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 Are my savings on track ?

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Posted on 09-09-16 11:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Folks,
Just wanted to know what kind of savings you guys have. Just wanted to know how i am doing compared to other folks.

been working in US for 5 years, i don't have any personal property in Nepal. I mean we have a family house but i am not counting that as my personal property. About $30K in 401K  and $50K in savings account. So roughly about $80K total but no property. Still renting. Am i on a good track ? Got married recently so had to spent a good chunk of savings otherwise had close to $100k.

Would be nice if you guys don't mind sharing how you guys have been saving. Maybe i can learn something better.

Thanks !
Last edited: 09-Sep-16 11:32 AM

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-10-16 9:25 AM     [Snapshot: 1036]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gas station ma ni kasari kamaaucha k jhyaap Na jaane samma?? Ghanta ko $10 diyera 60 hrs per week Gare pachi ni cash ma baarsik kamai ta $31200. Tesma ni kanjus nai garera $500 maasik khaana laauna ma puraaye ni Barsha ko $25000 baccha. 2 Barsha ma 65k savings??? Surajji haami lai ni idea dinu paryo dollar chaapne ko laagi
Posted on 09-10-16 10:37 AM     [Snapshot: 1109]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Been in the US for 7 years. Spent 5 years in school. Got a professional job and have been working since 2 years. Salary plus bonus makes 6 figure. Have 65 K in saving and 19K in 401K. No significant debt. Rent. Still, drive my 2010 Toyota Corolla (paid off). I do not compromise in food and clothes: buy fruits and vegs, all organic, and branded clothes. Eat at home mainly [and I am a decent cook :)] but eat out time to time.

Posted on 09-10-16 11:04 AM     [Snapshot: 1152]     Reply [Subscribe]
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100k plus salary with 2 years work experience???? IT???
Posted on 09-10-16 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 1155]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have been working since last 3 years. Salary 152k and benefits. Saving account 121k. no debt. Life is smooth. I drive honda civic 2008.
लौ जा मेरो पालो !
Last edited: 10-Sep-16 06:47 PM

Posted on 09-11-16 7:14 AM     [Snapshot: 1422]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bihari baabu, IC ki NC ? Any paisa chai kaha lukako ? Kattu ma ?
Posted on 09-11-16 2:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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डलर हो बहादुर vaai !
Posted on 09-11-16 2:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1558]     Reply [Subscribe]
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NepaliSaila bro, ke 150K ($$) kamauna impossible jasto lagcha ki kaso?? Aajkaal dhoti ko bata training liyera kaam garne (afule afulai IT ka guru) bhanne haru le ta kamauchan !!! Testai ustai pare QA le ta 150K khanchu bhanchan (tara malai yesma chahi biswas chaina).
Posted on 09-11-16 3:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1606]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाम्रो अफिसां पनि एउटी दक्षिन तिर की मौसि पनि उस्तै training लिएर आको रे . ५ ६ वर्ष भो रेकाम गरेको QA मा. आफु लाइ Test Engineer भनेर परिचय दिन्छे. तनखा कतिछ भनेरसोधेको त , 148k भन्छे बा ? म जिल्लै .
Posted on 09-12-16 4:38 AM     [Snapshot: 1812]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you done quite well... consider that average american doesnt even have $10,000 in bank..
Posted on 09-12-16 8:37 AM     [Snapshot: 1952]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो उखान सुनेका छौ साथि हो " राडलाइ ढुङ्ग्रिमा कनिका होउञ्जेल निन्द्रा लाग्दैन" यी मुला अमेरिकन पनि तेस्तै हुन् | खातामा पैसा हुन्जेल दशैँ आए जस्तो हुन्छ | एक साता पछि " Can I borrow a dollar" भन्न पछि पर्दैनन् १०० डलर त देख्या हुँदैनन् का को २० हजार को कुरा गर्छौ ?

नुन थुक गरेर चै न जोगाओ है ? चाडक्यको अन्तिम अन्स " यावत जीबेत सुखम जिबेत भस्मी भुतस्य पुनारागमो कुत "
Last edited: 12-Sep-16 08:38 AM

Posted on 09-12-16 10:14 AM     [Snapshot: 2040]     Reply [Subscribe]
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IT ma 150k? Is it real? i have heard 100k ko job pauna dherai garo interview huncha re. Training le matrai sakincha ta? Aafu lai ta interview vane pachi darr lagera IT ko training pani lina hummat aako chaina. Buda budi ko milayera 5000$ kamaincha. Tesma 2000$ save gaincha monthly.

150k khane haru kaha kaam garnu huncha kasari job land garnu vayo?
Posted on 09-12-16 10:50 AM     [Snapshot: 2090]     Reply [Subscribe]
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150 K is possible in DC area. DC is very expensive place. Mortgage cost at least 450K for town house. Single family house cost at least 600K. Now you do the math.
To get job for 150K, you need to have more than 10 years of experience. You need to be a US citizen. You have to have minimum Secret Clearance of DOD. Top Secret pays more.

Posted on 09-12-16 12:53 PM     [Snapshot: 2182]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MM: How to get Clearance and does it  cost?
Last edited: 12-Sep-16 01:02 PM

Posted on 09-12-16 1:16 PM     [Snapshot: 2194]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo post harera ma lai pani comment garna maan lago. Maile sabai khale manche dhakheko chu. Kasailai khana ma kum kharcha garchan, kasaile launa ma, kasaile ghumnama, kasaile gadi ma, kasaile ghar ma. At the end mero observation chai, manche le kunai euta bastu ma paisa kharcha garchan. That's all on the interest of human being.
I believe some thing investing in home is safe, some on land on Nepal, some on dhatu( gold, silver, diamonds), tara sabai le paisa kharcha garchan. khoi khoi chai paisa bank ma rakhera khusi hunchan, khoi invest garera.
At the end, sabaile katai na katai paisa kharchan garchan. Sathi bhai haru saving bhayera matra chinta na leu. Afno paristhiti ra samaya ko khel ho sabai. I met someone who said save before marriage because it hard after marriage. Some says I will save after marriage (single huda daru khana bar jana ghumna mai paisa sakincha). Its all on perspective.
Save garnu bhanda halka diversify garera save gareko ramro. Tesh ma aafu lai jaha comfortable huncha thahi. If you want to invest on land, go ahead or house go ahead. Its all taking risk.
Ma chai car loan, 10k credit loan, aaba bihe garnu cha arko loan. LOL. Been in US for 10plus years. Be happy with what you have is most essential :)
Posted on 09-12-16 1:22 PM     [Snapshot: 2209]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Company sponsors Secret Clearance just like H1B. This clearance is only for US Citizens for working in classified projects under DOD. You need to have clean records on your all activities including your foreign relationship. You need to surrender foreign passport during the process of Clearance. Clearance level goes in various levels such as:
Secret Clearance, Top Secret, SCI, Poly and so on...

I do have Active Secret Clearance. By the way, my group is looking for a US citizen. Are you looking for one in software development?

Posted on 09-12-16 2:31 PM     [Snapshot: 2307]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No: In accounting.
Posted on 09-12-16 7:01 PM     [Snapshot: 2411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Magorkhe bro, lekhapali ma not much difference with clearance jasto laagcha. I might be totally wrong and would love to know it if that's the case.
Posted on 09-15-16 9:41 AM     [Snapshot: 2765]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Saw this video this morning. Made me realize I was spending money on things like few cups of coffee, eating out almost every meal almost everyday.

Posted on 09-16-16 2:31 PM     [Snapshot: 2962]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hi micki mouse bro,

i'm a US citizen and working in IT. what type of people you are looking for in your group?

Posted on 09-16-16 3:18 PM     [Snapshot: 3005]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I strongly suggest people to invest instead of putting money in savings account. 10/15K in saving as a rainy day fund is good enough but rest should go in compounding interest investing for passive or retirement fund such as ETFs and/or mutual funds. Vanguard is one of the easiest and trustworthy investment firm with annual return of 7-10% in ETFs/mutual funds and only needs 10K to open up!

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