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 Interesting Khukuri Facts
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Posted on 07-22-16 11:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not sure if I have heard all of these but they sure sound interesting.... check it out


Posted on 07-23-16 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 206]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So far Eastern part of Nepal produces the best khukuri and Bhojpure is number 1.
Who and were the khukuri made the slope and the thickness from the blade to the top part should be in a particular ratio and the degree of slope.
You see the M or W next to the Bid , it will stop the liquid flowing to the grip , that is why Gorkha force able to chop Argentine Solders' head at night ( their hands were not wet by blood)
The other off duty  Gorkhali  peeled the skin of 10-11 peoples  ( that was the news in sajha long time ago)  when they were abusing a lady and she cried bhaiya mujhe bachalo.

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Posted on 07-23-16 9:54 AM     [Snapshot: 216]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes I agree with most of the things you said but M or W above the handle is not for stopping the flow of liquid.... it is actually unknown why it is made...
Posted on 07-26-16 7:25 AM     [Snapshot: 429]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo kun ramesh thapa bhanne le jpt kura lai facts bhanera lekh diyo and we start believing him.i am trying to debunk his points:
even before fact 1, he claims thats the brits allowed the gurkhas to carry kukris, which is false .it was carried as hand-to hand combat weapon since at least 500 yrs(drabya shahs kukri is still there).
1.not every household in nepal has a kukri. at least not the houses in terai and himal (if the writer even considers them nepali)
2.kukris used in nepal and outside are same except for th handle. and nepali maar hanne kukris are even bigger .historically too kukris were bigger than today.
3.kukri is/was a primarily combat weapon despite claims of being multi purpose. it has been improvised well to do household works and is really good but the real house hold weapons are aanchi,bancharo,khurpa,chulesi etc. its only an urban legend that nepalis do all there houselhold chores with kukris. yes ,there maybe some,but not the vast majority.
4.fairly true.
5.not true. the maar hannd kukris are worshipped and all but u dont have to spill blood everytime u unsheath it.
7.nepalis dont consider kukris more powerful than guns. nepalis have known guns for at least 300 odd years.
8.true but its the braindead nepalis that make it dangerous,not the weapon itself.
9.the maar hanne kukri is not a slender one .it is pretty bulky with a broad fuller and is heavy too. sirupates are long and slender ones which are mainly for combat.
10.true, and it tastes good too
@ magorkhe, no the kukris of western nepal are considered the best since the kamis are mainly from western nepal.
its not m or w ,its called kauda and some believe its a symbol of shakti(yoni).it doesnt stop blood flowing over to your hada(it plays no role in it).no one knows the real reason of its existence.and no, no gurkha chopped an argentenian in falkland. in fact the gurkhas didnt even fight in falklands.
there was one indian gurkha(gorkha) who killed 4 robbers with kukri but he didnt peel off their skins. please dont beleive in such BS
and i am amazed that so many nepalis know shit abt kukhuri and still post articles on net.thats part of our hritage guys, at least know some basics.
Posted on 07-26-16 7:44 AM     [Snapshot: 441]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-26-16 8:32 AM     [Snapshot: 469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ chipre, to be deployed, to have fought and to have decapitated someone is not the same. they were deployed but the war ended before the reached the battleground and they never took part in the actual fight
Posted on 07-26-16 9:19 AM     [Snapshot: 489]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@shiva_linga .... in general i think the facts are true

1. There is at least one Khukri in almost every household in Nepal even today. This is true. Even in kathmandu a lot of people keep a khukuri.

2. The Khukris that people normally own in Nepal are smaller than the ones sold in the international market. I think there is a fascination for zombie killers and fearsome looking objects with people in the west. This is also fairly true. The exported khukuris are mostly a little bigger.

3. Although versatile, a household normally has more than one Khukri for various purposes. For example, a bigger one is used for sacrificial purposes. And a rather small and slender one for peeling and handicraft works. These days though, families only in the villages or suburbs have multiple knives. Like knives a combat weapon can be a household weapon.

4. About 50 years back, every other man carried a Khukri on the waist. Normally a long white/cream cloth was used as a belt. People also used army issued belts (or copies) for this purpose. We agree on this.

5. There is a saying that the one you use for sacrificial purposes should not be unsheathed unless required. Because once it is out, it is said it looks for blood. These are normally stored in the room where you worship or hung or hidden away in a corner. This is a SAYING. And I have heard this many times. So again true.

6. Khukris have always been made by a specific caste called Kami. It translates to ‘iron worker’. They are considered lower caste and are discriminated against even to this day. Let us hope the Khukri boom teaches others a lesson. We agree on this.

7. About 20 years back there used to be a wooden revolver Khukri that was popular as a decorative item in Nepal. When you pull the trigger the front of the gun would pop out revealing the little Khukri inside. Another indirect message, I guess, that proves the Nepalese consider a Khukri more powerful than a gun. This is not a scientific contest. This is the emotion of a Nepali. So again true.

8. Despite being a household utility item, a Khukri is considered a dangerous weapon in Nepal. This is because it shows itself in escalated bar fights, petty crimes and many criminal activities. True.

9. A long slender Khukri is used to behead a 500 pound water buffalo clean in religious ceremonies. You only get one go at this, otherwise the year ahead would be less than favourable for you. You are right in this case. Different places have their own khukuris.

10. There is a rum which is very popular outside the country and it comes in a bottle that is shaped like a Khukri. Love it.
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Last edited: 26-Jul-16 09:41 AM

Posted on 07-26-16 9:49 AM     [Snapshot: 511]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not sure about the religious significance of the kauda in the khukuri but the one of the practical aspect of kauda provides sort of a hard toothed edge in the blade so that it wont get stuck in the objects which you are trying to cut or chop.
We come from Kshatriya background in Western Nepal and my grandparents have saved bunch of khukuris, khoda, bhala, tarbar and even bows-arrows from our ancestors. It seems like all the khukuries (bigger or smaller), khoda, tarbar have the notch/kauda in them.
Posted on 07-26-16 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 585]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I found this on online regarding Gurkhas: Someone mentioned that they took out the khukuri to cut the shoe laces to tie them were terrified.

"The second phase of the assault followed on June 14 with the Gurkhas taking Mount William and 2 Para attacking Wireless Ridge backed up by heavy shelling from their own artillery and naval guns. They lost only three men and found more than 100 Argentinian bodies" May be khukuri was used?

Their family name is mostly Biswakarma.  Kami is like saying baaje to Brahmin.
Last edited: 26-Jul-16 11:40 AM

Posted on 07-26-16 8:06 PM     [Snapshot: 672]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ruben,the way u talk about kauda makes me think u ve never held a khukuri let alone use it lol.
i dont know what sort of kshatriyas are there in west nepal(maybe u mean thakur,singh,ray etc), but i can assure u that khuda and tulwar dont have the kauda .could be that your family is a really special kshatriya family .
@magorkhe, i tried to find out the details too ,and seems the para 1 and 2 along with the british marines were the offensive forces whereas gurkhas were kept in garrison duty ie, to hold places already won/invaded. thats why only a single gurkha was killed and that also not in direct combat but due to artillary shell.there are stories of brits making propaganda leaflets about cannibal gurkhas decapitating and eating their enemies but that was just to scare them.
' Despite being ferocious fighters, Gurkhas fought as a support force and had little participation in the war compared to other regiments such as PARA 1 & 2'

Posted on 07-27-16 11:30 AM     [Snapshot: 745]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People in sajha trying to produce their own garbled facts and make up stories from history as if they have lived through it. If you go out on google and say you tried "find out the details", at least mention your sources.
@shiva_linga: I am 100% confident that I have used khukuri more than you do. If you have every used it you would have known the practical aspect of khukuri. No 10 above. kauda associated with shakti/yoni wtf.. copy straight from wiki.
You can call us special kshatriya from Western Nepal who protected your f @#$$ and borders of greater Nepal. The fact that we still have and preserved our old khukuri, tarbar, bows & arrows clearly suggests that my ancestors fought in battles. This is as kshatriya as it gets.
@shiva_linga tried to make a wild suggestions at my caste by saying "sort of kshatriyas are there in west nepal(maybe u mean thakur,singh,ray etc)". thakur, singh & ray are mostly of Indian origin (however there are few who been living in Nepal for years). You must be one of those who skipped the social studies class in you school; are you aware of baise rajya, chaubise rajya and sort of people living in these areas.
That was all about me, lets talk about you @shiva_linga. I am no expert on this but the way way you write, says that you must know a lot of theory, maybe you do lot of reading and make stories out of thin air without any credible sources like a pundit baje. Baje specially from Jhapa who would go beat struggling refugees in nearby camp to prove how much of Nepali you are.
All I am saying is be respectful. I tried to help out in the discussion with the comment relevant to the topic. I don't need low life like you try to abuse and bully people online.
Last edited: 28-Jul-16 06:50 AM

Posted on 07-27-16 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 748]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My $0.02 on Khukuris (not being an AJASU).

1. There are two versions of khukuris. First is Sirupate, a slender one, popular in eastern part of nepal. Best are crafted in Bhojpur by Kaamis (no offense intended). The other is "Banspate" (bamboo leaf-like), little heavier and broader. Popular in western hills, suitable for chopping off.

2. Khukuri belonged to Khas people, later it became popular amongst all the ethnicities. Some historians believe Khukuri is the improvised version of Greek Kopis, which Khas brought from Bactria to Indian sub-continent.
Posted on 07-28-16 7:11 AM     [Snapshot: 865]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ruben, the very fact that u repeat the word kshatriya makes me think u r talking BS.
there are only 2 kinds of warrior castes of hindu fold in nepal- the khas and the kshatriya. the kshatriyas arethe rajputs of terai and they call themselves so. the other ones are the khas people who after jung bahadurs india visit were told to take the title of chettri(nepalised version of kshatriya).so kshatriyas are only the surnames like singh,thakur etc.
if u are from western hills u must be a khas who call themselves chettri nowadays.
u ound like a really extra ordinary breed of kshatriya,could u please post some photos of your tulwars,khudas and spears with the knotch like that of a kukri. i would love to see that :)
also if u are from west of bheri, i m pretty sure u are not so familiar with kukri. people west of bheri dont use mmuch kukri culturally. its the people of gandaki region who used ,spread and took kukri into other parts. kirats were archers and they used straight swords instead of kuris initially. thats why they have a different name for it.
which khas are u ? you may not know it but u are a khas and not a kshatriya. kshatriyas are indian warrior classes of the low lands.
`its not m or w ,its called kauda and some believe its a symbol of shakti(yoni).it doesnt stop blood flowing over to your hand(it plays no role in it).no one knows the real reason of its existence'-read the full sentence.i dont care whether it is in wiki or anywhere else. kauda is conidered by hindu priests as symbol of kali(and it looks like yoni) and a red mark it put on it by priests during kot puja in dashain.some compare it with cow-hoof and the gurungs call it cho instead of kauda.
i dont think kukri belongs to khas people. just go westwards from bheri river in baise region and people have swords at homes,have dances with swords(saraye,bhuwo) but they dont have that much kukris as in gandaki region where it is omnipresent.
and i also don believe it was inspired from kopis, thats one post-colonial thought that every new,efficient and handy thing must be somewhat thought,made or inspired from the west.
if it was from the west why dont persians, pathans, punjabis and indian khas people used kukris? it must have come through this way for sure.

Posted on 07-28-16 7:27 AM     [Snapshot: 868]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-28-16 1:35 PM     [Snapshot: 949]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shiva_Linga brother

Kaamis are the fabricator of khukuri. They are integral part of khas ethnicity.

About being improvised version of Greek Kopis, it's said by few historian (Damn! I could not find the link). You might be right there. They say, Khas came with Alexander's army from Bactria to ISC. But for me it does not click much, if that was true khas came to ISC only circa 300 BC. I still have not fond any satisfying hypothesis about origin of khas.
Posted on 07-29-16 5:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1060]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ruben, seems the kshatriya has nothing more to say. i was eagerly waiting for his answers
@nalapani, bro khas are non-vedic aryans mentioned in mahabharat. so they came pre-alexander in this region.also the people of central asia(though most are mongoloid mixed) show striking similarities in color,physical built and facial features.

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