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 Why India Killed Nepal Monarchy?
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“Monarchy is over in Nepal”. The same title is being used in fashionable ways by many media in this world. The biggest stake holder and the director of Nepal’s devastation is Nepal’s closest neighbor, India. Even though the intellectuals are familiar with this direction, I would like to show why the world remains anonymous of this India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Nepal. Quite surprisingly, the actors have created a huge mass of junior actors in the hope to make them a lead actor one day. Let’s trace back when the director thought to direct this inhuman movie that might not leave the director an option of bankruptcy if the truth is exposed.


As known to the world, Nepal was a Kingdom and the most peaceful country in this chaotic earth. The Indo-Nepal friction started when the then Prime Minister of Nepal—Jung Bahaur Rana—supported the British India to suppress the Sepoy Rebellion. In 1857, India could have born, but since the Rana prime ministers of Nepal were strong allies of British, they supported British in their mission to crush any independence revolution. In fact, Nepal had already become an enemy of Indians then. Moreover, the strength of Gurkha army was the biggest obstacle for the Indians to overcome. Because of Rana’s support for British India, the later known India could not gain independence until 1947. Many of us forget to note, immediately after India was born, the Rana Empire was thrown out in Nepal in the year 1950. Until 1950, Ranas were the prime rulers of Nepal and the monarchy was only symbolic.


There was another family who was fighting for the Indian state with the Indians—the Koiralas. Koiralas were Indians who were born in the Northern Province of British India –modern day of Bihar or Uttar Pradesh in India. Koiralas were three brothers who were born and raised in India. The family claims to be originally from Nepal, however, their roots and bushes have been found only in India. Even today, much of Koirala family resides in India—respecting the motherland. The Koirala brothers joined struggled to give birth to India. During the later years when India was about to born, Koiralas were suggested to form Nepal Congress Party within India. Finally India was born in 1947. Most of the princely states were to join the Union of India. One of the biggest Kingdoms was the Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir. Raja Hari Singh decided not to surrender his Kingdom to either of the countries. However, illegally, India annexed the Kingdom into its Union. It is interesting to see how Indian text books claim this beautiful Kingdom a part of India. In the last days of 1948, a ceasefire was agreed under UN auspices demanding plebiscite. Nehru never proceeded with the UN resolution and hence, the ascertainity of the instrument of accession is questionable. The Kingdom— falsely claimed by India and Pakistan as their territory—is still considered as the international disputed territory. Then India annexed the Kingdom of Gwalior, and the Kingdom of Hyderabad. By all means, they were illegal annexation. India’s vulture eyes were gazing the Kingdom of Sikkim and the Kingdom of Nepal. The Indian Congress had helped create Nepali congress because they had foreseen their fortune in Nepal. The Koiralas were assured by the Indians that they would help Nepal merge into India if the Indians help throw the Rana regime in Nepal. In 1950, King Tribhuwan fled to India to seek refuge from the Ranas. The only Royal member left was the 3 year old, the then prince Gyanendra. The Indians had thought to end the monarchy in 1950, but the Ranas, moving a mile ahead, crowned the 3 year old as the King of the Kingdom of Nepal. The Koiralas’ and the Indians’ dream shattered. Even though the Ranas were able to save Nepal’s monarchy, unfortunately, their Empire was brought down. Since Ranas were the true Nationalists, their downfall encouraged India to envision a possibility to annexing Nepal into India.


Not that easy as the Indians had presumed. The King in Nepal was considered the reincarnation of Hindu God, and replacing the institution of Monarchy was their far dream. Nevertheless, India did not stay quiet, and offered Sikkim and Nepal to sign the instrument of accession and join the Union of India Nepal’s the then King Mahendra got infuriated with the proposal, whereas the “Koirala equivalent” prime Minister of Sikkim offered Sikkim in the hands of India, only to be slaughtered. The three Koirala brothers became the prime ministers of Nepal on the recommendation and pressure from India. This paved an easy path for the Indians to observe Nepal more closely. King Birendra declared Nepal as the Zone of Peace in the 90s. This was endorsed by more than 110 countries of the world, except India. King Birendra’s popularity almost made India’s dream a nightmare. Moreover, the future King Dipendra was one of the most popular figures of Nepalese monarchy in the history.


As a next move, India helped launch a Maoist revolution in Nepal to break Nepal. The Maoists’ top demand was the abolition of Monarchy. Since the year 1996, India started funding Nepal Maoists to fight against state. As the Maoist party was formed in 1996, their leaders were backed up by the Indian government. Most of the Maoists leader lived in Darjeeling, Lucknow, and Delhi in India and masterminded their plan. In other words, India created Communism in Nepal. They also were supported by the Indian Communist leaders and other Naxalite group who are fighting against the Indian government for communism. Surprisingly India never helped Nepal government in arresting those leaders and extraditing them in Nepal. Hence it is evident that India never wanted peace in Nepal. At the same time, international media was busy defaming the King Gyanendra.


The interesting chemistry was all political parties held discussions in India with the Maoists in the Indian’s presence. The irony was Maoists were able to kill Inspector General of Police of the Royal Nepalese Government, but were not able to kill any leaders. This does not digest well. These Maoists and leaders were in agreement not to kill each others leaders. Although India was successful in proving why they did not endorse “Zone of Peace”, they were unable to offer prayers to King. Then India played the worst game with the help of its own citizens—Koiralas, and Maoists to end the Nepalese monarchy—which the world today knows as the Nepal’s Royal Massacre.


After the Royal Massacre, many speculations were in the air. However, immediately after the incident, media, which are funded by India, started to air against Gyanendra, who was the only heir left to the throne. India’s, Koirala’s and Maoists’ strategy was to defame monarchy and most importantly, the monarch who was unknown to the world. India knew that King Birendra was most popular and if the blame could be dumped on Gyanendra, it would be the easiest way to uproot monarchy. India had a sound plan to kill the Royal Family so that no one else would remain alive to keep the monarchy breathing. However, the massacre happened when King Gyanendra was out of town and allegedly was on the way back to the massacre site for the dinner. Gyanendra was crowned again as the King of Nepal, and India, once again, could not prove to be a successful director. The love and respect for the King was then seen by the shaved head of all the Nepalese—who respected Nepalese Monarch as their father. Noticeably, the present Prime Minster, Girija Prasad, the same Indian Citizen, was the Prime Minister of Nepal during the Royal Massacre. He helped India facilitate the killings. Later, he also facilitated King Gyanendra, to be removed from the palace. In other words, the Koiralas were well aware of the killings, but instead of stopping India to kill the royals, the old traitor helped them successfully execute the plan.


The King wanted the then prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to hold the elections but even after he was granted to extend the date of election twice, he was never motivated to hold the election. The underlying political reason was that he continuously wanted to be in his office by postponing the election. As a Chief of State, King Gyanendra could not wait to see his country devastated. Subsequently, in October 2002, King Gyanendra dismissed the prime minister and his cabinet. The King, citing dissatisfaction with the government, dissolved the government in 2005 and declared a state of emergency. However, monarch retained absolute power until April 2006.


When King Gyanendra ascended throne in 2002, Nepal has been going through civil war from the past ten years. Politicians of Nepal, as an easy excuse to take benefit from inexperienced King imposed blame on him. While most of Nepalese were pleased to see the progress under Royal rule, the corrupted people were unemployed. The leaders of Nepal are barely educated to find a job, if they do not engage themselves into politics. These led the politicians ally together and form a coalition to fight against the King. Countable 10-15 people gathered for to restore democracy and started protest. It was not until April 2006, when Maoists joined the movement to fight against king. Truckload Maoists entered the capital city to revolt. As a way to spread violence, Maoists attacked on Maoists in the revolution process and charged King for their deaths. After 30 people were killed, the King gave up all the powers and reinstated the government. Hence, the King who wanted to make the country progress was iconized as a dictator.


Now that the monarchy is gone, common Nepalese who are die hard fans of King, are looking for their God. However, Hinduism and Buddism have not taught violence to Nepalese. Maybe that’s why common Nepalese are not on the streets yet. I remain unanswered, is Hinduism’s patience tested? Is Gurkhas’ blood tested? Are the Nepalese tested? Nepal has so far witnessed the Maoists crowd, not the Nepali crowd, there will be a day when Gurkhalis will be on the streets to show the bravery of Amar Singh Thapa, Bir Balbhadra Kunwar, Bhimsen Thapa, or another Jung Bahadur Rana…and who knows, another Prithvi Narayan Shah to Unify the breaking Nepal


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Actually, it is the fault of the British. They rearranged all the history and geography of the world. Now they are back home, sitting duck and looking at the mess they have created and laughing it off over a barbecue over the weekends. :))

Posted on 03-17-13 8:02 AM     [Snapshot: 725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Because Inida bought all Nepali Leaders.

Posted on 03-17-13 12:43 PM     [Snapshot: 910]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This article has been posted several times, not only on this website but several websites and several media outlets.

Harvard students are drunk when they write. This is one more example.

While a lot in the article is true, some sentences might not be.

Posted on 03-17-13 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 970]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is little out of the track but all the lines K K Menon says is true. Indian rulers are cheaters.... faggots....They duped all the kings of rajputana to snatch power from them after ousting british. Right after independence these beggars are trying to grab the territory of nepal.

Posted on 03-17-13 7:16 PM     [Snapshot: 1054]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Koiralas r the treasons, Sujata Koirala take your mothertrucking family back to India. Dhotis n their hounddogs corrupted Nepali leaders n Maoists leaders dun u worry, there would be people like Junga Bagadur Rana. All u traitors would be buried alive just like Hitler did to significant others. Gyanendra should have executed them a long time ago n took total control of the country. We need some Hitler like character. 
Posted on 03-18-13 2:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1260]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The conspiracy actually started as soon as King Prithvi Narayan Shah united thos small states into Nepal. India was already [Disallowed String for - bad word]ed up.
But dun u worry it took 240 years for them to bring it down, who can be sure that  Breaking India has not already been started.
India thinks they started the fire in Nepal which is called Communism but can it be away from that fire? Who knows what percentage of India is already on fire. India wants to spread the stuff toward Tibet but who knows cant we just spread it to Bihar?
I am not talkin abt Baburam, he is total Indian Pimp but as far as i have evaluated Prachanda, he is such an opportunist, he just uses everyone. Prachanda uses n throws everyone once its usefulness is finished and which is good thing. What if he gets a better deal from china and uses china. i am sure China will pay any cost for tibet.
Lets just see the game.

Posted on 03-18-13 3:18 PM     [Snapshot: 1286]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A New Article

रेग्मीज्यूलाई सगरमाथाभन्दा अग्लो बन्ने अवसर

पञ्चायती संविधान २०१९ ले मुलुक हाँकिरहेको बेला ०३१ सालमा तत्कालीन राजा वीरेन्द्रले आफ्नो शुभराज्याभिषेकको अवसरमा आएका विदेशी पाहुनासमक्ष नेपाललाई शान्तिक्षेत्र घोषित गरियोस् भनी राखेको प्रस्तावमा धेरै मुलुकले समर्थन गरेका थिए। तर, छिमेकी मुलुक भारतले समर्थन गर्न बाँकी रहेको अवस्थामा ०४६ को आन्दोलन चर्कियो र ३० वर्षसम्म एकछत्र मुलुक हाँकेको दलविहीन निर्दलीय पञ्चायत व्यवस्था विस्थापित हुन पुग्यो। संगसंगै शान्तिक्षेत्रको प्रस्ताव पनि क्षतविक्षत भयो। विचारणीय कुरा के छ भने पञ्चायती व्यवस्थाको अवसान गराएर शान्तिक्षेत्रको प्रस्ताव तुहाउने डिजाइनरहरूले यो मुलुकलाई शान्तिको जग भत्काएर अशान्त पार्दै वर्तमानको अवस्थामा ल्याइपुर्या।उने योजनारूपी जाल त्यतिबेलादेखि बुन्न सुरु गरिसकेका रहेछन् भनेर अड्कल गर्न कठिन छैन। 
दुई वर्षमा मुलुकलाई नयाँ संविधान दिन्छौँ भनेर वाचा–कबोल गरी अन्तरिम नामधारी संविधानमै व्यवस्था गरेर हिँडेका दलीय नेतृत्वहरूले चार वर्षमा पनि संविधान दिन नसकेर गत जेठ १४ गते संविधानसभा विघटन गराए, तर अन्तरिम संविधान मरिसकेको अवस्थामा स्वतः पुनर्स्थापना भइसकेको २०४७ सालको संविधानलाई क्रियाशील गराउन लाज माने। अर्कोतिर फेरी संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन गराउने भन्दै नेपाली जनतालाई झुक्याउन पल्केकाहरूले नौ महिनापछि दलविहीन सरकार बनाउने भनेर सर्वोच्च अदालतका प्रधानन्यायाधीश खिलराज रेग्मीलाई निर्दलीय सरकार हाँकेर बहुदलीय निर्वाचन गराइदिनुपर्योे भन्दै यो मुलुकमा फेरि पनि जनता झुक्याउने प्रपञ्च गर्दैछन्। आफैँ मृत्यु भइसकेको अन्तरिम संविधानमा पस्ने कुनै पनि ढोका बिल्कुलै नभएको जान्दाजान्दै संविधानको अन्तिम व्याख्या गर्ने अधिकार प्राप्त सर्वोच्च न्यायालयका प्रमुखलाई असंवैधानिक सरकारप्रमुख बनाउन अग्रसर हुने गैरजिम्मेवार नेताहरू र त्यस्ता असंवैधानिक सरकारप्रमुख बन्न तयार छु भन्ने वक्तव्य दिने प्रधानन्यायाधीश भएपछि कसले कसलाई कसरी के भन्ने? अनि बाँकी के रहने? 
एकपल्ट संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन भएर सो संविधानसभा मुलुकलाई नयाँ संविधान दिन नसकेर असफल भई मरिसकेपछि फेरि पनि संविधानसभाकै निर्वाचन गर्नुपर्छ भनेर नेपाली जनतासमक्ष झुटको खेती गर्ने लाचारीहरूले नेपाललाई नयाँ संविधान दिन्छन् भनेर आशा गरियो भने त्योभन्दा ठूलो धोका फेरि अर्को केही हुने छैन। विचारणीय कुरा के छ भने यी दलहरूले यो मुलुकमा कतिपल्ट संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन गराउँछन्? अब नेपाली जनताले विचार गर्नुपर्छ कि यी दलहरू मुलुकलाई नयाँ संविधान दिने पक्षमा छैनन्, केवल उनीहरू बारम्बार संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन गराएर सदासदाका लागि मुलुकलाई संविधानविहीनताको अवस्थामा राखिरहन चाहन्छन् अनि देश लुटिरहन पनि। अर्को विचारणीय कुरा के छ भने यिनीहरूले अध्यादेेशमार्फत संविधान संशोधन गर्न पाए भने 'नयाँ संविधान नबनेसम्म संविधानसभाको आयु सकिने छैन' भन्ने शब्द राखेर संविधानसभा निर्वाचन गर्छन् र सदासदाका लागि कहिल्यै पनि संविधान नबनाएर आजीवन ढलिमली गरी मुलुकको राष्ट्रिय अखण्डतामा खेलवाड गरिरहनेछन् भनेर अड्कल गर्न टाढा जानुपर्ने अवस्था अब बाँकी रहेन।
यतिबेलाको जटिल परिस्थितिमा असंवैधानिक प्रधानमन्त्री बन्न कस्सिने प्रधानन्यायाधीश खिलराज रेग्मीले आफ्नो जीवनभरिको न्यायालयको लगानी र उचाइलाई तिलाञ्जली दिएर अवैधानिक बाटोबाट प्रधानमन्त्रीको कुर्सीमा बस्ने दाउ गर्नुभएको हो भने, संविधानविहीन नेपाललाई संविधानयुक्त बनाउने लक्ष्य लिनुभएको छ भने तपाईंको मन्त्रिपरिषद्को पहिलो बैठकले गत जेठ १४ गते अन्तरिम संविधानको मृत्युसँगै तत्काल पुनर्स्थापना भइसकेको २०४७ सालको संविधानलाई क्रियाशील गराउने निर्णय गरोस्। कथंकदाचित प्रधानन्यायाधीशमै कायम रहेर प्रधानमन्त्री हुनुभएन भने २०४७ सालको संविधान क्रियाशील गराइपाउँ्क भन्ने रिट स्वीकार गरेर सर्वोच्च अदालतबाटै २०४७ सालको संविधान क्रियाशील भएको निर्णय सर्वोच्च अदालतबाट सुनाउने आँट गर्नुहोस्, यसो गर्नुभएमा तपाईंको उचाइ ह्वात्तै बढेर सगरमाथाको चुचुरालाई माथ गर्नेछ। नेपाली जनताले जयजयकार गर्नेछन्, धन्यधन्य खिलराज रेग्मीज्यू! राष्ट्रिय अखण्डता जोगाउनुभयो भन्नेछन्। त्यति मात्रै नभएर विश्वका महानेताहरू समेत तपार्इंको कार्यशैली देख्दा चकित पर्नेछन्। मौका तपाईंसामु आएको छ, नचुक्नु होला।


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Doctrine of Indian Suffusion Games against Nepal

Dirgha Raj Prasai

We Nepalese people always want cordial and harmonious relation with India. But India has been conspiring internally to bring us pain. So we are suspicious of Indian activities. We don’t have bitter feelings towards Indian people. We are against the Indian Congress party led by Sonia Gandhi. When Congress (I) comes to power it has influenced the traitors within Nepal and used it against the interest of Nepal. After the murder of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi came to power in India. He gradually started many conspiratorial roles to hurt Nepal. The wrong policy of fielding the RAW against its neighbors has been a great discredit to India in terms of its image in world community. The Congress regime and RAW have adopted a strategy of increasing its influence through terrorism. So its foreign policy is very suspicious and failure. For example, India had played a role in fueling the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, who demanded a separate state. It was a scheme to divide Sri Lanka but India failed in this.



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