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 नवमीको अवसरमा गाडीमा बोका बलि दिइराखेको अवस्थामा न्यु योर्कका नेपाली उबर ड्राइभर रंगे हात पक्राउ

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Posted on 09-29-17 8:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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भर्खरै प्राप्त समाचार अनुसार न्यु योर्कको क्वीन्स सहरमा एक नेपालीलाई दशैंको दशा लागेको छ | नीज बद्रि प्रसाद नवमीको पुनित अवसरमा आफ्नो उबर गरि खाने गाडीमा एक हट्टा कट्टा बोकाको बलि दिइराखेको अवस्थामा स्थानिय प्रहरीहरुले आफ्नो हिरासतमा लिएका छन् | नीजको हातमा रगताम्य खुकुरी पनि बरामद भएको प्रहरीले जनाएको छ | स्थानिय नियेम कानुन अनुसार बलि दिनु अपराध मानिन्छ र 2 वर्षसम्म कैद हुन सक्ने प्रक्रिया भएको बताइएको छ |

तपाईंहरुले पनि दशैंमा बलि दिने सोचीराख्नु भएको भए त्येस्तो नगर्न न्यु योर्क प्रहरी को सुझाब छ |

साभार : बैकल्पिक समाचार

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-30-17 11:37 PM     [Snapshot: 94933]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पादने मान्छे ले पाध्यो फेरी !
Posted on 10-01-17 8:01 PM     [Snapshot: 107006]     Reply [Subscribe]
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त्यो पर्यो होला सुद्द छेत्री, बाहुन होईन होला तेसैले बुद्दि चै तेस्रो तिघ्रोमा भएको महा विद्वान पर्नु भयो |

न्यु योर्कको क्विन्स सहरमा मार हान्ने लाइ पट मुर्ख नभने कसले महा विद्वान भनिदिने ? आफै खसी बन्यो |
Posted on 10-02-17 6:52 AM     [Snapshot: 112632]     Reply [Subscribe]
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such a heart rending news!!...I hope it's not a felony....at least he should've been tad careful while slaughtering the aromatic goat!...that's why we used to take the goat to the hinterland and shoot it with the shotgun!...and it's easy to trash all the hogwash in the jungle 2....I wish mother Durga help him by sending someone to bail him out ASAP.
Posted on 10-02-17 8:08 AM     [Snapshot: 113599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Naam Badri Prasad bhaniyeko chha. Kaha bata bahun chhetri ko kura aayo. What a bunch of freaking dumb ass castist retards.
Posted on 10-02-17 8:33 AM     [Snapshot: 113839]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very good, this guy stood up for his tradition and culture. i wish everyone did boka sacrifice like this guy. people these days are forgetting their roots and always complaining. he will be free in no time since they cannot discriminate against religious belief. Thank you my brave nepali gorkhali bahun aryan brother for doing what is right.

Last edited: 02-Oct-17 08:34 AM

Posted on 10-02-17 8:46 AM     [Snapshot: 114013]     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL chaurey, jasto naam testai kaam, first of all you dont know what onion news are... second thing.. even though if this news were true... slaugtering is not standing for religion.. but rather following blind faith.. I believe you might stand "sati pratha" too then since it was considered part of a tradition and culture. It's people like you who caused the current chaos in Burma with the Rohingyas doing the similar kind of slaughtering when told not to do..
Posted on 10-02-17 8:55 AM     [Snapshot: 114086]     Reply [Subscribe]
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syal maan singh, onion news hos ki garlic news hos kei chaina. bujhne lai gajal na bujhney lai puzzle.

babu sati pratha ra khasi/boka pratha ma dherai bhinnata cha, soch bujh garera aaula chalaunu. timi vegetarian bhaye kunni babu, khasi/boka masu khane chalan dashain ma cha bhanne malai pani thaha cha, aba tyo khasi boka na mari ta jiudai khana mildaina hola ki kaso? bahut daro angreji diyau malai slaugtering is not standing for religion bhanera, gayera dakchin kali ma gayera tyasta bhasan dinu, sajha ma hoina.

people like me causing chaos in Burma, jau babu gayera rohingya ko history padhera aau suru ma. malai ethnic cleansing ko kunai support garna chaina tara ek side ko matra guff sunera malai lecture dinu pardaina. jau rohingya le WW2 ma koslai support garya raicha bhanne dekhi beli bistaar suru garera padhera aau. ani suru ma ti rohingya le kata kata buddhist lai maarya raicha rape garya raicha bhanne kura pani padhera aau.

Posted on 10-02-17 9:25 AM     [Snapshot: 114569]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bali dina paunai parcha. America hudai ma bhagwan haru lai khanu pardaina? Kasto nirdayi manche hola America ma. Afu matra khane ani bhagwan lai nakhuwaune?
Posted on 10-02-17 10:19 AM     [Snapshot: 114479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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leh(lol)...It's not about ethnic cleansing or finger blasting! It's about cleansing the soulless goat nice and clean and cooking it in slow burner and then finger licking at last. It will not suit to go back to Mesozoic era and talk about caste,culture,custom,costume and creed imo. The thing is we like to devour in special days and pass the olive--or blame--to the good Gods. Gods don't just eat meat as some I heard are veg too! Gods just snack on our energy--good or bad. I still like the people who called/msg/viber/skype/mail me for masu bhat!..I wonder if the indicted Badri ko Prashad got out or still in some county cell!
Posted on 10-02-17 1:03 PM     [Snapshot: 116024]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Many sajha visitor suggesting that the person getting handcuff is not Nepali , if it is fake  why this dude not deleting those pictures?

Last edited: 02-Oct-17 01:06 PM

Posted on 10-02-17 1:51 PM     [Snapshot: 116138]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Plus the mainstream media do not cover the local news at the granular scale that Onion does. Thanks to dedicated Onion journalists, we can read and share relevant US news. Just the other day they had an outstanding coverage on how the Scientists unanimously agreed that Earth was at the most boring side of the Universe where no actions were happening. Even boring Andromeda had more action than our drab Solar system. They don't win the Peabody every year for nothing. It's amazing why more people don't read from Onion.
Posted on 10-02-17 7:54 PM     [Snapshot: 117612]     Reply [Subscribe]
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थुइक्क साला पाखेहरु लै THEONION.COM भन्ने थाहा रैनछ | लेट मि एक्स्प्लेन

The onion is a completely 100% satirical/humor website that has been around for years.


Sajha onion is just a nepali rendition of the same. He makes up these hilarious posts which are completely made up and have no semblance to reality, it's only meant to stoke some humor.

तर सिमसितर्ने हरुले पखे बाहुन इत्यादी भन्न बाकि राखेनन् , कठै बरी

Last edited: 02-Oct-17 07:55 PM

Posted on 10-03-17 6:29 AM     [Snapshot: 122100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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साथि हरु आफ्नु रिति रिवाज भन्या आफ्नु ठाउँ मा छ. अर्का को देस मा आए पछि त्यहाँ को कानून मान्नु पर्ने हुन्छ. अमेरिका आए पछि ध्यान दिनु पर्ने कुरा हरु मा यो पनि पर्छ.

सावधान हुनु है आफ्नु backyard मा खसी खुइल्यौनु अघि.

Hope this news from New York City brings awareness to rest of us about not to cut khasi out in the open. आफ्नै लिविंग रूम मा गर्य भए हुनी. बुद्धी न पुग्या
Posted on 10-03-17 8:48 AM     [Snapshot: 122671]     Reply [Subscribe]
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लौ हामि पनि व्यंग कस्दै फलानोको फलानो संग तिघ्रा कसिदियो र करणी केस भयो भनि फोटो समेत टासी दिदा, अनि बज्रस्वाठ हरु तैले सुरु गरिस भनि आमाचाक्ली गरि inbox message पठाउने हरुलाई FACT Check गरिदिने फुर्सदी IT guy को खाचो पनि पुरा हुन् लाग्यो जस्तो छ |

Posted on 10-03-17 9:10 AM     [Snapshot: 122724]     Reply [Subscribe]
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'सत्य घटना संग मेल खान गएमा लेखक जिम्मेवार हुने छैन' भनेर लेख्नु बिर्सिएछु | यस  लेख लेख्दा satire भनेर लेखेको थिए | आज बिहान एक जना महानुभाबले इमेल पठाउनु भएको रहेछ | इमेलमा यस्तो लेखिएको छ | 

"Why you post my story in your web sight. You also got my name wrong. I should have thought about it before doing this. The police fined me $500 and released me because I have no prior offense. Last year I did in bath tub but it became very dirty so this year I did in my back yard. The police said that my neighbor called 911. I have already say sorry for my neighbor. Next year I am only going to do chicken in bathtub. Police say bird is fine but not 4 legged animals."
Last edited: 03-Oct-17 09:27 AM

Posted on 10-03-17 9:24 AM     [Snapshot: 122852]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Glad that many of us can go with the flow when it comes to witty skits. Unfortunately, we're not at the level compared to even casual Reddit Golds. But we're getting there.

An Onion Headline:
A 14 year old boy from Sudan faces the midlife crisis.

Posted on 10-03-17 2:48 PM     [Snapshot: 123688]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bath tuba kasari boko katecha, tyasto charpi ma katya boko ta chadauna hunna, yo ta bhagwaan ko apamaan bho. pohor saal tyai charpi ma katya boko chadayera yo manchey lai sarap lagya huna sakcha, kina bhagaawaan ko apamaan garya ho yo durachari le. ramrai bho yaslai saraap lagera samatye cha prahari le. arko palo matar gadi agadi nai jhyamma hanera teen taal ghum
Posted on 10-03-17 5:41 PM     [Snapshot: 123952]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chaure! feel pity upon ur poor soul..... may be because of lack of compassion, love of man kind you seems to be slave of senses/desires(likely to say dying for the mere taste of the bud). need to cultivate love towards every creature who love their lives as you do.
Posted on 10-05-17 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 126567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hoina yo bajye le k lekhya ho? ali bujhney bahasa ma lekhum mitra. creature ko masu khana maan lagcha bhane creature lai ta marnai parcha hola, ki mitra le jiudai khasi ko kaan toknu huncha?
Posted on 10-05-17 2:42 PM     [Snapshot: 126721]     Reply [Subscribe]
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चाउरे ब्रो: देश गुनाको भेस गर्नै पर्यो हैन र ?

कि तपाइको सोचाइ मा बिहे गरेर ल्याइएकि दुलही संग गरिने रात्रि क्रिया हरु जहा र जतिखेर मन लाग्यो सुरुवाल र पेटिकोटको इजार खोलि हाल्नु हुन्छ कि ? There are much more things to do in Dasai other than killing Goats.
Last edited: 05-Oct-17 09:11 PM


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