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 Why Nepalese love Indian Idol than Nepal Idol?

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Posted on 07-21-17 7:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why do Nepalese love Indian Idol than Nepal Idol?


But we jealously hate Indians.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-21-17 7:17 AM     [Snapshot: 5]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fuk nepali and indian idol
i like chinese idol
Posted on 07-21-17 8:10 AM     [Snapshot: 53]     Reply [Subscribe]
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indian idol is much better than nepali idol which tries to copy exactly from them. the so called judges in nepali idol dont even know how to judge. everyone sings nice in nepali idol!!! wtf?. when i watched it last time i noticed something wasnt right but later all three judges said "dherai ramro cha malai man paryo"!!
non of the current contestant sings well. i wanted to watch it for entertainment but ended up getting irritated frustrated and disappointed.

Posted on 07-21-17 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 118]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@khaikhok. That's what I was saying. You showed it.
For me, Nepal Idol is much more entertaining.
Posted on 07-22-17 8:57 PM     [Snapshot: 387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali copy from India. India copy from US. Why don't Nepali copy from US direct?
Posted on 07-23-17 4:51 AM     [Snapshot: 478]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A lady was feeding birds, one passerby suggested that there are  people sleeping hungry specially in third world nations and you are throwing food to birds?
The lady said, yeah, that is right , but I can not throw that far. 

It's easy to copy Indian and we carry the same thinking and somehow we are similar in almost every aspect of life, it makes sense to copy Indian idol. 

If you watch with high expectations, you will end up getting irritation.
Last edited: 23-Jul-17 08:56 AM

Posted on 07-23-17 8:04 AM     [Snapshot: 528]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice analogy magorkhe
Posted on 07-23-17 9:26 AM     [Snapshot: 558]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's merely an entertainment show. This show do not respect true singing quality. When you put Ram Krishna Dhakal and Narayan Gopal on a competition where only one contestant could win, then one has to be eliminated and labeled as a f**king looser.
If you want to be a singer, do not go through these kind of reality TV show. This is a stupid show.
Posted on 07-23-17 9:51 AM     [Snapshot: 575]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I love Nepal Idol and don't care about Indian Idol. Reasons?
1.) India is not our country and we don't speak Indian language.
2.) Failure or success of their talents doesn't affect us and they do 0 contributions for Nepalese music industry
3.) Those who compare Indian Idol vs Nepal Idol keep on forgetting that just a couple of years back they tried to kill Nepalese by banning exports of goods when we were still suffering from an earthquake. I would never forget that and continue to care less for Indian Idol. We don't need an enemy when we have a neighbour like India.
4.) I just love Nepalese music (new+old).

Posted on 07-23-17 10:01 AM     [Snapshot: 586]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am totally in your side sajhamitra and so agree everything you said. I love watching nepal idol

Posted on 07-23-17 10:35 AM     [Snapshot: 610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you dumb asses dont need to bring up your false patriotism everywhere. we are talking about art and music and not about politics. nepal and india have been sharing culture in a form of music for centuries. india's top singers like lata, asha, sonu nigam, shaan have come to nepal and sang nepali song.
so stop spreading hatred. becoz of some fuked up politicians and their diplomacy we dont need to hate the entire nation who shares common values.
if so, stop praying ram and krishna..they were indian lol
and honestly, taking singing quality into consideration if i rate indian singing level 9/10 nepal's would be 2/10
dont believe me? go to a nepali wedding the groom and the bride would be dancing on indian song!
Posted on 07-23-17 4:47 PM     [Snapshot: 726]     Reply [Subscribe]
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khaikhok, We dumb asses want to ask you a serious question. If you are so bold to rate Nepalese music 2/10 vs 9/10 Indian music then why don't you go and become Indian citizen who almost killed your Nepalese brother/sister by banning basic necessities? You may call me racist but I would never forget what they did to us.
"go to a nepali wedding the groom and the bride would be dancing on an indian song!"
Yes, I agree and that is the exact reason why I would promote and want people to listen/sing more Nepalese music. Guys like you keep on demoting Nepalese music industry and that's the exact reason why we are hearing Indian songs in weddings. I want my next generation to sing more Nepalese music than any other music.

Music may not have any border but Music also represents a country and is one of the fundamental identity of a country which ties to their language, culture and people. Otherwise, all the people in this world would be speaking the same language, singing the same song and look exactly same.
Posted on 07-23-17 6:08 PM     [Snapshot: 756]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It may be because most of the Indian songs are copied. Compare following two songs.

Last edited: 23-Jul-17 06:10 PM

Posted on 07-24-17 5:15 AM     [Snapshot: 858]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sajhamitra, if i like indian music better means i have to become an indian? wow that is some logic. i like american idol too. also british got talent and america got talent. so do i have to apply for british and american citizenship before liking their freaking talent show?

i am also aware of what indian government did after the earthquake. that has nothing to do with the general people of india. for instance, hundreds of people from punjab, gujrat and other parts came to nepal with lot of food and stuff and helped us for no reward whatsoever.

anyways, i am a proud nepali but that doesnt mean nepal ko hagne paadhne sabai kura man paraunuparcha
Posted on 07-25-17 6:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1013]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why everything needs to be rated & debated? It's an entertaining show. I enjoy both of them. Now, when it comes to singing talents and quality of the show and judges and all - of course India is a bigger country with huge population and market. Choosing a talent out of 30 million vs 1.35 billion matters, and of course if the market is that big, you can spend a lot more than what a Nepalese show can offer.
Having said that, for me - when Indian idol was there, I enjoyed. When nepalese idol came, it felt awesome because it in on my own langauge and felt like my own. I could listen some old classis Nepali songs, little bit drama n all. in fact, really happy and appreciative to the overall effort and attention it is getting.
Posted on 07-25-17 8:42 AM     [Snapshot: 1051]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali Idol has now been a regional or caste based system, when it boiled down to voting.....

Ramro lai bhanda Hamro lai jitaauna lagipareka chhan but its all about money....There are couple very good singers left on TOP 9 but I am sure this regional thing and caste based priorities would eliminate those good candidates soon.

Who do you guys think should be the first Nepal Idol? Again, please do not go with regional, caste etc etc...just go perfectly with singing..
Posted on 09-01-17 12:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1458]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We don't think Nepalese people love Indian Idol loves then Nepal Idol.

: http://www.merokalam.com/nepal-idol-app-download/
Posted on 09-01-17 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1528]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's individual choice what they want to watch. Honestly, Indian is no foreign to us.We grew up watching Indian movies , listening to their songs , eating their food and praying to the Indian gods.Take a swipe and test your dna , y ou will be surprised where it will root too.
Posted on 09-01-17 4:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1543]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal ko neta le janta thage, aba reality show le Pani janta Lai nai thagchan.janta kasta bheda jasta ....thag neta Kai party ko jhanda bokdai kudchan , next week Pani 35 lakh vote garchan ....thaga yi nimukha, sojha bheda janta Lai thaga . 3 wota waiyaat judge le "power" dekhaune kram ma karodau Paisa ko chalkhel bhayo . Bheda mora haru Nepal idol ki indiN idol jhagada gardai baschan .
Posted on 09-02-17 8:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1743]     Reply [Subscribe]
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from the earlist rounds of public voting, nepal idol became a centre of communal voting and lobbying . there are e-news papers and YT channels working for different participants and people are spreading hateful and biased comments and news against other contestants.
thats why the judges have stopped saying anything critical. if they say something to X, people from X's community will say yoare jatibadi and why didnt u ssay anything for Y:
thats why the judges are basically sticking to different versions of 'you sang well, alll the best'
Last edited: 02-Sep-17 08:08 PM

Posted on 09-03-17 6:42 AM     [Snapshot: 1814]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know why ppl watch Indian idol, may be they are addicted to Indian programs.
When you are addicted to something you can not accept other similar sounding things and become aggressive towards it.

I have not watched Indian Idol ( I don't find any reason to do so) Nepali idol is good for me. Any way without even watching Indian idol I can say those are not originals too ( it is a common sense, because India and Indians have never been a creator of the idea, rather they are just user of the Idea).

Regarding the idol fashion, Wikipedia says

"Indian Idol is the Indian version of the Pop Idol format. It started airing in India with the first season in 2004–2005 and was followed by second (2005–2006), third (2007) and fourth (2008–2009) seasons.

And regarding the Pop idol format Wikipedia says

Pop Idol is a British television music competition created by Simon Fuller which ran on ITV from 2001 to 2003. The aim of the show was to decide the best new young pop singer (or "pop idol") in the UK based on viewer voting and participation. Two series were broadcast—one in 2001–2002 and a second in 2003. Pop Idol was subsequently put on an indefinite hiatus after series judge Simon Cowell announced the launch of The X Factor in the UK in April 2004.[1]

The show has become an international TV franchise since, spawning multiple Idol series worldwide. In the mean time a legal dispute arose with the makers of Popstars, which eventually led to the word "pop" being excluded from the titles of all the spin-offs, such as American Idol, Australian Idol, Arab Idol, Indonesian Idol, Indian Idol, New Zealand Idol, Latin American Idol, Idol (Norway), Idol (Poland), Idol (Sweden), Idols (South Africa), Pakistan Idol and Ídolos (Portugal).

When something is a international franchise, they will be very similar. McDonald chicken burger taste same everywhere in the world, because they use same recipe.

But for ppl who are addicted, they don't care, they always insists, their addiction is best.


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