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 Back to Monarchy ?
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Posted on 10-22-17 6:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Back to Monarchy ?

Kalyan Dev Bhattarai
Ex king Gyanendra after almost a decade of power less position expressed his desire to be in power again. For many it may be the outcome of the wrong doing of the corrupt present day leaders, for some it may be the secret deal with NC and their allies to keep the left force far away from power, for some it may be premature expression of Gyanendra without any definite strategy.etc. Careful study of the statement provides four main issues to be discussed seriously and they are first public support which he have said repeatedly, Secondly the leadership vacuum in the present day politics of the country, and thirdly the innumerable wrong doings of present day leaders and Bhagbhanda politics last but not least the time has come for him to take the leadership.

Public support 
This is one of the most important issues to be considered in reference to the politics and power. Without public support no one can be in power and Gyanendra said correctly that he needs public support to be in power again and give leadership. There is no doubt that at present the monarchy is getting popularity but this is not positive popularity but in reality it is a negative popularity, gained due to corruption, looting of the nation by the present day corrupt leaders. In such juncture one has to think very seriously and realize the truth and that is to” jump to fire from frying pan “, how hot it may be is neither a good intelligence nor a (political) solution. This country was ruled by Monarchy for many years from 2007 to 2015 and also from 2017 to 2046 and also the short period of 2061 to 2063 and we all know how tyrantly we were ruled, how the democracy was suppressed and how the feudalism was presented .Yes we all are displeased and angry from the wrong doing of the present day corrupt leaders, but this does not proof that monarchy is better than the democratic rule. At this stage even to think to go back to monarchial rule is no better than jumping to fire from frying pan, and definitely will be a foolish , un democratic and wrong choice.

Yes after watching the ruling of the last 29 years by the corrupt looters crook selfish leaders neither I can say to support the present day leaders nor I can support the present day politics of Bhagbhanda policy and in this ground reality we have only option of either to support the Monarchial rule or demand the death penalty of top 500 corrupt present day leaders. Present day leaders are corrupt looters and they have looted the country and in this context the present day top 500 corrupt leaders must be hanged to death to develop & save the country.

Vacuum in leadership 
Since 2046 we have noticed the looting corruption, and selling the industry for commission by the corrupt leaders, how the black marketing was nourished, protected and harnessed. They made the black marketing, and corruption as the arteries and veins of the governance .Ideologically, ethically and also politically to tell the present day politicians as leaders will be insult to the term politics as all the present day leaders are proven corrupt looters hijackers, murderer, kidnapers, and all sort of criminal and in this ground reality I must agree with Gyanendra that Nepal is under political leadership vacuum at present day .The prostitutio of politics is shown by the corrupt power hungry crook leaders in the present day so called unity of left and democratic force where one can see the day light raping of political ideology, principle and political norms . Not even a fool can see even the tint of the political ideology in the recent so called unity of left and democratic force, which is undertaken only to grab the power to loot the country and suck the blood of the citizen. In this ground reality to save the country from the tyranny of monarchism and corruption of the corrupt leaders we have only solution of hanging the top 500 corrupt present day leaders. This is not the choice of Monarchical rule or democratic rule but should be turn to Monarchial rule or true democratic rule of law in the country with all round development .From the experience of the 30 years of Panchyat rule and the experience of the ruling of the present day leaders neither we can hope for the democratic rule & rule of law and all round development either from monarchy or from present day corrupt crook leaders of the country. In this ground reality as long as present day corrupt looters leaders are in politics to expect development of the country or the democratic rule in the country will be only intellectual bankruptcy. So only solution to save this country is to say no to monarchial rule and to hang the top 500 present day corrupt looter leaders which will end the leadership vacuum and the country is will be governed by the young honest hard working true politicians .

Wrong doings of the present day leaders
If you start listing the wrong doing of the so called political leaders it will be another Ramayana and Mahabharata ten times bigger. It will be difficult to find single criminal work which they have not done so far in last 28 years. We have seen from the murder, black marketing, commission, looting kidnapping, hijacking, to Bhagbhanda of all development fund, dumping the Savasad in room hotels like sheep, exhibition of blue film to the shoe polisher Savasad, selling of red passport, sale of election ticket, etc undertaken by the present day corrupt leaders. If you watch the activities of the present day leaders you will noticed that there is not a single good work to tell undertaken by these corrupt looters. In this ground reality it will be stupidly to hope that the corrupt looter leaders will protect the democracy or will perform any single good work for the country and Nepalese citizen.

In my opinion it will be necessary to hang the top 500 present day corrupt leaders to save this country from all kinds of political problems created by the corrupt looters present day leaders including the regain of power by monarchy again, because the people are so angry and frustrated from the present day corrupt leaders the request and call for people to support him by Gyanendra can gain the momentum easily. Appropriate time for regain of power

Gyanendra repeatedly requested for support of the people for his regain of power and also said about the time for the regain of power. Yes it is appropriate time as the political leaders have already lost their credibility as well as the respect of the people and all most all leaders are compared with dogs, and taken as traitors and Indian slave. In this context this is appropriate time to move the strategy for regaining power by Gyanendra. I wonder why Gyanendra declared the present time as appropriate time to move for regain of power and we all know Gyanendra is not political jokers like political leaders of the country who speak all nonsense and proven stupid people. As far as Gyanendra is concerned he has not said anything loosely so far and to expect Gyanendra said the time as appropriate on Bhai Tika day without any preparation will be intellectual bankruptcy. In this context there must be some strategy also as he have travelled many times to different countries and his meeting will RAW & CIAA agent and different leaders is possible. One can be sure that any major political change in Nepal is possible without the concurrence of India and the move of unity of Maoist and UML under the advice of India can be a strategy of India to fool and weaken the communist force of Nepal so that the pro Indian force of NC do also initiates the unity of democratic force under the leadership of monarchy, which explains why the RPP are also included in the NC lead force.

In normal time such unity would not have created any major political upset but at present the present day leaders all are proven dacoits, looters corrupt so no one can expected to give support to the corrupt looters leaders and surely the force lead by monarchy will be Stronger and if they could get the support of the military also then regain of the power by monarchy will not be a dream only ,and this will be not good to democracy, and country also In this ground reality to hang the top 500 corrupt present day leaders is the only solution to save the country democracy and to develop fatly.

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Posted on 10-22-17 8:22 AM     [Snapshot: 108]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To those people who says Monarchy is the best, I want to ask you one question and test your IQ level. Do you know why these kinds of windows called "ti-ki jya" were prevalent in old newari houses? It was built because they wanted to peek "Raja" people coming to their house and hide their daughters and sister otherwise they would come, pick them upand rape them. Those people who wanted to bring Monarchy back are real psychos and some of the pathetic human being on the planet.
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Posted on 10-22-17 11:02 AM     [Snapshot: 229]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gyanendra himself is corrupt. Paras is cocaine addict. You still want Monarchy?
Posted on 10-22-17 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 249]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There may be individual good kings but the institution of monarchy is obsolete and d flawed.
There may be corrupt and myopic leaders but a democratic system is the wayhead.
I second sajhamitra about the nature of feudals in our part of the world.
For example, do you rajabadi guys even know the history of ranipokhari?And why the great king pratap malla made this pond in the first place?

Posted on 10-22-17 6:10 PM     [Snapshot: 415]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just 2 words " NO ThankYou"
Posted on 10-23-17 12:02 AM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-23-17 1:29 AM     [Snapshot: 580]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाम्रो राजा हाम्रो देश प्राण भन्दा प्यारो छ |
      अबको सरकार पारस सरकार |
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Posted on 10-23-17 5:54 AM     [Snapshot: 643]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People who are denying monarchy are probably geeks who believe in theory. Theoretically we need to move on from monarchy but if you look at practicality of Nepal, then monarchy is probably is best bet specially considering uneducated people who are now led by 600's of kings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that now with 600 of kings, there are many of their family who benefit from it so it is in their interest to keep this corrupt rule of corrupt politicians so they can suck more out of Nepal while their corrupt person is in power.
Baneko chha paharale
Posted on 10-23-17 9:07 PM     [Snapshot: 901]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So true, Shahi Baba.
Posted on 10-24-17 12:31 AM     [Snapshot: 966]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't worry. It's not going to happen anytime sooner or later. One way he can get into the power again is thro the military coup but that ain't gonna last longer. Also don't think he would take such risk at this age. Another option is through the election where he and his party would possibly get few seats. Now it's too late . It's nepal ill fate that she got monarchs and leaders who have patriotism only in words but not in deeds. The problem also prevails on people mentality to vote candidates from one of the big party. Still there is a large number of population who don't know whom to vote for. They can be easily lured thro few hundred bucks to vote for anyone. Only big parties can expense like that as they are backed by business individuals.
The only way a society can prosper is through the wisdom. For that one needs to gain acceptable knowledge about right and wrong . It's a long way to create a society like that in the context of Nepal so for now we have to live with these leaders and their decisions and corruptions and pollutions and etc etc.
For me personally ppl like Gyane is no better than shere or oli or prachandey.
Posted on 10-24-17 7:28 AM     [Snapshot: 1052]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like 600 kings vs 1 king. I think we should increase the number to 1000 kings. There will be even more cut-throat competition.

1king = development of one family
600kings=development of 600 families + multiple families paid to get vote + competition
Posted on 10-24-17 11:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Kings and Queens are only found in a deck of cards,at the moment,in Nepal.After discarding Monarchy lots have changed-- from simple,natural Nepal to Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal(natural). I think,many things are possible regarding the King and his engagement in the ever-changing political landscape.I don't think the King has officially opened a party and wish to tag along any title yet.He does have few plus point though as Nepali people have always cherished the monarchy till its edge and he must have some good money to spend,which makes him an intriguing candidate,if he wish to elect from some place(?).After the coming elections in November last week,the system will change again and the new comers will fill the post in their own Pradesh! giving little or no incentives towards monarchy and King.I think King is good for President,which is also a head-of-state but can political parties like to share the political space with the ex-King,after having never-ending revolutions and rally?.Or,they could compromise even,as after Panchayat system,Nepal's political situation is always dotted with compromising here and there,this party and that,this person or that person and going around and beating the bush like.I wouldn't be surprised if King came along in the Government but not today or tomorrow but perhaps someday or not!.
Posted on 10-24-17 3:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If Gyane wants to rule he can form a party. But I can confidently say that his party will fare worse than Baburam's Naya Shakti party.
Also Kings have contributed squat to Nepal. If it was upto G he would have sold Pashupatinath.

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