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 Play by Play Himalayan Lions club and Local Boston Women
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Posted on 09-03-10 10:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi all,
          I lived in boston  and got e- mail on the behalf of Lions club.
As being Women and Human  I , myself do not agree with Lions clubs e-mal.
Let me start point wise,
          I am involved in Teej Party organised by Women.
          - When we talk and fixed date of the Teej party, where were Lions club.?
          - Why you Guys pulling GBNC in this matter?
          - if you guys have took decision  a month ago why wasn't it 
             came to public.?
          - Where is Lions clubs annual calender?
          - Do you guys want  to hear vioce massage left on one of our friends 
             cell phone ( by Lions clubs exe. member  Shiva Paudyal )?  How rude and 
             insulting to women !
          -  you guys did not asked us to withdraw our programme ?
          -  why do we women need to consult with Lions club to 
              organise women's festival ?
          -  Did we asked  Lions club to change  date  of your  programe ?
          -  who  is starting clashes ?  you guys started sending out e- mail 
             against  10/12 women's right action.shame on you guys. 
             Now  I am going to give clear vision,why this is happinging?
we few women's came with an idea of TeeJ  Party to  be organised by womens. we did contact 
some of our women friends. They were agreed to do so.we did talked and finalised ticket and booked Hall. one or two days after that Mr.Ram thapa from Lions club came to contact and asked us let Teej Party to organise by Lions club. we told him, we already decided and Hall is booked and we can't, even after that also various member from Lions club tried us to stop. when 
they were not sucessful.Then member from Lions club started attacting us personally. Is that right thing? Just a day ahead of you lions club publised their Teej party on Lions Clubs member Mr. Ram  Thapa requeted  us  to come for meeting. we informed all friends and
waiting for Lions Clubs member till late evening. no one showed up and later he called one of our friends cell and left massage "we don't need to have meeting because Lions Club decided to organised  our one."
So please  friends do your own judgement  who is wrong and who is right.
you respected persons from Lions club- Branded we women as " POTHI BASYO" Please, please remember this will apply to your Mom, sister, wife and Daughter too, not only is direspecting too all Women being.
you guys tried to give us political name too.This is too bad. ones political view is very personal.But now I myself  need to  let ppl why are you guys doing this? you guys do not like and agree with any other political view people.   

This is whole politilcal picture of Lions Club of Himalaya entire  executative  team. why not any other political view one. So please see yourself before going give political brand name to others and I am sure you guys want to capture GBNC and make same like Lions  Club. This is only for to making clear about Lions Clubs members Intention .
Thank you all.

Lions Club

Nepali congress

NE Chapter


 Maheswor panta ( member)

Bisnu Karki ( Member)

Peshal Regmi (Member)

Shiva  poudel (membe

Bikram Gurung (member  

Ram Dhital ( Member )

Uttam Karki (Member)

 Bhes Raj Sharma (Member ) Rajendra  Shrestha ( Member) Dr. Rajesh Thapa (Member) Bimal Nepal (Member)

Ram Thapa (Member)




Maheswor panta (Member)

Bisnu Karki ( Member )

Peshal Regmi  ( Member )          Bikram Gurung (member Shiva  poudel (member

Ram Dhital ( member

Uttam Karki (Member)

Bhes Raj Sharma (Member) Rajendra  Shrestha (Member) Dr. Rajesh Thapa (Member)

Bimal Nepal (Member)

Ram Thapa (Member)

Posted on 09-03-10 10:58 AM     [Snapshot: 4]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You want to celebrate teej go for it but it must be for your own good health and longevity.  

Since the evolution of religions they started dominating women and made them as slave in the name of religion. You are in different era and it must be a festival for women and no string should be attached with it but there is.

Now it is time to change it and you are not back home and I am not asking to quiet your culture but you must acknowledge that it must be done for  your own shake either as a fun or something else but do not starve in the name or  your spouse.  You must modify it as the time passes. You are not in that era.  

Posted on 09-03-10 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 31]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-03-10 11:23 AM     [Snapshot: 59]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is this??

Grow up and give up this childish behavior of dragging personal quarrels to a public forum. We simply don't give a rat's behind about who organizes the function and who ditched who.

Posted on 09-03-10 11:38 AM     [Snapshot: 71]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All should know how MEN are mistreating women, its not about the organizing any function, its about mis-behave of men towards women. This is not personal as you should read clearly, this about the community, and public organization such as Lion's Club.
Would you give anyone's behind if it involved yourself or your sister, mother, daughter? So, be kind to your self.......if not to others.....

Posted on 09-03-10 3:16 PM     [Snapshot: 204]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well atleast you do give reasons.

You said, "Would you give anyone's behind if it involved yourself or your sister, mother, daughter?"

It depends what you mean by involvement. If they are just taking part in the Teej, I would still give a rat's behind since they themselves also would want out of this politics bs. If they were themselves involved in the political tug-of-war, I would come protect them BUT I wouldn't term it as a MEN vs Women showdown. Let me ask you this, would your dad or your brother had read the above post, would he give anyone's behind? lol.

I can see how, if what you are saying is the truth, they are playing politics behind all this; this is very typical of every other organizations around. They probably have 55 different registered organizations in NY and almost all to boost the social ego of the founder.

What I see is some guy (head of the aforementioned Lions Club) trying to "claim" this event under his wings. That's pure politics NOT Male chauvenism or female dominance. I bet if it was a guy instead of you, he would've done the same thing. So don't make it look like MAN vs Woman, is all I am saying.

Rest you understand.

Posted on 09-03-10 8:00 PM     [Snapshot: 266]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हैन आर्को नयाँ शब्दको निकास भएछनी, धन्यवाद नाश 

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