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Baneko chha paharale
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 TPS rant and rave ! Your govt. failed you!!
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Posted on 04-28-18 9:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Many of were in dire need of TPS yet your communist govt. bragged we can take care of people our-self and proceeded to ignore the lobbying what it looks like from this news.

Now your commie govt. wants 9000 nepalis back so that they can be queued to send Saudi Arab for Riyal instead of Dollar. LOL so fuked up if you think about it....

I do not need tps but glad for people who needed. I personally not always eager to help nepalis but collectively it was free from american govt. so instead of jealousy I thought it is helping Nepal overall which I love most. I also do not think it should continue for 20 years, it has "T" there but nepal just got very lousy TPS deal , overall delay and fingerprint and approval they just got for 2 years in reality which is not fair comparing other countries which at least got 10 -15 years. But DHS got scared, I guess - children will born here if goes for many years and claim they cannot go back. I see what Haitian exploited when given generous years of TPS. BUT THE BIGGEST NEWS IS YOUR GOVT CLAIMS THEY ARE CAPABLE TAKING CARE OF YOU SO GO TUCK IN OR REVOLT !. LOL

Pour your feeling here since it is rants and rave and anything your'e not able to do or how you feel about it. But do not troll and talk shit about Tps holders ( but can talk constructive shit, I decide) I will immediately delete it.

Posted on 04-28-18 11:51 AM     [Snapshot: 124]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@controversial, I agree with your point that current Nepalese govt failed us by not partaking in this whole TPS issue. At the same time I believe it was bound to happen. In the current political climate it is all about making base happy. You can imagine how many Breitbart readers were happy with Nepal's TPS designation cancellation. I have read it, and they were rejoicing and savoring the news. On the hindsight, they want to prove themselves as politically correct. We have extended TPS for Syria which is predominantly Muslim nation therefore our judgment is not based on religion or creed, but on the country by country case analysis. It serves both of their stances no matter how conflicting it may be. Overall all our Nepali brothers and sisters got robbed both ways at home and abroad. Sad indeed

Last edited: 28-Apr-18 11:58 AM

Posted on 04-28-18 1:45 PM     [Snapshot: 283]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 20-May-18 02:21 PM

Posted on 04-28-18 2:09 PM     [Snapshot: 304]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ujl ji, I do not know the relevancy of your response here. If you are trying to be amused by your own humor. I think you may have achieved that. If you are trying to shed some lights on spirituality you have a long way to go. Because people who have a modicum spiritual thought would think twice before posting such thing on this difficult subject matter that lots of our brother and sister facing. I am not here to argue with anyone, but please understand there is time and place or thread in this case for your presumably humor. That is all i have to say.

Posted on 04-28-18 2:20 PM     [Snapshot: 341]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ujl is a lonely virgin fag baun who masturbates in his closet 177 times a day imagining PM Oli without clothes.
Posted on 04-28-18 4:48 PM     [Snapshot: 513]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepali govt ra TPS ko k relation? TPS Nepali govt lai sodhera diyeko thiyo? Yo sajha ko veja fry poster haru jpt post garera post harulai sensational banauni bahek aru kehi kaam xena....TPS ra Nepal govt ko kasari link hunxa? yo yaha ko internal kura hoina?  yesto jpt post haru din raat non stop garera spam garna kasto sakeko..
Last edited: 28-Apr-18 05:01 PM

Posted on 04-28-18 6:43 PM     [Snapshot: 612]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 TPS Nepali govt lai sodhera diyeko thiyo? 

you're exactly right and it has no obligation to request either But the another fact is that your govt is also a beggar, look at the news, it's begging korea, begging malaysia, Quatar etc asking  requesting threatening for better terms. The only last thing left is to do "haadtal"  in prospective country LOL. Last time I heard is they begged China for employment.  9000 is big no. if you count what Korea initially provided employment ( 5000 i  think) and people and govt. were salivated  big. What people can earn in USA is 4 times than Korea.  Why would you want to ignore something that came to your "Polta" ma so easily without negotiation (exactly nobody asked hence no begging  needed lol) and start begging another country for so much less ? That's all i'm saying.  It doesn't make sense at all much looks like bureaucracy -jealousy  laziness etc.  thus rave rants whatever here. 

Last edited: 28-Apr-18 06:44 PM

Posted on 04-29-18 7:44 AM     [Snapshot: 870]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Because folks in Nepal govt are smart. They know it very well that out of that 9000, 8500 will find a way to stay in US with or with out TPS. And out of that 8500 , 8000 will never send a dime to nepal, other then 100 gift to friend or family . They will focus on permanently settling here and build wealth here. They are not here to send remittance and help nepal in any way.

And for few thousands dolor a year, it not worth begging.
Posted on 04-29-18 10:49 AM     [Snapshot: 978]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And out of that 8500 , 8000 will never send a dime to nepal. 

are you serous bro?  do you have any data to backup ? 
do you  even know how economy works? or you just saw few bad apples in surroundings? 
First of all it doesn't even have to be direct,  hope you know. 

I heard the same argument about Indians forgetting roots, settling here but when usa talks about cutting of H1B, the whole community outcries and  Indian govt. officials immediately flies here for lobbying. why ?  because they have the real raw data , not the guess work. 

Lets trust your guess work says only 1000 sends money,  saudi money earned on average is at best 20000 RS.  per month, minimum in usa is $4000/month for hard work that is 20x  better. so  1000 workers here in A/C is equivalent to 20,000 workers in saudi's hot desert. still better right ? do the math. your commie govt is not that smart. 

the way  economy works is directly and indirectly. Even someone shopping mom and pop store here  linked to export import goods from nepal for one example. Lets go minimal,   even if  those 9000 contribute just lousy $200  (which is so low and very unlikely)  that's same amount of 9000 workers in Saudi. math is amazing and constructive. but jealousy  is damaging and destructive !!


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