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 asylum filne garne haru
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asylum happiness
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Posted on 07-15-12 1:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 asylum file garera greencard aako khushiyali ma party garne haru, arkako desh ma refugee bhako ma ghamanda garne haru, ane yo post ma ajai aafai thulo kura garne haru, dhikkar chha!!
Posted on 07-15-12 2:12 PM     [Snapshot: 120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Y so much hate!!!
Posted on 07-15-12 5:49 PM     [Snapshot: 365]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha nice one pepsi.
Aangur amilo cha.
Posted on 07-15-12 6:00 PM     [Snapshot: 378]     Reply [Subscribe]
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why do people have to show off so much hatred for others.This is a free country.If people want to file for asylum they will do that.rather than ridiculing others may be people should look their face in mirrors if they have been selfless all their life and so dedicated to their country.WTF r they doing in US??

Posted on 07-15-12 10:49 PM     [Snapshot: 620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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chattyangg brother, you need serious mental medical attention. Please visit your doctor
Posted on 07-16-12 8:10 AM     [Snapshot: 826]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The real asylum seekers are still in Nepal waiting for their turn.
Posted on 07-16-12 8:22 AM     [Snapshot: 830]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, people do what they need to do.

Having said that, in defense of Chatyaang, there is this unseemly and ugly aspect of lying to apply for refugee status.  

It probably effects the society negatively and hinders the chances of real refugees.  But that is the job of the USCIS and Immigration courts to determine who gets the refuge and who doesn't.  

I am sure it is particularly offensive to those who are trying to get the green card in legitimate way, be it through studying hard and working hard, or through other legal process.  

I can only show displeasure at this obvious hoodwink, but can also understand why people do it.

Posted on 07-16-12 10:44 AM     [Snapshot: 986]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Atleast this is better than, kali lai bihe garera paper banunu! :)
Posted on 07-16-12 12:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1085]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thulo kura garera hunewala kehi chaina...nepal ko us embassy ma jhuto bolera padhai sakkayera ma desh farkinchu bhanera aako haina...ani kina chaiyo ta green card feri... ajhhai legitimitate way ma GC nikalney rey rey..hahahaha..fawkin hypocrites...

Posted on 07-17-12 1:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1340]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 ha ha property evaluation nakkali, bank balance nakkali, katti manche ko ta certificate nakkali, Amrika aauna lai sab kura ta jhuto nai ta cha asylum ke bho ra. take a chill pill.. pakkai pani tyo bro ko Asylum aprove bhayena hola :) what I believe is we all are here for a better life so unless you hurt other people to get your legal residence here,it should be ok to practice any way to be here legally. But I have seen a lot of people, asylum bata paper banayepachi padhai chai chodchan. I have a piece of advice to all that padhai nabhayera paper bhayera pani kaam chaina. so padhai chai top of the priiority list after that is paper and after that everything else.Just as Jefferson says, Everyone has a right to be happy so they have a right to pursue their happiness without hurting others. you and I are no one to tell them what is right or wrong.
Posted on 07-17-12 2:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1407]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chattyang bro hune khaane pariwar ko hola ni ta.. Bank ma 50 60 lakh ko bank balance bhako. 2 -3 Crore ko property bhako. Ani America padhnu aako... College lai harek semester $10,000 chadaune chyamataa bhako.. Ani gas station , OC ma kaam garnu na Parne bhaako ...testo satyabaad
Posted on 07-17-12 2:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1419]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Testo bhagya liyera aaunu bhaako chatyaang ji yesto jhino masino Kura ma kina dhyaan diyeko hola. Testo ghar pariwar baatako aako maanche haru sanga asylum ko kina sarokaar ho k. Aru le tesari kaagaz nikaalera Dhaak lagaayo bhane aafu ni Dhaak laaune ni. Asylum file garnu pare chaina.. Us embassy lai property bank balance cha bhanera dhatnu pareko chaina. Dhoti paki ko muni gas station OC ma kaam garnu pare chaina... Teso herda chatyaang bro shud feel sorry for those asylum kaagaz Dhaak lagaune maathi..
Posted on 07-17-12 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1474]     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh_Gaathe ji badhai cha approval bhayeko ma
Posted on 07-17-12 5:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1542]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For all the Asylum applicants


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