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 अमेरिका भन्नु मात्रै !
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Posted on 07-15-13 1:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Zimmerman VS Trayvon केस लाइ Fellow गर्नुभएको छ?
If you live in a state where broken laws exist (similar laws)   there is no eye witness as well no eveidence then the THE LASTMAN STANDING always wins on such cases.  If Trayvon was lastman standing,  we would not have known but it went other way and Even President has to UTTER.

 कुरा के भने: मारि माग्न लाई केही बहाना चाहिदैन एस्ता    राज्यमा बस्नेहरु होस गरे है ?  जाइ कटक नगर्नु झिकीकटक गर्नु भन्ने उखान लागु हुँदैन है ? साझामा माचोपाना देखाउन आमाचाक्ली देखि अण्डकोशमा घन ठोक्ने हरु साबधान होउ ? 

Last edited: 20-Jul-13 06:19 AM

Posted on 07-15-13 2:07 PM     [Snapshot: 28]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all, there are two sides to this story: 1) Racial and 2) Issue of Self Defense. I am hoping the racial issue doesn't outweigh the other critical point, specially because it is more of the second issue than the first (racial).

We don't know if it were a White guy or a Mexican teenager, Zimmerman would have noticed and followed or not. The only fact we have is his record and it doesn't look like the guy is racist.

Now, was what Zimmerman did an act of self defense? This is a tough question and I don't have legal expertise to answer it correctly. It can't be a self defense if one puts himself in the dangerous situation, this is what Zimmerman did despite 911 dispatcher's advice to not do so as Magorkhe pointed out. But on the other hand is there enough proof for 1st/2nd/3rd degree manslaughter? Does this man deserve to be sentenced for life?

This is a tough case and I think more discussion should be geared toward the second issue. No point making it an issue of further violence and partisan.
Posted on 07-15-13 6:09 PM     [Snapshot: 394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This was never an issue of race. News media and bleeding liberals made it into a race related issue. MSNBC started the trend, they deleted the conversation of GZ and the 911 dispather to make it look like he was racist. It turns out it was a normal Q/A. The station should have been sued, which I hope GZ will do in the future. But now, people have come to believe the distorted fact and it is a full blown race related issue.
The questions should not be who followed who, why and when. It should be whether the killing was justifiable according to the law. Incase you are unaware of people's rights in the US. You can kill anybody to protect your life and your family, and you can legally buy guns. It should have been whether GZ had the right to fire the bullet? But the whole thing got diverted to race. I'm sure the gun rights advocates are laughing and enjoying the whole drama. Stupid, sheep citizens exist everywhere. As of now, they have started burning cars and destryoing properties. Does that click anything - Nepal. I guess most people in sajha will have no problem with it since we share the same virtious culture of easy manupilation and vandalism. Go ahead, join the protest near by your city. Bring back those fond memories of back home.

And if you think "white" people won, then two words for you, OJ Simpson. Blacks won that time, white won this time. Sometime you win, sometime you lose. It's the nature. The only difference is white didn't burn cars and destroy properties, which blacks are doing now. Get over with it.
Last edited: 15-Jul-13 07:10 PM

Posted on 07-15-13 6:13 PM     [Snapshot: 421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like the poster is drinking the cool aid.
Guy was acquitted by jury. State could not prove manslaughter or murder. Case closed. People are trying to get their ratins up by talking about it as a race issue.

Posted on 07-15-13 6:29 PM     [Snapshot: 458]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 America is a good old white boyz country...sooner you realize it better it is!
Posted on 07-15-13 7:33 PM     [Snapshot: 583]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कालेको छाउरो न्यू खोज्न गयो अनि भेट्यो नि । simple case लाइ racism हालेर हल्ला मात्र गर्य हो ।
Posted on 07-15-13 8:47 PM     [Snapshot: 699]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wrong time , wrong place maa george (yaslai bhanchan mahadasha)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX1sxARNq_c
Posted on 07-15-13 9:29 PM     [Snapshot: 623]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The truth is:

a black guy kills white guys, a black guy kills black guys, a black guy kills other folks(other races), nothing big happens, no big news, just a news, but when a black guy gets killed by non-black, all this drama and attention begins. Those who protested and demanded court hearing in fact are the worst racists and hypocrits, they blame others being racist but they themselves are the biggest bigot and racist.

I feel sorry for the parents who lost their child to this needless fate of violence, but those who escalated and politicized, they deserve to be criticized. This news was brought on spotlight unnecessarily.

Zimmerman, a wannabe cop, who patrols neighborhood, runs into this young kid Trayvon, may be had some questionnaires, he follows him for some dialogue, but what went on that young kids head, he chooses to attack his follower back. Quite a bit of wrestling, ground and pound takes place, fearing for his life Zimmerman shoots the kid dead. First place, he should have never followed him but who would have known that situation would come out as life threatening ones, the only last resort being shooting. Zimmerman had bruises in the back of his head, there were witnesses who saw what happened, and based on all that, he was found no guilty. It's as simple as that. I'm not backing anyone here , this is the whole point that I see and probably everyone would see if they stimulate different part of their brain,they would get this whole scenario. I wasn't there but I've no other choice than to believe those witnesses and bruises he had on his head. 

People these days are lacking even a slight of common sense, they just run along the crowd.

Posted on 07-16-13 8:36 AM     [Snapshot: 1146]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So far I have heard two sides of stories in the masses: 1) This is a racial case and Zimmerman got away killing a black man. 2) This is not a racial case at all!!

I find it very hard to deny that discussion on racism cannot be dragged here. Those who say it has nothing to do with racism is putting a blindfold in their eyes. Whether Zimmerman killed Trevyon because of how he perceived a young black male going around the neighborhood is not clear, what is clear is how people might perceive the incident. A young black teenager is roaming around a neighborhood and a white (white/hispanic mix) guy immediately thinks he is up to no good?? Even if the dude is tripping on meth why do you need to handle it yourself? What if it were another white kid, dressed in suite and tie? Would he have done it?

My point is that racism will factor in whenever such incident happens, to deny it is to deny the reality. What you need to do, however, is to analyze it and realize that racism might be involved but there might be a bigger issue here. The issue here was about self defense and that's what the attention should focus to. Media could have played this angle; they ofcourse know racism angle sells more subscriptions. It's a shame.

TL;DR: Don't deny racism isn't involve, acknowledge it and analyze other important aspects involved.
Posted on 07-16-13 4:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1409]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It was his job,as a neighborhood watchguard, to inspect suspicions. You need to understand that first. That particular neighborhood had issues with robbery before. When have you seen a guy with a tie rob a house? Be real and stick with the fact, not fiction. Kids with tie are Jehovah Witness, they are annoying, not criminals. Kids with low pants, hoodies are the prime suspect in most burglary, vandalism and tagging, regardless of their race. Any person who knows the reality will tell you that. In this case, it happened to be a black kid. And from all the recorded
conversation it is obvious GZ was told to identify the race of the kid. GZ profiled the usual attires of a criminal (not just blacks),it could have been a white, asian or latino kid in the hoodie. I would do the same, I care less about their race. Trust me white and latio kids are even worse.
If you are comparing a kid with a tie to a kid with a hoodie and saggy pants, then you have not faced the reality of crimes in neighborhood in this country. Or you have too many bleeding heart liberal friends and you watch too many news. Have a balanced view and do not follow all the crap on syndicated news channels. 

Last edited: 16-Jul-13 04:36 PM

Posted on 07-16-13 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1435]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"A man is given due process to prove his innocence, and he does. Just because we want him to be guilty doesn't necessarily mean he is. There are far worse offenses that people should be protesting. Not this. It was proven in a court of law"
My exact thoughts ^^

Last edited: 16-Jul-13 04:50 PM

Posted on 07-16-13 5:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1479]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I though Travon Martin was more racist than GZ. His friend, the fat ugly attitude lady on the stand, said that Travon mentined "creepy white cracker" while they were on the phone. And she had the balls to say that it (cracker) was NOT racist infront of the whole world. Holy Cow, for some people it is obvious that racism is only when it happens to them. And that was the same team who was blaming GZ as racist. It shows how bigot some people are. 
Posted on 07-16-13 5:54 PM     [Snapshot: 1515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 if Travyon had a gun, Jimmerman would have been dead instead and we would have never heard of this news ever.


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