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 Nyc ka nepali
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Posted on 02-20-18 10:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well its sad to say that nepali here in nyc seems so rich from outside coz they live in big city new york but from inside they are the poorest among other state 😩😩😩
Most of the nepali ko apartment ma gayara heryo bhane toilet size apt pani sharing ma baseko dhekhchu . Living room ma someone sleeping also . Kitchen and toulet ko haal heryo bhane kurai garna laaj lagcha. Jahile room sharing garne haru ma jhagada ra kich kich bhayako dhekhincha. Nepali kunai guest arko state baata aauna lageko cha bhane phone ko swith off garne nepali ni dekhana paiyincha nyc ma 😄😄kin ki sutne thau chaina apartment ma afu ta living room sharing ma baseko bhnchan. Rent is so expensive here in nyc but i saw so many ppl they own the apt and they rent it out for so many ppl and stay for free . Yeti samma dhekhana paya ki aayta 3 bedroom apt ma 25 jana samma baseko rahecha . Apt owner ko budi ko kaam sabai lai lunch ra dinner banaune . Ani month ma everybody pay only $50 for sleeping 🤣🤣🤣omg i cant believe nither anyone who is reading this .🤔but its true bro i m not jocking .
I think nepali here in nyc most of them are like homeless . If you don’t believe chahiyo.com ma hernu you only see apt for sharing available ... there you cant see 1,2,3 bedrooms available advertis. 😀😀😀please dont get angry but thats the reality here in nyc most of the Nepali ppl. Nepal ma saan diyara baseko cha usa ma new york city ma baschu bhanera tara bhitra ko kura florida ma basne ra minimum wage $7 khane bhanda ni khattam cha nyc ka nepali ko. 😰😰😰
I don’t understand why nepali like nyc so much even they cant afford one single bedroom apt by themself . There is no point to stay in this expensive city if you camt afford . Go some cheap state and have american life with big aprtment , own car and lelax life then this homeless like life .🤡🤡🤡
Yes neywork ka nepali homeless nai hun kasailai kehi bhannu cha yes ma ... cha bhene chahiyo.com ma 1 bedroom available ko adavertise pahila khojera aau ani kura gara😡
Posted on 02-20-18 11:57 PM     [Snapshot: 54]     Reply [Subscribe]
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dherai lai drive garna audaina (public transport xadai xa)..ramrari english ma bolna ra lekhna audaina, ani aru specialized skills pani hunna..usually tourist visa, dv walla group haru hunxa jasto lagxa big city ma...us ma padeko student haru vanda besi ...katti ko ghar ma sony TV ra whatever channel haru on hunxa...hindi flim haru..etc. nepal kai style ma. .ekdam ramro bislesan gareko jasto lagyo...yo thulo sahar ma basni nepali haru ko jindagi ko barema...asylum varni group pani tannai hunxa kyare...bay area (Sf) ma matrai 1 lakh xan nepali re... yestai ho...din, raat, hudai janxa...life chaldai janxa...jindagi bithdai janxa...sab le..afno afno khappar ma lekhera ako nai ta hola ni...
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Last edited: 20-Feb-18 11:59 PM

Posted on 02-21-18 5:59 AM     [Snapshot: 184]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pepsi bro did you found any posting in chahiyo.com with 1,2,3 bedroom apt for rent instead of sharing room available ??? As you said you bought a house 🏡 thats great pepsi and i dont know how many ppl invest that 1M house with you . And how many apt you guys are sharing with another nepali 😜😜😜please dont fool ppl with your fake story hami pani byc mai baseko 30 barsa bhayo babu🤓
Posted on 02-21-18 9:53 AM     [Snapshot: 325]     Reply [Subscribe]
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big city ma right type of business own garyo vanye...you'll have cash flow machine....niche biz in fotress like location....ticket to great income...and you can easily scale up...lots of ppl to work for you...even if the minimum wage is high so what...increase the damn price......anyway...big cities great for owning biz.....and that ....anyone can do it with some market research....owning the ghar or not is no big deal...more important is cash flow..you need to have that income coming to you year after year.....more income 5 years from now is much better of course.....a very small location in a busy area selling donuts can make you great money in places like ny and sf.....but you have to find that location...location is the key.....you need not drive uber in big cities...you can drive uber to find that perfect location to expand your biz instead....there's lots of opportunity to people with enterprising attitude...in big cities...but in general..however..ppl don't do all that...only few do..pepsi i'm guessing, is one of those who saw good opportunities and ran with his ideas...hard work is not enoguh to thrive..a cashier does a lot of hard work but that's not enough..you need to use that hard work to make your own progress....not your boss..only then you can move up ...in the game of survival..etc.
Posted on 02-21-18 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 365]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सरहरू मैले नि NY बाटै bachelor सकेर यता WC आको ...

NY को घर को भाडा निकै महँगो छ, त्यहाँ को एउटा सानो कोठा को भाडा ले texax तिर ठुलो घर को किस्ता तिर्न पुग्छ..तर पनि न्यु योर्क संगर्ष phase मा भएका साथी हरु को लागि स्वोर्ग हो

-community college instate fee is null, which help u to save extra 40K for graduation
-minumum base wase is $15 which is nearly double than most of other state. ( even if u work cash 11-12 u get where other state its around 7.5)
-ny is a state of immigrants, so no any discrimination, no discomfort for beginners
-no gun shuts, no violence no immigration raids
- easy to find jobs, jobs is basically everywhere
-with simple job u can easily earn 3500 a month working a ful time, no private vehicle needed to move anywhere so u can save save and save..
-NY is the only state where a student can peruse his education with any debt and save hell lot of money ( if he works ) n send back to home country while in student phase. ( i personally did it n was able to buy 4 ana land in ktm while i was a student.

there are hell lot of fortunate nepali people in NY, too many. much more than collectively other states owe ...people are really doing good in real states...many owe more than one house ( one very basic house costs more than half million in ny )..hospital are full of Nepali speaking nurses ( who earn 80K ), physician assistants ( 85K ) .each hospital, health center u get at least 2 3 doctors ( which u hardly find in other state).. these professoinals earn 300k - 500k a year. the thing is they dont come in sajha to seek room or any other help( koz they really dont need to ) . sajha is only for people like u, me and us who are running in struggling phase.

bottom line is u are absolutely true. u said what u see.. space is very expensive in ny, people do so much compromise for space..but all these people u refer are people with struggling phase, either students or DV winners or Bhutanese refugee, u haven't seen nepali who live other side, may be u dnt have any acess to them...there are not a few but many nepali who earn 300K plus in ny... now can imagine how their lifestyle is..

Posted on 02-21-18 12:08 PM     [Snapshot: 494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bhai bhai's real name is Vladimir and this is a Russian troll
Last edited: 21-Feb-18 12:08 PM

Posted on 02-21-18 1:04 PM     [Snapshot: 589]     Reply [Subscribe]
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30 years in US tara angreji kina testo bhai bhai?
Posted on 02-21-18 2:08 PM     [Snapshot: 649]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bhai bhai, ३० वर्ष अमेरिका मा के गर्दै बसेका थेउ ?
हेर हेर तिम्रो अंगरेजी दया लग्यो तिमि माथि, बाबु ३० वर्ष अमेरिका मा कुकुर पल्या भय कुकुर ले पनि सुद्ध संग अंगरेजी बोल्न सकथेओ होला
बाबु धिक्कार छ तिमि माथि अंगरेजी को बलात्कार गरेको मा
३० वर्ष के गरौ अमेरिकामा, धोति को प्लेट चम्काउने काम गर्थौ की धोति को मोटेलमा रूम सफा गरयौ?
मलाई तिम्रो आवस्ता दयानिया लग्यो
तेस्यै ले तिम्रो उन्नति नभयको होला, आरु को डाड र नीचा देखायर केही हुन्न
प्रयाश गर आफै

Posted on 02-21-18 2:25 PM     [Snapshot: 765]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो मुजी bhai bhai त आस्य्लुममा पो आयका रैछन्
अनि गफ दिन्छौ ३० वर्ष अमेरिका मा बसेको भनेर
यो लिंक हेर्नुहोला bhai bhai ले साझा मा प्रसन गरेका थीए

Posted on 02-25-18 10:06 AM     [Snapshot: 1499]     Reply [Subscribe]
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😂 The original responses from the thread are deleted from that link by bhai bhai, but dumb enough for not deleting the title😂

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