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 Vote for Hillary for President not Bernie 2016

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Posted on 01-27-16 12:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who's your next president 2016?
pollcode.com free polls

We've known Hillary for long time, her charity works towards numerous other humanitarian issues etc.
1. She gave and delivered a kickass commencement speech at Wellesley College in 1969.
2. She was one of 27 women who graduated from Yale Law School in 1973, out of a class of 235.
3. She was the only woman on the Nixon impeachment investigation team.
4. She cofounded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families advocacy group.
5. She broke the mold for first ladies with her speech at the 1995 United Nations Women's Conference in China.
6. She won a Grammy for the audio edition of her book, It Takes a Village.
7. She worked with Ted Kennedy to expand the Children's Health Insurance Program.
8. She won the most votes of any female presidential candidate in history.
9. She set the stage for Obamacare by pushing health care reform in the '90s and during the 2008 campaign.
10. She became the most-traveled U.S. secretary of state ever.
11. She set into motion the first American talks with Iran since the 1979 revolution.

Now who is Bernie Sanders, I don't know, I really don't know and to me he popped up suddenly out of nowhere. If you are partaking in a match, there has to be someone to compete with. I believe any contenders to Hillary are just those out there just for the sake of it(match aka debate). And for someone like me when I saw him suddenly on TV saying that he's getting donation for his campaign not from billionaires but public. People paid standing ovation with round of applause, so? so what's the point? Does that make him saint? But to lot of people that made sense and now he's everyone's' talk of the night. Yes, there are things that make lot of sense to people. The same people who would believe they're getting free Ipad on some fake facebook page of real publication, the same people who follow Trump the maniac, the same fans who would like/share tweets of their drughigh fav singer who claims earth is flat, the same people who resend/retext/reshare religious messages out of fear(do this or curse would happen type), the same people who argues Ron Paul's gold theory must come back in action, the same people who believe and sell all their belongings in the name of judgment day only to turn into homeless next day, seriously I sometimes think how gullible we are to think whatever we hear and see are the truths. Bernie Sanders is another hype to me. Few videos on youtube found me the guy was a big time critique of democratic party itself, and didn't spare Obama policy from criticizing. I am afraid of sweet talkers and often time they're the back stabbers.

In all honesty, I really can't trust this Bernie dude and it seems like how honestly he's saying his things, Hillary is the way to go. Campaigns can't be run without money, however way you get it, you need money. He'll be in billionaire's pocket too if he's to get presidency. Those who think he's not going to be, are just type of people I mentioned in a paragraph above this.

If you are OBAMA supporters, VOTE for Hillary, if you are not VOTE for bernie.

Good Luck.

I'm seeing Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States of America.
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Last edited: 27-Jan-16 03:33 PM

The postings in this thread span 33 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-23-16 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 21033]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bernie wants to shrink prisoners' numbers in prison.
Outcome would be like this :

Convicted murderer set free early for good behavior killed again months after his release

Posted on 04-23-16 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 20946]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Now I am feeling the Bern.
Last edited: 23-Apr-16 07:44 PM

Posted on 04-23-16 7:54 PM     [Snapshot: 21185]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol BT,

President Franklin D Roosevelt had almost pitch perfect answer to that parody video in his address at Madison Square Garden, New York City (October 31, 1936)

"We have not come this far without a struggle and I assure you we cannot go further without a struggle.

For twelve years this Nation was afflicted with hear-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing Government. The Nation looked to Government but the Government looked away. Nine mocking years with the golden calf and three long years of the scourge! Nine crazy years at the ticker and three long years in the breadlines ! Nine mad years of mirage and three long years of despair! Powerful influences strive today to restore that kind of government with its doctrine that that Government is best which is most indifferent.

For nearly four years you have had an Administration which instead of twirling its thumbs has rolled up its sleeves. We will keep our sleeves rolled up.

We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred."

Last edited: 23-Apr-16 08:00 PM

Posted on 04-23-16 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 21195]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bernie is no FDR.
Bernie is no Obama.
Bernie is no Pope.
He's an inexperienced sensationalist derogatory vile ingrate socialist democrat.

Vote for Hillary.

Posted on 04-23-16 8:20 PM     [Snapshot: 21210]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"I'm not a crook"


Posted on 04-24-16 11:41 AM     [Snapshot: 21566]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, Bernie is going to tax 1% as much as high he can. He has to cover his free shit after all.
But look what comes along with it. You are done if Bernie gets elected. I'd be honest here, TRUMP would do better than BERNIE SANDERS,

Posted on 04-24-16 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 21567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bernie Sanders is a Hypocrite. WHY?

Just 9 years ago Bernie won the Vermont Democratic primary for the 2006 Senate race as a write-in candidate — there was no serious opposition — but he declined to accept the nomination. WHY?

He has said that it would be hypocritical of him to run as a Democrat: "It would be hypocritical of me to run as a Democrat because of the things I have said about the party."

He also said,

"The Democratic Party ideologically bankrupt, they have no ideology. Their ideology is opportunism.”

"The Democratic and Republican parties are tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, they both adhere to an ideology of greed and vulgarity."

“Why should we work within the Democratic Party if we don’t agree with anything the Democratic Party says?”

NOW, LOOOK, Bernie sounds like there is no other DEMOCRAT like him.


More I learn about this twat, more I hate him.

Posted on 04-24-16 11:59 AM     [Snapshot: 21578]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bernbots write he lives in small house, etc etc. And he really belongs to poor. One thing I don't understand, how he represents himself of poor minority when he has 6 figure income? And then he quickly throws stat comparing 280 million dollars income of his contemporaries to his 200k dollars. Bernbots get sigh of relief. Needless to mention, Bernie still belongs to 5% and he isn't poor. BERNIE IS A LIAR WHEN HE SAID HE DOESN'T HAVE SIGNIFICANT SOURCE OF INCOME. Well, 200,000 dollar income says otherwise.

As much as he may think of himself as “one of the poorer members of the United States Senate,” Sanders is near the top 5 percent of all Americans in terms of income. The core of the Sanders campaign is getting the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share. Such high-minded principles should also apply to socialists making more than $200,000 a year. Sanders waited until late in the day on Friday to release his 2014 tax returns, obviously hoping voters would overlook the news that he and his wife, Jane, paid an effective tax rate of 13.5 percent, or $27,653 in federal taxes on an adjusted gross income of $205,271. Sanders’ six-figure income puts him in the 28 percent bracket for married joint filers. He cut that rate by more than half by taking more than $64,000 in deductions — all perfectly legal, but no one expected the redistributionist to redistribute less, on a percentage basis, than a prominent member of the capitalist class.

Posted on 04-24-16 7:21 PM     [Snapshot: 21734]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-24-16 9:41 PM     [Snapshot: 21760]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are you one of Hillary's "Digital Media Specialist"?

Hillary Spent $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook.
Posted on 04-24-16 10:21 PM     [Snapshot: 21772]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Typical bernbot blames unfair election, when it's overlord loses grandiosely. Overlord stunned, murmurs "pfoowar peeppal are nawt vohting"
Bernbot sees self-motivated literature praising queen with marble eyes, accuses of being paid troll, to back his claim brings forth prolific fake writer of mockery site where not a single instance truth dwells.

Posted on 04-25-16 10:20 AM     [Snapshot: 21841]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol !! Bitta You Ain't Trolling Nobody But Yoself !! Maybe Hillary will appoint you in a post for Trolling Sajha on her behalf.. or Maybe another Photo Opportunity is perhaps is in the works so you can frame it and hang it in your living room...
BTW http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/apr/25/delaware-tax-loophole-1209-north-orange-trump-clinton
Last edited: 25-Apr-16 10:58 AM

Posted on 04-25-16 2:30 PM     [Snapshot: 21908]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Inside Russia's Paid Troll Enterprise

From The Guardian -

"The Guardian spoke to two former employees of the troll enterprise, one of whom was in a department running fake blogs on the social network LiveJournal, and one who was part of a team that spammed municipal chat forums around Russia with pro-Kremlin posts. Both said they were employed unofficially and paid cash-in-hand.

They painted a picture of a work environment that was humourless and draconian, with fines for being a few minutes late or not reaching the required number of posts each day. Trolls worked in rooms of about 20 people, each controlled by three editors, who would check posts and impose fines if they found the words had been cut and pasted, or were ideologically deviant."

Posted on 07-27-16 12:07 AM     [Snapshot: 46560]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bernie screams 'HILLARY must be the president of the United States of America'

Let's unite Bernie or Bust people. Let's get that taunter out of the oval office.
Last edited: 27-Jul-16 12:08 AM

Posted on 07-27-16 12:13 AM     [Snapshot: 46567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its so good to see that even in america election is all about money , power and corporate greed. Now its a hard choice to make , Hillary or Trump !!!
Posted on 11-23-16 10:14 AM     [Snapshot: 73119]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The arrogant supporters must be facing the bittertruth now. So much for their contempt for who they thought would win. That's what happens when you support a corrupt candidate.
Posted on 11-27-16 12:20 PM     [Snapshot: 73678]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Coming Soooon! 

Some dumbest reasons to vote for a political candidate are as follows: 
Last edited: 27-Nov-16 12:27 PM

Posted on 03-14-17 11:50 AM     [Snapshot: 90370]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol did you go for hibernation??? ur planning to come back for 2020 discussion.!!! I want to start a 2020 thread for president!!!
Posted on 01-10-18 4:13 PM     [Snapshot: 172650]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kata gayo yo thito ajakall!!!
Posted on 01-10-18 4:58 PM     [Snapshot: 172701]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A blast from the past. That dumbass Bittertruth was one lousy loser who thought he knew everything. He probably ran like a dog with tail under him when Hillary lost.

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