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 निक्की कार्की द्वारा नर्थ क्यारोलाइनामा कार्यक्रम आयोजकबाट आफूमाथि यौन दुराचार भएको आफ्नै फेसबुक लाइभ मार्फत खुलाशा

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Posted on 09-22-17 8:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wait for video to load

मेरो पीड़ा...

Posted by Nicky Karki on Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Posted on 09-25-17 2:43 PM     [Snapshot: 8969]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Youtube ma 2-3 ta geet gayera
ma jet udaula bhandai geet gayeki hun
ali harayin pani
yo moro sushil le garda pheri nepali maj chamkine bahana payin....

Nasa pani kati batho
media ma ayesi karbahi handyo...
tetro din k heri rathyo action linu pardaina...

aba negative vibe jancha bhanera liyo

Posted on 09-25-17 8:39 PM     [Snapshot: 9433]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 25-Sep-17 09:02 PM

Posted on 09-26-17 7:25 AM     [Snapshot: 10015]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You cannot punish a person until he/she commits a crime. And thats what happened here cause the local law authority cleared him of any wrongdoings. She came out in social media and accused him of the all the ill intentions he might have when the police already cleared the person. It seems like all of it was done to get some popularity and sympathy. This guy should go after her and sue her a**.
Posted on 09-26-17 12:45 PM     [Snapshot: 10414]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जसले जे भनेनि आई लाईक स्याक्शि निक्की कार्की | मुआआआ 💏🏾

Last edited: 26-Sep-17 12:51 PM

Posted on 09-26-17 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 10615]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sexual Harassment in what sense? you must be tripping, all you got to do now is learn from this and try not to make the same mistake. This has got to be one of the dumbest thing anyone could have ever done i.e risking herself by posting and accusing someone of sexual harassment with no proof that too on a social media platform. This guy has the perfect defamation case against this chick, she shot her own foot by posting that video.

As I have heard there was no formal charge pressed against this guy, that means there is no wrongdoing. There was no molestation, rape, penetration of any kind or touching of any kind. What in the world is this chick going on about. Move on and get on with your life.
Posted on 09-26-17 7:55 PM     [Snapshot: 10988]     Reply [Subscribe]
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He did not commit any crime but while representing a Nepali Association he tried to make sexual moves which is unethical, but not necessary illegal. So he got what he deserved, that is he got kicked out of the Nepali association. However, he did not commit any crime for approaching an adult for sexual relationship so he is not in problem with the law. There is no evidence of offering an alcoholic drink to the minor so that one is out of the window. He is terminated by the association after their investigation so that alone proves that he did have ill motives but again they were not illegal so he is a free man. His reputation is ruined, because he tried to be a player while he was a married man representing a reputed Nepali association. It's just like your work policy. When you are at work you can get fired for asking to share a bed with you coworker. However, you did not commit any crime just by asking to share bed to another adult so you are not punishable by the law. So it's not ethical but also it wasn't illegal. I think this is the summary of this incident.
Posted on 09-26-17 8:47 PM     [Snapshot: 11082]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I never could UNDERSTAND... again, I restate, I never could UNDERSTAND why we think whatever a girl says is TRUE. Or whatever a male says is TRUE.
To consider to be true or false, you need evidence. Are not we living in the world of logic and arguments? Or are we living in the world of words of mouth? If we are living in the world of logic and arguments, there MUST be some evidence to support the claim.
Nicky accused but with no proof and evidence. I am laughing seeing our mentality that if a girl blames you for any possible wrong doings, then we are the culprit, and we MUST face the punishment.
Come on ! Lets Grow Up!
It appears that, whatever association terminated the membership of Mr Susil, just tried to save its prestige knowing that there is no evidence to support Nicky claims... Because it knows that it has the member like we people who think that if a girl points a finger to you, you are the culprit and we are doomed... If it had to take action in moral way, it would have taken some 2 weeks ago, not now. So, it knew to win the sympathy of the people like us who still believes that Mr. Susil did the heinous crime so it terminated Mr. Susil's membership...

Nicky did all because she wanted a cheap publicity and a sympathy. Because she knew how we Nepalese would behave. She played our sentiments and appears she got succeeded... She is lunching an album... see how much publicity she gained. But I still believe she has to pay the ass out of her momma, if not enough by herself...
If Susil sues her for defamation, mental torture, domestic violence etc, she will have no place to save her face and ass... that is for sure... she will be broke financially...

Again, I am NOT supporting Mr. Susil, I am just supporting the logic, fact and the truth and that is all matters in the US law and court. If he did wrong, and if it proves, his ass needs to be spanked badly..
Posted on 09-26-17 9:19 PM     [Snapshot: 11180]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@tito-satya.....The burden of proof will be on Sushil. America is a gynocentric society where court favors women when it comes to sexual violence accusation, child care custody, spouse alimony etc. If you are a man and live in USA, women can phuck you up anytime if you get involved with them. Therefore, be a sannyasi.
Posted on 09-26-17 10:11 PM     [Snapshot: 11301]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nope... you are wrong... that is the misconception about US court and law... you go in the court, then you will realize that it is about logic, arguments and proofs... the loud mouth does not count... have been to some cases for my friends and families and saw that...
It is no way like indian court what we see in hindi movies or a nepali court what you see in nepali movies... trust me... Nicky will not get a place even to hide her tiny biny ass if Susil sues her in this case... let alone assuming he did wrong doings, but there is no proof however, there are plenty of proofs that Nicky defamed him and bla and bla...
She chose a wrong way of getting publicity or whatever her motive was... maybe she was true, but all her movements are not helping her if this case goes to lawsuit..
Posted on 09-26-17 10:29 PM     [Snapshot: 11326]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@tito-satya solti,
ke saro torilaure tarka gareko bro le. bessari haas uthyo. In the beginning you had all sorts of ASSUMPTIONs including 'eutai gotra bhayeko le bhagaunako lagi kura milena hola' etc. Now, after Sushil himself already accepted he put a pillow in the middle of the bed and asked her to sleep in the other side, you are saying it can be very strong defamation case. I see zero possibility of that.

@sidanepali bro put it very succinctly. There was no crime involved, otherwise police would have handcuffed. But, it is an unethical sexual move, especially because he was one of the organizers and trusted by organizing committee to take care of guest artists.
Posted on 09-27-17 8:37 AM     [Snapshot: 11867]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No sexual harassment involved, no charges were filed. end of story. he asked her to sleep next to her in the same bed with a pillow or whatever in the middle she rejected. how does this constitute sexual harassment?

there were other dumbass comments she made which largely in my opinion came up from an already pre-conceived notion that the guy was trying to sexual harass her. Things like he asking her to pick up the check in his room, i did not hear from her that he asked her to come alone. irrelevant points like that and uber made no sense.

what a waste of time. this chick needs to just learn and not make the same mistakes again

Posted on 09-27-17 10:08 AM     [Snapshot: 12008]     Reply [Subscribe]
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चाउरे ब्रो ले ट्रंप को स्तुति गान गर्नु भएको थियो जस्तो लागेको थियो , प्रमाणित भएन भन्दैमा ल ** ण्ड बहादुरको बहादुरी लाइ प्रसंसा गर्नु भएकोमा कुनै अस्चार्य मान्नु परेन |
लाहुरे ब्रो : पातकी हरु सगं बचेर लेखुस है , यिनले तपाइलाइ पनि इन बक्स समाचारमा आम्चाक्ली देखि चेलीबेटी समेत लाई मुछ्लान ? हराम देखि दैब पनि तर्सिन्छन !

एक्लै भए पनि आन्फो आदत, मान्दै गरेको मान्यता लाइ अगाडी बढाउदै छ : तर्कपूर्ण नभए पनि यिनको कमिनापंलाई मद्य नजर गरेर त्यो १०० यिनलाई नै दिनुहोस भनि १ मत हाल्छु |
Posted on 09-27-17 10:32 AM     [Snapshot: 12074]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump or non trump is irrelevant in this context. i am not supporting anyone here, i have no idea who that guy is, the only thing i know is the fact this chick is accusing someone when there has been no proof of any harassment.
tomorrow this chick will tell you that you talked to her in sexual manner or stared/looked at her that made her feel naked and that you are are sexual fiend then should people still support her? point is her words hold no weight, just cause she thinks something "might" have happened as she said "i could have been raped" doesn't mean it can be held against that guy as proof of sexual harassment.
Posted on 09-27-17 10:49 AM     [Snapshot: 12119]     Reply [Subscribe]
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chaurey, what proof do you want man. Do you want a video of them doing it or what? What proof do you have that this Sushil dude is innocent. And if she had to accuse just for recognition why would she accuse someone who is just a member. She could have accused president of the community? And what proof do you have that this girl is doing for recognition. It ain't like she will be millionaire overnight. If you can't be sympathetic to this girl then don't bash on her too.
Posted on 09-27-17 11:06 AM     [Snapshot: 12137]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Judge Judy has been asked to judge this case.

After looking at all evidence presented and video of skype interview of the defendant, this case is dismissed on grounds of non issue.

More than any criminal offense, this case seems to be centered on intention of offense. While the defendant may be guilty of harboring bad intention, the court cannot pass judgement on bad intentions without keeping into account what exactly constitutes bad intention?

Does a male person who is attracted to a female person constitutes a bad intention? If that is the case then everyone who finds another person from opposite sex attractive should be guilty of having bad intention. Let's break it down a bit. When a male is attracted to a female, what is the attraction for? Does he want to get married? Is the attraction sexual? Would there be any attraction if there was no sexual intentions?

One has to consider the whole gamut of natural attraction before condemning someone's intention. This whole allegation is based on the defendant's intention so a question might arise would the lady find anyone attracted to her guilty of sexual harassment if they try to flirt with her? What about when she is ready to get married to any man? Would she be guilty of sexual harassment if she flirts with any guy? Let's face it the foundation of attraction lies in one's sexuality. So it becomes hypocritical to accuse anyone of sexual harrassment for their mere attraction.

It would be different if there was any unwanted physical contact.

Case dismissed!
Posted on 09-27-17 11:57 AM     [Snapshot: 12239]     Reply [Subscribe]
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neither the guy nor this girl have any proof. if there was a video of this chick doing it then that's a different story, as i said this is a he said she said garbage and that alone isn't enough for anything.

I guess you missed the point, what makes you so sure this chick is not lying? don't tell me that bull about why would she not accuse anyone else crap, the fact is she admitted the guy has not touched her so what more do you want?
Posted on 09-27-17 12:17 PM     [Snapshot: 12272]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once people open mouth or write couple lines will reflect all on it.

Denial does not make you different than who you are and that comments proves who you are. Period.
Tuti you got company.
Last edited: 27-Sep-17 01:56 PM

Posted on 09-27-17 3:57 PM     [Snapshot: 12483]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hera Nikki Bahini or didi bahinis,
Timi ajai young chau, Yesto event pahilo patak vayeko vayera timilai shock lagyo hola since you are only 20 or some. Tara timro lifestyle ra occupation le garda timile dherai nai Sushil jasta manchee vetchau. Yo experience lai life experience ko rup ma liyera agadi badhe huncha. Newyork tira train ma everyday yesto ghatana huncha hola. Sushil haru jasta manchee dherai hunchan, almost 50% male hunchan hola, I dont know for sure. Sushil le timlai jasto try garya pani first time haina hola. Na ta kunai keta le timlai jasto appraoch kunai keti lai first time garya ho. Yesto event haru just life lesson ho ( Both for sushil and You). Timilai victim vako lagyo hola, tara yesto approach normal nai ho as long as its not harrashment or abuse, now I dont want to you to take it wrong way but we live in a society where this happen more often than you think. Neither I am encouraging nor complaining. Events like this, you just ignore and move on, like dirt on your feet. Just ignore creepy people, learn and move on. Neither will they change nor should you.

We all have learned few life lessons too. Everyone is the not the same. We all have been betrayed, used, made feel bad, ignored and categorized or many other similar instances. You just learn and move on. If the guy did not abuse you or harrashed you directly, you will be fine. Just wait till you turn 21 and go to any concerts, bar or crowded place, I mean, literally you will run into this kind of incidents often. Just be more careful, watch your back, do not let the incident repeat again. Make good choices like you did. I wonder how many celebrities not only Nepali, have been through similar situations. Can you stop all this by a video, no but kudos to standing your grounds.

Just move on ignoring, you still have lot to learn about life. Goodluck !!

P.S. Excuse my Grammar, language and writing style.
Posted on 09-27-17 7:06 PM     [Snapshot: 12675]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो साझामा नानाथरी लेखन छाड्ने बोका लेखनदासहरु लाई पनि सु गर्नु होला निक्की जी | सुशील जस्ता सुशील मान्छेले त केवल फिजिकल्ली एप्रोच मात्रै गरे | यो साझा जस्तो पवित्र स्थलमा त jhan UJL जस्ता बोकाहरूले तपाईको तिघ्रा जुम गरीगरी भर्च्युयल मैथुन गर्न भ्याइसके |
Posted on 09-28-17 1:40 PM     [Snapshot: 13355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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NASeA Executive board unlawfully expelled Sushil Nepal from NASeA membership

Dear members of NASeA Community,
This decision of the executive board is invalid, and it does not apply to the elected officer. NASeA bylaws says that only the General Assembly has the authority to remove an elected officer, NOT THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. This is clearly mentioned in the article IV number 17.

According to the NASeA bylaws article IV number 17 "A Board Officer may be removed for other reasons by a two-thirds vote of the General Body meeting." Article V referencing general member, which was cited for forceful removal of Sushil Nepal. Article V does not apply to an elected official.

Sushil Nepal is an elected official of NASeA so only the general assembly has the authority to decide to remove him. Unless the General Assembly removes him, Sushil Nepal is still valid Executive Vice President of NASeA.

Yes, a general member can be removed by the executive committee by simple majority. This is mentioned in article V. But Sushil Nepal is also elected officer and the bylaws says such officers can only be removed by General assembly.

Majority of former presidents also sent a note to the President Madhav Dhakal ji clarifying the bylaws, but he never shared with the other board members.

The invalid motion to expel Sushil Nepal from his membership in NASeA executive board meeting was against the bylaws. This invalid motion was tabled, and VOTED without bringing in discussion among the board members regardless of protest.

Six members of the executive committee did not take part in this 'Vote' and protested against this invalid motion as it did not follow the Bylaws procedure. They are Krishna Devkota, Dr. Suman Silwal, Pammi Parajuli, Manish Shakya, Mohan Bista, Dr. Arun Shrestha, and Sushil Nepal himself. On the top that, Dr. Thakur Karki was not present in the meeting since he is in Nepal.

Therefore, accordingly to bylaws, Sushil Nepal is still valid elected executive vice-president of NASeA until and unless General Assembly removes him.

In September 3rd 2017 NASeA board was elected to serve the NASeA community with best of our abilities and took the oath to upheld the NASeA bylaws, but not to mutilate and disgrace it.

Thank you

Krishna Raj Devkota
Executive Member, NASeA

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