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 Rajabadi danka ko chartikala
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Posted on 05-08-15 3:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yi danka rajabadi harule time payekai chan ahile FB am status share garna. FB kholyo ki kunai dankako naam aaucha. Sale chorharule Nepallai thik pareko bhaye yesto din dekhnu naparne. Yi danka harulai 30 barsha samma bhogh garera kehi launa sakenan Aaba yesto ra usto bhanera bhad bhailo machaidaichan. FB ma hoina sadak ma aayera prachar garnu.
Posted on 05-08-15 7:48 AM     [Snapshot: 198]     Reply [Subscribe]
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" Yi danka harulai 30 barsha samma bhogh garera kehi launa sakenan" नेपाल मा सरकारी तह मा जति पनि बिकास निर्माण को काम भएका छन त्यों सब 2047साल अगिका हुन । महेंद्र राजमार्ग , पृथ्वी राजमार्ग , अरु पनि धेरै छन ।
अब त्यों फेसबुक मा लेखेको भर मा केइ हुने वाला छैन त्यों त हामी सब लाइ थाहा छ , सो लेट ठेम बार्क ।
Posted on 05-08-15 9:05 AM     [Snapshot: 324]     Reply [Subscribe]
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##Many, just a question who killed more than 15000 innocent villagers and chased the remaining young generation out of country, where is corruption after 2047 in Nepal, Nepal was not registered one of the poorest countries in the world, but now what it is one of the poorest country. you feel proud of taking picture infront of Dharahara, singdarbar when was it built??
You did anything significant after 2047 no no no, but made Nepal one of the poorest country in the world thats it kid
Posted on 05-08-15 9:22 AM     [Snapshot: 369]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well! Thukka you seem to undervalu the amazing achievement we got after 2047 first of all the communication and media was free. Though I agree and am against Maoist revolution don't you agree that made a way to make us see how people was suffering outside Kathmandu? Am always against Maoist and will always be but it also shocked our world then don't you agree?
Posted on 05-08-15 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 402]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why were there only few people outside Nepal before 2047. If the kings were so powerful, why was the Karnali and humla, jumla always humla jumla. Why did the krantikari came?
Nothing is perfect. Raja haru le bhog gare afno pala ma. What they did is superficial. Look at the general people, they were out of reach of many facilities.
I am not in favor of ghusiya Neta but for Nepal kings were not some miracle workers. They do build big infrastructure, but why did not general people had electricity at that time.
Nepal was not the poor country because the false data was provided to the foreign country. Nepal was a closed country. All the foreign movements were monitored.
Never the less, Nepal was always poor. Most of the people lived in poverty and no food to eat. Kathmandu is not the only place. Ask any Nepali in late 50's or 60's who were from hills and they will explain you how harsh the life is.
Summary: Kings were never the better option for Nepal. They are dictator.
Posted on 05-08-15 10:18 AM     [Snapshot: 423]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Now what uneducated 601 dummies are giving away Rs 200000 money which going to ruin the country, they should have done research or read this article , http://www.onlinekhabar.com/2015/05/275118/

Posted on 05-08-15 7:36 PM     [Snapshot: 748]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fak kings and their families, corrupted selfish lunatic mofo's
Posted on 05-09-15 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey thukka
Kamse kam they are distributing the money Gyan chorle k garyo? Bhaye bharko sampathi afno ra chori ko naam naam ma garyo. Baule( Mahendra Chor khate) jaba nepal ko 20,000 pound jun England KO bank ma thiyo aafno naam 1950-57 am ratna KO naam ma transfer garyo tehi baata sikeko ho. Nepali janta Lai k thaha palace banayo ani Chor chandra shamsher jastai nepal sarkarlai bechyo ani aajiwan tehi basna Paine program pani banayo. Mahendra danka KO kutil buddilai saath diyeko thiyo tetti bela Ko restricted samajle gyan Chor Lai saath diyena.
And the most important thing highway from east to west was made in Mahendra's direct regim but It was planned by B.P's cabinate. Look at it
Posted on 05-09-15 1:05 PM     [Snapshot: 1068]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dont think me wrong, I am a human who believe in democracy, development of a citizen and the country, and I always pray for it. I never liked kingcracy and fought for democracy in the street in 2046. Just got frustrated from current uneducated mofo's their attraction towards power and money rather development of a small country. Now just comparing what current leaders have done for the country in 25 years and what happened in 30 years. I found more development happened in 30 years, it could be only in valley or royal family but now I am proud of there buildings and heritages and has been a tourist attraction, There was only darbar and some ranas to loot countries, now after 2046 countless people sucking it up, you know it and I know it, we all are frustrated and I do not like autocracy, we already have democracy but just need a visionary leaders to lead the country for the development

Last edited: 09-May-15 01:06 PM
Last edited: 09-May-15 01:25 PM

Posted on 05-10-15 12:27 AM     [Snapshot: 1228]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are claiming that you were in street to protest at 2047. Let's say it is true then right now when you are saying this and that for all 601 have you ever visited the parliament to see what is going on day to day? First look at it. Just because they come from poor background doesn't give you rights to insult them. Why don't you instead look at why things are being like that. You are talking like those people in chiya pasal who has nothing to do and blame the government. Nepal's civil war has been up rooted from the ground. Do you think there will be another civil war now? Role has seen the effects it cause for a decade. The government has to be mature in order to govern properly. A proper people elected government candidate has to run atleast 20 years to get the grip. Imagine in your house you have 13 people and your father doesn't care about others and only think about you and his wife what will the uncles and their kids do.
Posted on 05-10-15 2:58 AM     [Snapshot: 1263]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And let me tell you about Bishnu mani archarya dixit the guy who was responsible for cutting off khari ko bot in thudhikhel which was the tree from the times of licchavis. Well he was allowed with out any show notice to use 2 corer from Nepalese Govt fund from 2022- till 2028 when Mahendra committed suicide. He main job was to entertain Mahendra's lavish parties. Around 2029-30 after Birendra came to power he was declared misusing the fund without any trial and was ordered to pay all the money back. He too committed suicide by shallowing Diamond. Then look at D.B Lama how he was put in chains and behind bar when he was inspector general of police without a trial. They found all water pipes at his home was made of pure gold. He was not allowed to testify. And can you recall 1984 Olympic drug scandal where all our sportsmen were detained because it was found all of them were carrying drugs and had to shamefully return home. We people forget lot of these things easily. I have some more example about okhaldhunga kanda. One of the upcoming leader was run down by a trunk airside his house in 2034. We can discuss more on this if you want
Posted on 05-10-15 3:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1426]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How can someone die from swallowing diamond, like in hindi movie? LOL, BTW I am a Chemistry graduate, Many; please teach me. Your facts/fictions are hilarious. You know what? B. P. koirala's father unified Nepal. :)
Posted on 05-10-15 5:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nalapani you don't have to be a chemistry graduate to know about this. We all know diamond is a compressed form of carbon and if small nothing will happen as it passes through your digestive organs but if it is big enough to block you air passage it will kill you. Don't believe me research on him. Jo manchelai bhisnu mani archarya dixit ko bhanne thaha chaina. Please yaha aayera nakhonu. Pahila pani gurkha KO baare ma debate Garda bhageko manche kahile I am a historian ahile I graduate in chemistry. Jothne pani had huncha.
Posted on 05-10-15 5:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ani we have yesta chemist 'historians' who wants to compare today's medial treatment back with 30-31 b.s
Posted on 05-10-15 5:28 PM     [Snapshot: 1494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ani one more thing Nalapani dhir shamsher dai kasari chilim farkeko re?

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