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 American girl vs Nepali girl

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Posted on 06-05-13 9:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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American girl: “What do you do?”
Nepali girl: “Why are you in Nepal?”

American: Asks you to buy a drink
Nepali: Expects you to buy a drink

American: Flip flops because they’re comfortable
Nepali: High heels because men like them

American: 20 pounds overweight
Nepali: 5 pounds underweight

American: Looking for a stable career
Nepali: Looking for a stable husband

American: Won’t shut up
Nepali: Won’t open up

American: Hates makeup
Nepali: Qualified to be a makeup artist

American: Fake attitude
Nepali: Fake nails, eyelashes, and sometimes eyebrows

American: Obsessed with celebrities
Nepali: Obsessed with money

American: Bang in three hours
Nepali: Bang after marriage

American: Knows how to heat chicken nuggets in microwave
Nepali: Knows how to cook meals passed on from her grandmother

American: Has bulky dimensions like an rugby player
Nepali: Has petite dimensions like a normal girl

American: You have to trick her into having sex
Nepali: You have to logically convince her into having sex

American: High self-esteem when beauty doesn’t warrant it
Nepali: Low self-esteem when beauty warrants it

American: Pretends to be a porn star in bed
Nepali: Pretends to be a virgin in bed

American: Complains there are no good men
Nepali: Complains you didn’t buy her flowers

American: Grinds on every cock in the club
Nepali: Clubs are for whores

American: Feels uncomfortable with silence
Nepali: Feels uncomfortable with too much chatter

American: Treats you like a coworker
Nepali: Treats you like the master of her life

American: Relationship gets worse after first bang
Nepali: Relationship gets better after first bang

American: Never traveled but thinks she knows the world
Nepali: Never traveled and insecure about it

American: Obsessed with Apple
Nepali: Obsessed with Facebook

American: Brags about banging a black guy as proof she isn’t racist
Nepali: Hates blacks

American: Dresses like a bum even though she has money
Nepali: Dresses flashy even though she has no money

American: Sees men as misogynists who have institutional privilege
Nepali: Sees men as a bridge to a better life

American: Pretend she’s strong and independent
Nepali: Knows she’s fragile and weak

American: Goes out twice a week to clubs to get attention from men
Nepali: Doesnt need to

American: Thinks casual sex and free birth control are essential to being happy
Nepali: Things marriage is essential to being happy

American: Expert at taking webcam shots from magic angles
Nepali: Expert at posing for photos in ugly park

American: Will believe anything you tell them
Nepali: Human lie detector

American: Divorce in 5 years, will take the house and kids with her
Nepali: 50 year marriage anniversary is expected

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-09-13 4:05 PM     [Snapshot: 2366]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who gives a flying [Disallowed String for - Bad word 'fuk'] about ur sexual preference? Just go and charm the pants off the white girls with ur obviously great coversational skills--" mango tits"- of course!!!!ahahahaha. Suffer under no illusion, you knobhead- i doubt any one is crying that u dont want to sleep with them. Girls, you can all thank ur lucky stars thAt this wanker does not fancy you-- eww can u imagine the likes of this kind drooling over u?yuck!!!
Posted on 06-09-13 4:37 PM     [Snapshot: 2401]     Reply [Subscribe]
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'Like u said it's not easy to get white girls. You need skills like carrying out good conversations at first.'- You dumbass I said white girls are EASY to get. They will take their pants off for anything compard to Nepali girls.  By the way you talk, I can just tell you are a third class person with no class. Which 'models' do you speak off? In Nepal everyone is a 'model' so stop flattering yourself? Quiet Laughable.

Secondly, do you even know that Kim K is 5 ft tall?
Atheletic? tall?-I've been on the womens soccer team since highscool and thats how I got a full scholorship to Uni... So maybe I'm a small percentage but I know other very attractive women (nepali) atheletes as well (outside nepal). I'am not calling you names, what I am saying is you are right. Guys like you should go for easy khairi's because honestly the 'hot' Nepali girls are few and they probably won't go for you.

Ani arko kura:
I am not one of those fake nepali 'models'.Those so called 'models' are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful Nepali women. Real, beautiful, intellectual Nepali women come from good families and they do not 'model' instead they spend their time hitting the books, travelling, expanding their knowledge basically tehy are 'worldly,' not easy and daft. 

So go for the khaire's knowing that you are not good enough for the cream of the crop in your own community :).


Last edited: 09-Jun-13 05:16 PM

Posted on 06-09-13 4:41 PM     [Snapshot: 2410]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"young successful and beautiful Nepali girls?"
-> I think Polygamy is not allowed in United States or am i wrong? -

Actually I know losts of nepali women that are 24-25, successfull and beautiful. People that have studied in Brown,Jhon Hopkins, UT austin, NYU and columbia all in excellent shape and very good looking. I'm serious most of my friends/ cousins don't even look Nepali at all. We get mistaken for turkish/greek all the time.

Posted on 06-09-13 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 2434]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me guess, that white girl is lisa lampanneli!!!
Posted on 06-09-13 5:28 PM     [Snapshot: 2424]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Haha lovely Nepaligirl Kim is exceptional, nepali girls can't maintain their body after marriage, after marriage mexican n nepali girls r like bhuik(fart machine), they look alright when they r young but age passes by they develop extra bud on hips eww n only their fat grows by sides lacking curves. But majority of white gals maintain their body by taking proper diet n doing excercise routinely. I really haven't found any nepali model or actress appealing, they alrt but not like victorias secret models or Miss America. I think greek/ muslim girls r the beauty version of Nepali gals. Further i don't like Nepali gals coz they r too much family oriented can't be independent n make their own decisions. I might be wrong but majority r like that. I knew this gal who tied her hair all the time at back like in Nepal, pachadi huncha ni ek chulti badeki,  told her to loosen it so dat the hair can cover her foreheads, make silky long but she was like no no no, never wana change. Also during the sex i m controlling, sometimes i like to strap woman tie her hands on bed rails, cover her eyes, like to slap her hip bumps while doing doggy, bite her ears n back while engaging in sex, like to keep changing positions, i dun think Nepali gals can handle me in bed, they will feel like i m treating them like an object
Last edited: 09-Jun-13 05:34 PM
Last edited: 09-Jun-13 05:36 PM

Posted on 06-09-13 5:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2467]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some of you dudes have definitely never been with American Gals seems like..you are just basing most of this shit on what you see in clubs..people are real yo !! People are real..you guys are just wayy too dumb !!

Posted on 06-09-13 5:50 PM     [Snapshot: 2468]     Reply [Subscribe]
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   the fact that you are on sajha and fighting and arguing here shows your class and also what sort of career you have lined up..obviously you are some fat ass ugly nepali chick who is probably illegal !! I mean you call urself lovelynepaligirl..lol..talk about selfobsession
Last edited: 09-Jun-13 05:50 PM

Posted on 06-09-13 8:59 PM     [Snapshot: 2573]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I am also losing this lovely nepaligirl's credibility. I saw her comment on another thread, i think this person is a snitch
Posted on 06-09-13 9:55 PM     [Snapshot: 2636]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'am neither fighting nor arguing. Are you seriously picking on a random name I chose for this site? I chose it on random like everybody else. I just don't like this negative outlook on Nepali women like all Nepali men are perfect or something. No I am not fat LOL. My GPA is great so I don't think I need advice from you on where I'm heading ;).

Its summer break I was bored so I decided to check it out after reading an article here. 

Bottom line:  There are many great Nepali girls out there and you won't get the khari that you are all dreaming of, its just an unrealistic expectation.

Posted on 06-09-13 10:09 PM     [Snapshot: 2653]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@stupidgirl or anyone alike, who generalizes to say that Khairi girls drop their pants just like that have no close interaction with white people. Or the only white contacts you have are the slutty ones, a high likelihood is that you are of the same category. Otherwise, its a gross ignorance to generalize the loose character in white girls. 

I have seen many many Nepalese girls acting like whores...yes..litterally like one...infront of those Indians or anyone else who 'could' provide them a job or paper. It's all about who is in what kind of boat. 

So, sister don't brag about your class by deminishing your own, if existed any, by every word that you spew. 

Posted on 06-09-13 11:29 PM     [Snapshot: 2710]     Reply [Subscribe]
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    go back and read my first comment ..i have nothing against nepali gals..I was commenting about people generalizing both sides..then i saw ur comments on here about how 'cool' you are and your dumbass comment on another post about 'how people outside kathmandu are the ones who go crazy after coming to US' and got a good measure of your intellectual ability !! You acted like one of those dumbass rednecks !!! Btw ever been out of ktm ??

Posted on 06-10-13 12:01 AM     [Snapshot: 2744]     Reply [Subscribe]
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stfu, and lemme watch 'falling skies' .

Posted on 06-10-13 12:14 AM     [Snapshot: 2723]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know if you're a girl or a boy or a third gender because you sometimes post like you're a guy and sometimes like a girl. You say you were in women's soccer team and in another thread you wanted an ideal girl. But, you are one of those people who can't succeed in real life and then come online to brag about what you wish you could have and live an online fabricated life. One post was about how you were studying finance and something in a top school with full scholarship and were going for top law school and you also brag about how you have a great GPA so you don't need anyone's help as if someone is trying to help you.
I understand your problem. I don't blame you. You come home after a long day work in an Indian's restaurant, you always talk with your lawyer who assures you will surely get a green card through asylum and takes all your money. You sure need some fun. How do you have the fun? You come to sajha and lie about how awesome your life is and how pathetic others are. You have the attitude not even a bihari would date you. He would rather make it with hand action.
People like you give other nepali girls bad name. I don't agree with Gorikopoi either about all white girls being better than Nepali girls. But he is right about Nepali girls not maintaining their body after marriage like white girls because they just don't care because they already have someone and there is a little chance of divorce. But I know for sure that you are a hell of an ugly girl who doesn't get a boyfriend because of her being ugly both inside and outside.
You label white girls as easy when you know yourself that you had to drop your panties for your indian manager to get that restaurant job. Saying white girls are easy is just like you know the fox story where he tells that grapes are sour when he couldn't get them? Also, if you really think you are better than white girls why do you wear their clothes, why can't you wear gunyu, cholo, fariya and sari and prove that you're beautiful than white girls?
Thats all I have to say.
Posted on 06-10-13 12:16 AM     [Snapshot: 2758]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@gorikopoi those things you're fantasizing about only happens in porn , not in your regular relationship ...
Posted on 06-10-13 12:40 AM     [Snapshot: 2775]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tbh, white girls actually look for a way to satisfy their men unlike nepali girls who think laying a pussy in front of their husband is more than enough for them.
After marriage, white girls still try to impress their husband while nepali girls are done with everything because they now know that their husband won't leave them even if they go hippo fat.
When I say Nepali girls, I don't mean women in village in Nepal, because they surely weren't fortunate enough to know about dieting and keeping their body fit. I mean the city girls in Kathmandu and especially Nepali girls in US.
Posted on 06-10-13 12:30 PM     [Snapshot: 2902]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Obesity is a bloody epidemic in America - FACT! And you think Nepalese women let themselves go after marriage!!!ha, ha and more ha! get your head out of your arse. If you guys are having a bad day at work because your gas station boss is after your [Disallowed String for - bad word]ing lives, then go jump off a cliff or bang your head on the wall or something- no need to take it out on Nepalese girls just because they are all with guys who are going places. 'Laying a pussy in front of their husband'--Peeping Tom-yes you-stay away from your parents' bedroom as that clearly is not the best place to getting sex education nor understand sexual habits of Nepalese women. listening to your rants only convince me that you are all sore losers-classic case of sour grapes. well i dont blame you really, you would be [Disallowed String for - bad word]ed up if you stole ur sisters pants to wank on, rubbed your tiiiiny dicks on random strangers on buses in Nepal, and asked your maid to give you a blow job for 10 rupees and when u finally land in America, the white girls treat you like the lowest of the low. you have my deepest sympathies.
Posted on 06-10-13 3:20 PM     [Snapshot: 3002]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hi Arse, ok. You talked a lot..but what exactly your point? Does appear that you are defending Nepalese girls, but can you do so concisely coming out of your arse? Thanks 
Posted on 06-11-13 2:51 PM     [Snapshot: 3296]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I just registered myself to give two Thumbs up to My Arse your Face hahaha, nice reply
Posted on 06-11-13 9:14 PM     [Snapshot: 3434]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know you all are the same person.
Obviously you had a mental breakdown after you saw my post so you're now writing like a retard. I am not gonna write any more than this because of the language you're using.
Posted on 06-11-13 10:46 PM     [Snapshot: 3494]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Haha mayur u r so funny but not all American girls are like that. There are many religious ones who don't break their chastity before marriage. I dated some Nepali gal from Catnandu, she was like that too, we kissed but we never had sex. I had to dump her just coz of that reason as we all know men need sex ti function properly.

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