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 Why vaccinations are stupid
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Posted on 03-04-13 12:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-04-13 12:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 03-04-13 9:11 AM     [Snapshot: 127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All conspiracy theory aside, I seriously hope that you don't follow your own posts seriously; specially not on your kids when you have one.

Outcries on vaccinations aren't new. This is aided by the fact that few vaccinations do affect a patient adversely, as with any medication. Few vaccines are not synthesized with enough research and have been linked to many other diseases and deformity in kids. However, the flu and other common vaccine has had enough research done and sans few complications, they do more good than harm.

I think it was Jenny McCarthy, who was championing this protest against vaccine. A doctor in 1990s had presented research paper claiming vaccines are the cause behind asthma and other diseases. The doctor later came out after 2 decades and said that he lied in the paper to support a vaccine substitute that he was behind.
What they fail to realize was that by denying thousands of kids from these vaccines, they took away their disease fighting ability and as such made them crippled or sick. This is criminal; don't spread rumor against something unless you have enough research to support the claim. If not, then leave these things to expert.
Posted on 03-06-13 4:32 AM     [Snapshot: 252]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i absolutely believe autism is triggered by the MMR vaccine. my nephew was the most loving child-always happy, loved cuddles, would not stop saying ' i love you' and very social. after constant reminder from his GP that his MMR vaccine is overdue, my brother took him for the MMR vaccine and the chage was dramatic and overnight,. he stopped talking, was aloof,  and withdrawn and now hes a completelty different person. even if the doctors says its down to genetics, i support the idea that autism is triggered by the MMR vaccine. save your children. give them three single vaccines for mumps , mealses and rubella instead of this cocktail vacine. 

Posted on 03-06-13 9:18 AM     [Snapshot: 327]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wow. This is exactly what that fake scientist claimed MMR would do:

I will be honest, if I were to believe you, I'd be very careful about MMR from now on. This is a huge claim and I haven't heard any of my friends kids having autism after MMR vaccine; but then again even if a small percentage of kids have this triggered due to MMR, this is a case for alarm.

Hope you are being honest here.
Posted on 03-06-13 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont want to sound like a scaremonger but its true that one in 100 children now are being diagnosed with autism. of course i am not saying that all children affected by autism have had MMR or MMR inevitably triggers autism in all children but think what if the statistics are not in your favour when its your childs turn?  if someone had told me years ago that autism would affect our family this way or even if someone had warned me of the link between autism and MMR,i  would have asked them to jog on--as i believed then (as i am sure many people  feel ) that autism like Downs syndrome is something that happens to someone else, to white childen (ha! how naive i was) . to make things worse, in Nepal all forms of developmental disorders, behavioural problems, learning disablities are lumped under one generic term - mental  retardation - so people's ignorance  and even self denial when their  children show  autistic traits are understandable due to the stigma attached to it. gosh! Ihave researched this so much i can write a War and Peace  on this.

my brother and sister in law are very intelligent and handsome couple- my brother being a cardiologist and sister in law top-notch banker yet my nephew as i mentioned above struggles with basic things like feeding himself or getting dresed- so if people think they are immune to this because they are smart healthy people, please think again as forewarned is forearmed.

and my nephew's is not an isolated case. i have gone to so many support groups and over 75 % of parents with moderate to mild autistic children are absolutely  convinced that their perefectly social, babbling, loving children have regressed into the autistic world after getting the MMR shot.

And Kiddo, if you are referring to Dr Andew Wakefiled, i think he was a surgeon and not actually a fake scientist. i appreciate that he used unfair means to present his findings but i am not going to entirely discredit his findings.

By all means, i support vaccinating children--they have been a godsend in protecting children from such dreadful diseases but MMR which aims to immunise children against three diseases with one powerful shot must be researched extensively. Please insist on getting three single shots even if you have to pay extra. remember- the MMR is irreversible . not a day goes by when i dont watch the old clips on my mobile phone of my nephew who was just so beautiful , loving, friendly child whom we have now lost to the mysterious world of autism. the sight of him frantically running around, rocking constantly , struggling to communicate make me want to break down.

Posted on 03-06-13 4:09 PM     [Snapshot: 404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Autism is caused by vaccines? Please. Please tell me this is your theory and not your cardiology brother' s.
Posted on 03-06-13 8:50 PM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 WOW! what a pathetic topic is this? vaccinations are stupid re....i don't know what mr. rid is trying to spread out. but if you really believe that vaccinations are really stupid, then you have been totally brainwashed...that's for sure...
ms. am_i_bovvered, you "absolutely believe that autism is triggered by MMR vaccine". but i am very sorry to know that you believe in that. nobody exactly know the reason behind autism, though they have come through some genetic information. don't read the articles floating on the internet, read the peer reviewed article published by the scientist. then you will understand what really causes autism...
Posted on 03-06-13 9:39 PM     [Snapshot: 514]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would not downplay the few instances where mmr actually triggerred autism as the person above mentioned. In many medicine they say 1 in 100000 can have side effect. But if the ratio is lower and the sode effect is debilitating then we have to avoid it at all cost because you dont wany to be the 1%. It might sound easy for you to brush others suspicions aside or even ridicule it since you will only understand when it happens to you.
Posted on 03-06-13 9:43 PM     [Snapshot: 519]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Am i bovverred. I am very sorry to hear about the case in your family. That must be horribly tough on the family. Thank you for trying to share it. It might benefit some new parents who can choose to give single shots instead of combined.
Posted on 03-07-13 8:29 AM     [Snapshot: 581]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you, rethink. sometimes just an acknowledgement of our suspicion is very healing.  i appreciate its very hard for people to be sympathetic to idea of the autism-MMR link when their lives are not affected by autism and the vast majority of the children are NOT at all affected by the vaccine. but how can anyone explain the drastic change and the extreme regression  in my nephew and so many other autistic children i have met? 
there have been a few cases in the UK where the Vaccine Damage Unit has paid compensation for MMR vaccine-induced disabilities. And the court in Italy not so long ago had paid a rather large sum to Italian parents after their son showed autism symptoms overnight. Since the threats and dangers of not vaccinating children far outweigh the few side effects it may cause to a  minority, i fully understand the medical community's hesitation to attach much significance to it.
and of course, i am not saying all autism are 'CAUSED' ( i never used the word 'caused')  by MMR. but oh well, whats the point, just forget it......the fact is a little boy we love is locked in a  world we will never understand.

Posted on 03-07-13 8:40 AM     [Snapshot: 593]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My sympathies goes as well to MMR's brother's family and thanks for sharing the story.
I completely disagree about your take on Dr. Wakefield. Yes he is not a fake, but worse than a fake; let me explain.

First of Dr. Wakefield misused his power. He had a support from several coauthors who looked at his findings, trusting his words and providing valuable backup to his research. But this mistrust was nothing compared to the trust bestowed by parents who completely stopped the vaccination for their kids.

The damage doesn't end there, however. Link between MMR and vaccination was suggested before Wakefield started any work on the subject. There very well could be a possibility where MMR vaccine could trigger the dormant gene responsible for autism; recently a Dr (Singh or something) had published an article suggesting the same. The problem now is that this link is not getting the due recognition and research, because people dismiss the link suggesting the work of another scientist trying to sell his own alternate vaccine. Heck, even I easily dismissed the potential link many times.

So, please, no protecting this vile of a person.
Posted on 03-07-13 8:45 AM     [Snapshot: 603]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Court rules that mmr caused autism. Family paid 600000 pounds

Posted on 03-07-13 8:57 AM     [Snapshot: 606]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Am_I_Bovvered it says 

"Under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme, parents can petition the US government for compensation for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by compulsory childhood vaccines."

Maybe you can research the above article and find out if you can petition the government. It is so wrong that a healthy normal baby gets turned autistic by a vaccine mandated by the government.

Posted on 03-07-13 9:32 AM     [Snapshot: 633]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute(http://thinktwice.com/)
Welcome to the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute website. We offer  an extensive selection of uncensored information on childhood shots  and other immunizations. Because this is such an important topic, we  believe that parents are entitled to a full disclosure of all pertinent  data, and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. Vaccine Safety Website  (http://vaccines.net) 

Dr. JB Classen has some revealing info on the problems generated by  the use of vaccines. Have a look. (E mail:Classen@vaccines.net


 Titled simply "Vaccine Web Site", this site offers some of the best  documentation and intelligent justifications for NOT getting ANY vaccine  at ANYTIME (sound familiar?)

Gary Null on  Vaccines ( http://www.garynull.com/_vti_/LibrarySearch.htm0.idq  )

I did a serach under "vaccine dangers" at Gary Null's web site and came  up with over 200 articles. Generation Rescue ( http://www.generationrescue.org)

An international movement of parent volunters helping more  than 10,000 children begin biomedical treatment.  Our children are experiencing epidemics of ADD/ADHD,  Asperger's, PDD-NOS, and Autism.  We believe these neurological disorders ("NDs") are
 environmental illnesses caused by an overload of heavy metals, live  viruses, and bacteria. Proper treatment of our children, known as  "biomedical intervention", is leading to recovery for thousands.  The cause of this epidemic of NDs is extremely controversial.  We believe the primary causes include the tripling of vaccines given to  children in the last 15 years (mercury, aluminum and live viruses);  maternal toxic load and prenatal vaccines; heavy metals like mercury in  our air, water, and food; and the overuse of antibiotics.

 Generation Rescue is a parent-founded, parent-funded, and  parent-led organization of more than 350 families. Our mission is to
 share the truth with parents about the cause of their child's NDs so  they can focus on treatment.

**I was told two years ago by a CIA scientist working against his will  that in truth microchips  were so small they were  being inserted by injection during "vacination." This is yet  another crucial reason not to have our children vacinated.... David Icke

(see http://educate-yourself.org/mc/mctotalcontrol12jul02.shtml#vaccineimplants)

**"DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way  you are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections."...
 Dr. William
 D. Kelly

** The only message worthy of social, not political, activism at this point  is, "WAKE-UP! At least half of the world's population is targeted for  elimination under the global elite's depopulation agenda," Dr. Horowitz  insists. "Avian flu over the cuckoos nest. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,  GET VACCCINATED WITH ANYTHING!"...Dr. Len Horowitz

 (see http://educate-yourself.org/cn/lenhorowitzcoderedvaccine20oct05.shtml )

Video Archives on Vaccine Dangers from PrisonPlanet.com (Excellent) http://www.prisonplanet.com/archives/vaccines/index.htm

Latest Articles on Vaccine Dangers

GlaxoSmithKline's Rotavix Vaccine Found Contaminated with Swine Virus (April 17, 2010)

Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say (March 22, 2010)


Radio Panel: Swine Flu Hoax Exposed, 3 hour Roundtable Hosted by Dr Bill Deagle
 (Aug. 28, 2009)


Mom Worried About (Swine Flu) Vaccinations & 'Proof' for School Attendance (Aug. 25, 2009)


Bird Flu (Swine Flu) Hoax Exposed Parts 1 -12 with Dr A. True Ott


Florida State Study Promotes Gardasil 'Benefits', Despite 32 U.S. Deaths to Date (June 4, 2009)


UK "Health" Editor Promotes Vaccinations Using Fear & Misinformation
 (June 21, 2008)


 Insane NY Bill Makes All Federal Vaccines Mandatory (May 30, 2008)


The Government Created the 1976 'Swine Flu Epidemic' & Legionnaire's Disease
 (May 10, 2008)

Posted on 03-07-13 9:34 AM     [Snapshot: 638]     Reply [Subscribe]
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H1N1 Flu Vaccine caused 3587 miscarriages in US last year

A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise.


Posted on 03-07-13 9:40 AM     [Snapshot: 644]     Reply [Subscribe]
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