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Posted on 09-22-12 12:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Disclaimer: Fiction and +18 content. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. 

She came into my life without any warning. No, it was not love at first sight and it was with time my feelings only grew. It was college life back then. There were so many exams and projects, which were supposed to build and test our understanding of how the world works or a small part of it. Yet in between we managed to have some fun, have some mischief and some moments which I truly treasure.

She was not a typical girl that guys would fall in love or chase. I know it sounds so cliché, she was different.  No she was not one of those girlish girl types, nor was she total tomboy. She was just different in a way, which till date I have not been able to describe what it was about her that drew me to her. I can only make an intelligent guess. She was fearless and frank. Those are one of those qualities that were remarkable. Like they say” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I found her flawless and in fact too good to be true at times.  I also admit the fact when you truly love or adore someone, you tend to condone their flaws and only see their charisma.

Every time I saw her, it was like a learning process. I was always eager to know more about her. She just had this radiant smile. My heart would flutter like wings of a butterfly, every time she said hi to me. She never seemed to have a dull moment and this aura of positivity was infectious. I enjoyed being anywhere close to her. But initially our interactions were limited to the confines of class. However that wasn’t going to deter me from getting close to her. In my mind, I was following her. I was always good with patterns and I learnt she spent good amount of time after class at library, I knew where she would usually go for lunch; I knew which were her preferred seats. So I made best of my opportunities to be anywhere close to her.

I wonder why I choose to study engineering, most of the time I had no idea what I was doing. All my classmates were toppers and best of their school or region. There was no way I could compete with any of them. Born and brought up in Kathmandu, I had tendency to avoid hard work as much as possible. But then I found out she was particularly bad at programming and coincidently I was good with anything to do with computers. I put in all my effort in programming subjects, albeit I was just average in rest.

In the middle of semester, all the students were assigned various group projects. Due to sheer luck and few absentees we ended up in the same group which I thought would never happen. Initially, she struggled but she was a quick learner. I must also say she did actually help me in other subject and she was a good teacher. So this mutual friendship and tutoring was blossoming into something special. Most of our friends were unaware of what was happening between us. Then came a time when hours spent inside college was just not enough. I was ok with meeting her in her house, but she said it would be kind of odd since she lived in joint family. When I asked her if she could visit me in my house, she readily agreed.

Since we had only one computer, we were taking turns trying to put pieces of puzzle together. Actually I had already finished my part and looking at small portion she had started. Those were the days when transferring data meant using floppy drive. Unfortunately, small part of the project which was already completed by her was corrupted due to Mona Lisa virus. She had to redo some of the things. So while she typing I would just watch her from back. I loved the way she would put fringes of her hair to the side, how she would fidget with the mouse whenever she would get stuck. And I could come from back and type from time to time while the smell from her would drive me crazy. Whatever she was using, although I had no clue what it was, it was working really well. While typing sometimes my elbows and arms would gently rub against her breast. I could feel they were soft. But honestly, I was scared and didn’t want to enrage her. So I tried avoiding it as much as possible. Just to check up on her I looked at her, she still had her radiant smile. I felt guilty and moved back once again. Every time she would fidget with mouse, I knew it was time for me to come in. Our heads were very close to one another. This time she gently moved her head and some of hair was all over my face. As soon I managed it and put it on side, she again moved her head, and her ruffled hair was all over my face again. She was really getting naughty with me. I put my hands over her hands just to restrict her movement, and it was like tug of war between the heads. Suddenly, she decided to give me a Mike Tyson treatment and was biting and pulling my lower edge of my ears. I was surprised and moved few steps back and there was long pause. We stared at each other. We both could hear each other’s breathe loud and our hearts pounding. She moved few steps towards me and pushed me. The force was not strong enough, but somehow I hit the edge of the bed and decided to lie down.

I was just about to speak and she put her hands over my mouth. She said,” Do you want to see something?” How was I supposed to answer when my mouth was covered? I just nodded my head. She was wearing white colored t-shirt and abracadabra, boom she was wearing none. I could not believe my eyes, my hands automatically were drawn to touch. But there was retaliation and she hit back at my hands. “Not so fast.” That was most marvelous feast my eyes had ever laid upon. The more I looked at her red bra, more in my mind I was imagining how it would look like without it. But I could not wait any longer. As I used some force, the twisting action meant I was on top instead of her. She spoke softly “Please be gentle, hold your hands.” It was like putting cone of ice cream in front of baby and telling it not to touch. I kept staring at her and looking deep through her eyes. Then she decides to turn and bury her face in the bed. I also decided to lie down and slowly licked her back up to the hook of her bra. I tried to unhook the bra with my mouth and damn, it did work. I guess luck was really on my side. I promise I had no prior experience with that. She again turned to reveal something new. I could not resist tasting those succulent fruits of nature. I used my tongue to gently flick tips of her dark brown nipple. They were highly responsive and started getting perkier. While I was caressing them with my teeth softly chewing them, they were more visible signs. Finally I decided to squeeze and I could hear her moan.

It was just too intense and she decided to get up. There was once again a small pause, this time just a small one and I volunteered to lie down again. She decided to run her hands all over my body and unbuttoned my shirt. With her nails she digs deep into my chest. Her hands were slowly running down and she unzipped me. I was already hard and erect due to all the action going around in other parts of my body. She said “I want to see you naked.” I readily agreed and took off everything I had. But when I saw her ogling at me, I felt uncomfortable and also little bit shy. I tried to hide my package with my hand and she was laughing at me. She said “Just lie down”. I closed my eyes and my body witnessed so much of heavenly pleasure as she touched. She was like a snake with her tongue out. With every flick I was taken to new heights of ecstasy.  As if that was not enough, she decided to squeeze my balls gently.

I was just surprised at her level of expertise. “Wow, how do you know all this?” I asked with a trembling voice. “ It is natural. Who do you think taught this to Adam and Eve?” I was in no mood to risk such bliss for petty debates. While she was doing this I opened my eyes, and it was one of the most beautiful sight. She winked at me while she had me in her mouth. I was in cloud nine. Erringly as she was moving her tongue from top to bottom of the shaft, her nipples were rubbing against my balls.

I could not take it anymore and decided to carry her on top of study table. I slowly touched her cave and it was all moist and she was moaning really loud. Like a miner I continued digging for some time and finally I reached pinnacle of euphoria. When it all ended I was like a painter working with fresco whose only paint was bodily fluids. I had no canvas nor was wall to work with, but it my bed sheet. I kissed her luscious lips and I was about to say “I love you.” But I refrained. I was unwilling to spoil the moment.

Somehow we did manage to finish that project on the glorious day, followed by great presentation next day. It was followed by board exams. Since our exams were held in different classes I could not get to meet her during that time. The pressure of exams limited our conversation to phone calls. Among one of them she confessed she wanted to say something to me. I did not want to pressure her albeit I was anxious. We had already planned for class picnic somewhere during end of the exam season.

I was head over heels for her. I was so excited for this. Since most the classmates did not want to travel too far and considering female classmates overnight trip was out of question. So we opted for Chobar. We had also plans to visit Chobar caves and gorges through which water drains out of the Kathmandu valley. The trip started out really well. We played Antakshari and sang songs throughout the commute. Finally we reached there. It was exquisite piece of natural beauty. We choose a spot very close to small stream of water and decided to unload there. Seeing water body some of our friends could not abstain from playing with it. Guys and girls were splashing water to each other. Suddenly, unexpected happens. The water starts sweeping two of our friends, one including her bestfriend. That was a sight of horror. Panic stricken, some of friends started to yell for help, some started to cry. Although water did not seem really deep, water currents were really strong. I wish I could have helped. But I could not swim myself. She did take a look at me, but I was helpless. We were all at the mercy of nature. We kept following them, running after them. Finally after 15 minutes, army was on the scene. Helicopter also came in after an hour. Her best friend was saved by one of the local kid, who saw her drowning. Alas, we could not find the other. Our much anticipated picnic was cut short. We did not have normal class for about a week.

When classes resumed, she was missing. She did not pick up my calls either. I was really starting to get worried. After two weeks, I finally got a call from her,” I am really sorry. I don’t know what happened. I am unable to keep up with whatever is going on.”

I tried to console her, “It’s not our fault. We can do nothing about it. So, when are you coming to college?”

She replied,” I am really sorry. I am not coming to college. Never. Actually I don’t want to go. But I already got visa. I never thought I would get it. This was my third attempt. Finally, when I least expected it happened. I know you are such a lovely guy. You would make a perfect boy friend for any girl. But, I don’t want to stay here anymore, especially after this horrible event. I have decided to go to US. I actually wanted to say I do have a boyfriend, and so many things happened so fast. I was never sure of anything. Please forgive me. I have already brought tickets. I am leaving tomorrow. I hope I can face you, if I ever meet you again. “

That was the last time I ever heard from her. I am still confused and with lingering thoughts of her in my mind. Why?

Back in the day when Mtv used to play real music, I turn on the Tv and i see this song...


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Posted on 09-22-12 12:47 PM     [Snapshot: 14]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Story of my life!!!
Posted on 09-22-12 12:57 PM     [Snapshot: 125]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One word - Infatuation. 
Posted on 09-22-12 1:02 PM     [Snapshot: 125]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I despise the abrupt end but overall i enjoyed the story ! Best paragraph is one with Abrakadabra and BOOM. Fluent story.
Posted on 09-22-12 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice Read: Ending is tragic

Its like saying your mother died, and dont worry your father will marry another girl and you would be a perfect son!!!! What a Bitch.....

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Posted on 09-22-12 3:28 PM     [Snapshot: 299]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Foreplay,.. sex and deceit
Not as explicit as I had thought when I read '18+ warning'
but wonderfully laid out ,
the real life depiction of what "most of the time"
goes in college life or during adolescence.
Vasu, you've got some story writing skill :D

Posted on 09-22-12 10:48 PM     [Snapshot: 421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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  I was not sure what kind of reception I would get. I am happy I was able to entertain.
Posted on 09-23-12 7:30 AM     [Snapshot: 856]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Looks like we have another writer on the way... I somehow felt that you rushed the end--besides that everything else was smoothly written... " you gave a typical story - the one that has a happy ending never becomes a love story" anyways-- hope to see more of your writings :)
Posted on 09-23-12 8:35 AM     [Snapshot: 895]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vasu brah, Dr. Gupta ko clinic Jane bela bhayechha. ;)
Posted on 09-25-12 1:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1343]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bhabee likes Hmmmmm

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