they think that IT consultancies cannot put new graduates on jobs.
I have seen some desi people who have made 6 figures who think they are highly skilled and are the only ones who deserve life in USA. But, what really is high skill ? - just know a for loop and ef else. There are people in other discipline who know better than fucking you.
You guys keep bumping your resume so high and know so little. The only reason IT professional are making good money is because the market if fucking booom. You are no better at solving problem.

So, the summary is this:
Unlike the people from Sudan, Haiti, etc etc. who mostly have low socio-economic profile (due to most being refugees), the desi people (and Nepalese) have mostly a mixed socio-economic profile.

So, there is very much vested interested in most of us to think that our self-situation is the most important one.
- One student thinks that he/she came a legal route, worked his/her ass in gas station and thinks that he/she has worked very hard in life to deserve life in USA.
- Another person thinks that he/she get opportunity to come as student and had to make a illegal means. So, he/she thinks his/her life is hard and he/she deserves to be in USA.

But, the final fact is that no matter who and what you are, the fucking stupid TRUMP doesn't like anyone other than the white skins. Lot's of desis (includes Nepalese) voted for TRUMP thinking he would secure the job of high skilled immigrants. But, some of these high skilled people too are fake asylum seeker.
But, the contrary to what they had thought TRUMP first pushed a bill to intercept the illegal migrants and then was about to put another bill to strip people who received greencard and citizenship by some not ethical means (fake asylum, fake marriage, etc etc.). And, while TRUMP tries to play a high moral character, irony is that he and his family hoarded so much money in his life by cheating on taxes.

So, my take home lesson is, "Every one deserves and wants a better life, no matter what walk of life you came from?". Obtaining a TPS, workpermit, GC, Citizenship is one of the important things in life. The other important thing is to be responsible for others, voice the support for others who doesn't exactly have same walks as yours but who is more alike you. Thinking you only deserve life in USA is just plain wrong and will put next in the line when desi people are mistreated as a racism progresses. You will be the one to suffer because you made the decision to elect somebody as stupid as TRUMP.

The only way to save TPS for Nepal is to have a collective voice, no matter weather you are in TPS or not, you are responsible to make sure that another desi people (including Nepalese) get a chance to better their lives. Thinking it won't affect will affect you as the racism progresses.


Posted on 10-07-18 11:32 AM     [Snapshot: 2834]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@controversial: Obama ran country blindly ?? That's why you got that name ?

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