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 Husband Out of Contact
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Posted on 10-16-16 10:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Guys,
Soon we got married, my husband went to USA for his PhD. For few months we were in contact in good terms and then suddenly he asked me for divorce. It was a shock to me and could not believe it. I even did not know why he was asking me for divorce and I rejected it outright. After that he is totally out of contact. He blocked me in his facebook account and also in other social media. Is there some thing i can do? I just want justice. Please suggest me.

Posted on 10-16-16 12:03 PM     [Snapshot: 155]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's not hard in USA to find a person n put him under law what's his name n when he studied
Posted on 10-16-16 1:19 PM     [Snapshot: 280]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It looked quite good on the wedding invitation card while boasting that the groom was pursuing a PhD at a US university, didn't it? Sorry about your pain. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.
Posted on 10-16-16 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 759]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What sort of justice u r looking for? it's sad that u have to go thru this, but if he is up for divorce, u can't force him to stay with u...
Last edited: 16-Oct-16 08:58 PM

Posted on 10-16-16 9:14 PM     [Snapshot: 782]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not forcing him to live with me but without any reason he cannt ask for divorce. If he has any problem with me, he should make it to clear....... its not a solution to be out of contact
Posted on 10-16-16 11:14 PM     [Snapshot: 945]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First sajhaa maa yeti dherai fake account ra tai na tui ko question aauna thale ki yesto thread padhera haasna man maatra laagcha.
Second even if its a genuine question only option you have is let him go. I know thats kinda hurt but there is no other way. You can't live your whole life waiting for him to change.
Posted on 10-17-16 2:27 AM     [Snapshot: 1014]     Reply [Subscribe]
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केही समय अगाडी थ्यो नि एउटा येस्तै कथा वाला पोस्त। केटो अमेरिकबाट नेपाल आयेर बिहे गरेर फेर्क्यो, अनि तेस्को मुजि घैटोमा घाम लाग्यो कि I don't love her/ I love my ex, I can't let go off her, she also wants me now, I want to divorce my new wife, family forced me this marriage, I don't talk to her anymore. k garu?
के हो? एकै थरीको कथा छ त। पात्र मात्र फरक देख्छु। दुबै बुढाबुढी नै त हैनन् सल्लाह माग्न साझा छिरेका?
कि कुनै एउटा काम नपा तोर्पे मुजि बेलाबेलां कथा बुन्दै पात्र फेर्दै साझां ट्याम पास गर्न आको हो।

Posted on 10-17-16 5:29 AM     [Snapshot: 1097]     Reply [Subscribe]
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While it's bad that he did that to u, but in this world, specially in US, one can divorce the next hour or the next day after marriage for any reason. May be he was forced to arrange marriage by his family, or his mind changed after he came to US. At this point there's nothing u can do other than divorcing him n moving on.
Posted on 10-17-16 5:48 AM     [Snapshot: 1114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To be honest , he doesn't need reason for divorce, if he wants he can get it. That's the part of being in US, people love it. It not like they want to get divorce but the freedom of choice it gives to people as right.

So if he doesn't like being with u, he can ask for divorce , and same is true with u. There is no injustice done to you. Marriage is mutual and trust. If one doesn't like it, he can get out it. May be its mistake in your part to get into marriage with out knowing him completely. So you don't have choice other then let him go and live with it. Learn from mistake and do better job next time.
Posted on 10-17-16 7:22 AM     [Snapshot: 1211]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sajha has paid posters...just to keep the site busy..??
Posted on 10-17-16 7:43 AM     [Snapshot: 1253]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why is everyone thinking this is fake post? What if the person is really suffering? My advice for her is to get a divorce and move on because its not worth the headache. I have heard some cases like this before. Guys get married for honeymoon in Nepal then disappear.
Posted on 10-18-16 7:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1696]     Reply [Subscribe]
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With my previous comment, I did not really mean to "rub it in", you know. The originator's issue may not be fake as I do not see any ulterior motive here.

But this story can just be a valuable lesson to be learned about not rushing into something as serious as a marriage. If there are no vital ingredients for sustenance such as friendship, trust, respect, physical-attraction, and promise of a viable future together, it could be doomed right from the start. Advice from trust-worthy elders, friends, and parents should be welcomed but a resolute decision should be your own. Resources such as the Internet, books, advice should be leveraged as much as possible while treading into such a path. In this grim case, the newly married couple hardly seem to have known each other long enough with little or no mutual social circles.

In the mean-time, I hope the victim finds a satisfactory closure to her ordeal.

Last edited: 18-Oct-16 08:04 PM

Posted on 10-19-16 5:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1956]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your situation is really sad. No doubt about it!! Sadly this type of situation is not uncommon. I find the whole concept of arranged marriage quite ludicrous and absurd. You select one girl/guy out of a bunch of choices, based on somebody else's characterization of that person and a few pics you are given? How backward is this system?

Besides our culture, the coward you got married to is to blame too. But I don't know what sort of justice you are talking about. Perhaps the best thing for you to do is divorce him and move on. There are plenty of good guys out there who will look beyond the fact that you were wrongfully married once. And next time don't marry a stranger?
Posted on 10-19-16 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 2202]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sathi haru, yo post fake ho ni real ho bhanne kura important chaina, yo condition ma dherai didi bahini huna saknnu huncha , yaha bata j sallah sujab milcha, tesle dherai lai sahayog garne cha.

Baini, timro condition ma mentally strong huna ekdam aawashak cha. 1)Kasari hune mentally strong ?Share your problem with your siblings and family (don't share with friends or relatives). I am sure their love and support for you will give you confident. If you are a religious person then refuge in your religious teaching, every religion is worth a name.If there are counseling center, go and talk to counselor, their view will give you confident and it is a good way to let your emotion and thought out to third person without being judge.
2)Learn to Love yourself first : I think this is the most important behavior that everyone should develop. Love yourself mean learn to find your happiness in self, discover what makes you happy,put your goal and emotion as top priority in life. Don't let anyone be in-charge of your happiness except you.
3)Accept the fact : If someone wants to go away from your life, there is nothing you can do. Also accept the fact that if he does not want to give you reason why, there is nothing you can do either.
4) Heal yourself :surround yourself with positive people and environment. Read books,prey, meditate,yoga or exercise.Talk to someone who does not judge you and will listen to you.
5) Live laugh love : live every moment with joy, laugh everyday and love yourself and other beyond words.

This is my suggestion to you sister. We are with you, you are not alone.
Posted on 10-19-16 10:23 PM     [Snapshot: 2423]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks guys,
For ur help and valuable suggestion. Mero motive yahi ho jo ma sanga bhayo bholi same thing aru sanga na hos. Specially in case of arrange marriage.
Posted on 10-19-16 10:26 PM     [Snapshot: 2427]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you so much
hajurharu hununxa jasto hununxa ra po yetiko face garna sakeko xu. Other wise u know the condition of women in Nepal, specially in bramhin society.

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