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 Nepal should denounce INDIAN HINDU CULTURE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!
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Posted on 08-19-17 9:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We should not have anything to do or have ties with India except business ties. Nepal has no fooking identity because they still follow this outdated curry smelling hindu culture. Women fooking wear sari and kurta which is indian. We need more slutty girls so that people can start having sex at the age of 14 or 15. People watch indian movies and listen to indian music which is extremely disgusting. Fook Indians! Fook India! Fook all you dumb nepalese people who follow Indian culture, you disgusting pigs! I personally want Nepal to be an Atheistic country! I want to see Nepal to have a very high education rate. Fook you stupid people wasting your time in these temples!!!!
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Posted on 08-19-17 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 11]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all, we need to chase Kamaal Thapar of the RPP out of Nepal into Varanasi which actually lies in Hindustan ( India ). That's where he belongs and is meant to be at.

I agree with everything in your write-up but this one:
"We need more slutty girls so that people can start having sex at the age of 14 or 15."
Probably you meant a negative version of it.

Posted on 08-19-17 11:00 AM     [Snapshot: 84]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Geet: I want people to start having sex early like westerners because sex is such a taboo in Nepal and as a result most men spend a lot of time jerking off in the closet and have no idea about dating or getting girls for a long time. When it comes to having sex as soon as you know what it is or girls who secretly like to dress like a prostitute, I support that so that people don't have to be so sexually desperate in their twenties. What we really need is freedom and living with parents for a long time is another problem that comes from that fooking Indian culture! Fuck India!
Posted on 08-20-17 4:49 AM     [Snapshot: 389]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was practising writing prompt for Reddit but it was rejected even by Pornhub's literature section.

I wanted to express that anyone who wants to make huge changes in a culture starts with writing, then promoting the idea, generating large enough followers who will accept and adapt those ideas. Cultural transformations are hard.
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Posted on 08-20-17 8:15 AM     [Snapshot: 462]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wow you are such a scholar with so much knowledge about books and such a work of words. It's like a king fu master playing with his sword or a painter like Picasso playing with his brush. It looks really good although I have no idea what the hell you are trying to say.
Posted on 08-20-17 8:17 AM     [Snapshot: 465]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paltalknepal, I'm a proud Nepali and a hindu who also love India . Got angry ? 😂 All you have is hatred and frustration. You are suffering with them yourself. Sex , in a civilized society should be kept private. Only animals fook around shamelessly. I'm not sure if you were born as a result of open and multiple sex. If so I'm sorry . Oops I mean congratulations (in your case)
Posted on 08-20-17 9:25 AM     [Snapshot: 505]     Reply [Subscribe]
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paltalknepal, I m with you brother. What u have written carries a deep meaning, which I can understand. These are the reasons why Nepal and Nepali males are so miserable.
Posted on 08-20-17 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 574]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@khaikhok - First of all, you make me sick because i can tell, you are a disgusting human being. Secondly, you are one of the many stupid madhesies who cannot see anything beyond Mahabharata and Ramayan. You sit there in the temple like an indian and feed cow milk to that dead statue like an idiot. I am confident that you have not even passed SLC or you are some old soul who beats the meat in the closet and may be secretly gay. You fooking India's cock sucker, get the hell out of my country. The truth is you are secretly an Indian even though you may claim you are a Nepali. Ask any true Nepali patriot what they think about India and their influence. You probably smell like goat shit curry. Go back to your country, India, you piece of $hit!
Posted on 08-20-17 11:13 AM     [Snapshot: 592]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol paltalknepal,
I'm a disgusting man, stupid madhesis, I sit on temple , I haven't passed slc, I may be gay etc etc. You don't have any logical point and your hatred is based on assumptions only. Secondly you have no right to tell anyone to get out of country. I don't know where you live or what nationality you are but I'm glad that I'm already out of your country.
Honestly, I feel so sorry for you! You hate Hindu culture but you are a worshiper of distortion. I am not gonna use harsh word like you did coz my hindu culture has taught me calmness and compassion . May be you had troubled upbringing. (Assumption though)

Posted on 08-20-17 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 623]     Reply [Subscribe]
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paltalknepal ji,
तपाई जस्तो कथित देशभक्त देखेर हास उठ्छ I बोलेर देशभक्त बनिदैन I
फोहोर सफा गर्नुस देश को
बत्ति नजाने पार्नुस
खाल्डो पुर्नुस
उत्पादन गर्नुस ( विर्य बिस्ठा मुत्र को होइन resource को )
धान फ़लाउनुस

चिन मा बनेको shirt लगाएर इंडिया को नून रोटि खाएर बनाएको तिघ्रा नेपाल को ग्रामिण गाउ मा पुर्याउनुस र हेर्नुस थुप्रै देशभक्त ले भरिएको आफ्नो देश कस्तो छ

तातो रगत घृणा इर्ष्या मा होइन देश बिकाश मा लाए देश भक्त बनिन्छ
परराष्ट्र लाई गालि गरेर देशभक्त बनिदैन
संसार को सबै भन्दा धेरै देशभक्त कहाँ छन् ? नेपाल मा !
देश कस्तो छ त ? बबाल !

जय हिन्दुत्व जय नेपाल
Posted on 08-21-17 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 874]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal can't survive without india and/or china.

Posted on 08-21-17 12:11 PM     [Snapshot: 892]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Paltalknepal.. You sound like a disturbed sex thriving individual who beats his own meat multiple times a day.. or have not yet been in a right group or yet lacking the ability to get laid !! Period..
Posted on 08-22-17 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 1062]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wow! You come across as a harmful individual who wants girls to have sex while underage. I suggest you recommend this to the immediate family members of yours who are female. 
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Last edited: 22-Aug-17 12:40 PM

Posted on 08-22-17 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1068]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 22-Aug-17 12:40 PM


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