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 Why Indians in the US act the way they do.

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Posted on 07-30-10 3:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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{lol no alcohol or thought enhancing substances was used in this analysis ..wink wink ;-) }Well well well.......Hanging out in my back yard, Me and my friends( Americans, Philippino and lots of Nepali) went to a very extensive discussion on why indians(dhoties) act the way they do here in the US......Ok we all know how Indians act.....well this is our version....................
An indian man.....growing up in India doing what ever it takes to reach the next level in his STATUS in india. We all know how important status is indian culture, they grow up watching bollywood movies where they show indian actors becoming very rich in other countries, expensive houses, cars, women, the movies show indians having multibillion companies and have whites call them boss open car doors, bring food and act like chamchas and life is good(JUST MAKE BELIEVE YET ). Then they see a lot of Indians going abroad to work for companies and sending money home and the family buys good stuff....YOU know what happens then....THAT MANS FAMILY has a HUGE status BOOST...from being just a comon person his whole family becomes respected. NOW most indians see that phenomenon and have the dream to go abroad and make money too.... and they do whatever it takes to get a job.....ONCE THEY get a job offer in the USA....they whole town knows about it....guess what happens....that yesterdays nobody suddenly becomes SOMEBODY...his status gets SOOOO High....HIS whole family is now looked at as RICH & RESPECTABLE,,,,,most important HIGH STATUS.....now this guy who was nothing just yesterday in now high status and feels the high of life...he has now done what his role model of his life THE BOLLYWOOD ACTORS showed him to do....HE IS NOW A HERO ........his marriage chances got a lot better too...LOL...HE SINGS HINDI SONGS IN HIS HEAD OF SUCCESS ...he walks around his home town with his head held high, ...........then soon he lands in THE USA.....he immediately acts that he is the smartest person in the entire world. He acts like a sophisticated aristrocat YOU KNOW WHY>>>>BECAUSE HE IS OF VERY HIGH STATUS ........BACK IN INDIA....it is asif he says to others ...do you know who I am back home in india...I come from a very high status and important, well known family.....FUGGER FORGETS his status came form the news that he was going to the USA....................YET he acts walks talks like he knows best.....that indian goes on a denial...MOST OF THEM DO.....they feel that the world is obgligated to honor their  HIGH STATUS back home.....THATS WHY THEY ACT THE WAY THEY DO.......BOLLYWOOD INSPIRED....and the new HIGH STATUS....back home. LOL.........

I have many friends...from all over the world and they all have the same feeling towards INDIANS.........its how we Nepalese feel towards them.......DHOTI CHOR

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-03-10 1:31 AM     [Snapshot: 1825]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It seems like Gorkhasainik has regestered a new account being ayanmanepal and posted the comment saying the same statement......... it was a jock Again........hahhahahhahaha

Posted on 08-03-10 4:32 AM     [Snapshot: 1850]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नमस्ते (नमस्कार) ।
               I'm drinking milk tea, as a Doping agent.

Gorhalisainik, "Then they see a
lot of Indians going abroad to work for companies and sending money home
and the family buys good stuff....YOU know what happens then....THAT
MANS FAMILY has a HUGE status BOOST... from being just a comon person his
whole family becomes respected
            Wow! Yes Myaan... your' right.

I too dislike Typical Bihar-U.P.-Jharkhand-Haryana mentality.

I had same questions, and I asked one wise guy. Answered as, "it's Philosophy". Aggressive when they are more than 5. If less than 5: they are humble, social, and human.

Rumor: same goes with Japanese (most dangerous), Korean, Chinese (dangerous), Vietnamese, Latin (dangerous), Middle-East-(?)Arab (worst), Palestinian (worst), African etc. And may be Nepali too(!?).

Rumor: Comparatively Nepali girls prefers Pakistani or/else Indian boys than Nepali boys. Indian girl's prefer Latin or other boys than Indian.

MTV generation. Bollywood-Hollywood relation. Snoop-Dog's King Song..., Indian's Nuclear Science..., God!

Guys, my request... score as much Indian girls as you can (words copied from -
Taslima Nasrin); so that in future there will be no more Indians left to hate.
Boys let's dominate their culture by "Mass Media attack". Let's change their Food Habits. Let's marry their girls(Indo-Nepal border), let's change their culture.

Posted on 08-03-10 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1899]     Reply [Subscribe]
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wow these guys will do anything to win huh? well if im gorkhali sainik than cylegend and slim shady are the same person too. cuz you are the only two who thinks im gorkhali sainik. thats a triple joke or is it jock again hahahhahahahah

Posted on 08-03-10 11:28 AM     [Snapshot: 1924]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ur comment starting with "WOW: gives u away.

well if im gorkhali sainik than cylegend and slim shady are the same person t

correction: BTW it's "then" not "than"

Posted on 08-03-10 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1932]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wow Wow Wow Yippie yo yippie yay

Posted on 08-03-10 12:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1936]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Although I respect your service in the military and the cause you have been fighting for, maybe you are a bit misinformed, or maybe its just a wrong case of generalization. 

While your short rant clearly exposes your sheer disgust towards your Indian counterparts, may I remind you that we share a lot of similarities with the dhotis.

Pride is in our blood. You cannot deny the fact that even in Nepal there is a certain chest puffing when it comes to saying one's son is abroad trying to make his life. Boasting may not be justified, but it still happens. 

We are proud people, proud of our heritage and of our establishments, and should realize and appreciate that we may not be the only ones on this planet to have something to swell about. The level of modest-ness between OUR pride and THEIR pride may be debatable, but poking fun of THEM and ridiculing THEM surely isnt the best way to "win the race". 

Competition is healthy, but once you start disrespecting your opponents, you are only going to fck things up for yourself eventually. Treat them as an admirable foe, with both positive AND negative virtues, absorbing the former and avoiding the latter. You don't have to like them, but hating them purely out of spite is only going to make you seem like a sore loser. 

Play nice!

Posted on 08-03-10 7:21 PM     [Snapshot: 2063]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well I am grgdai, gorkhalisainik, ayanmanepal because of the word "WOW"..........So thats my trade mark signature??? WOW, So any one who uses WOW is me now right cylegend.........Im a criminaljustice and Law graduate......I joined the US army by choice 2004 after my Green card....unlike you I fought for my citizenship...and I have earned  it with blood ,sweat and tears. Ayanmanepal bro thanks for the support WOW ! lol.
 DDriver bro........I can see where your point is comming from........but I dont agree, hate is what keeps people like me AWARE what India can do to Nepal....we all Nepali know that. We all know how india treats Nepalese....just one example ...read about BSF (india)abusing Nepali locals inside Nepal....katro aat and everyone knows what goes on there...yet no one tries to do anything and if anyone tries they get punished????? why ?? becuase Indians know they CAN and we cant do s)hit about that......Yes I joined the US Army yet feel so helpless when I read such stuff. well you might say all indians arent bad...and I agree........but there are some....Id say MANY who deserve my HATE 100%. sorry I dissapointed you.

By the way Ill be out for a couple of months, and my Salute to all Nepalese serving In the US ARMY and all over the world .....cylegend we should meet and talk over a beer and settle our difference...OBAMA did it why cant we??

Posted on 08-04-10 9:20 AM     [Snapshot: 2136]     Reply [Subscribe]
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it wasn't just the WOW, similar traits sentence  structure, over use of "......" and giggly jiggly high schoolish LOLs gave you away. Are you getting out of Guantanamo? In my opinion it looks like the US army has brain washed you into hating other people. Your generalization in regards to Indians shows that you are mentally weak. Just cause you went out and fought in wars does not make you strong, fk that BS about army strong, that's just a way to lure back country half wit kids who don't know their elbows from their asses to join the army. all i want to tell you is stop hating and stop generalizing a group on the basis of few idiotic stuff some people do. Not all indians are bad.
as far as meeting is concerned yes why dont u come to NYC and wait for me in the middle of time square with a rose in your hand on Friday Aug 6th at 6pm sharp. If Obama can, we can too.

Posted on 08-04-10 12:50 PM     [Snapshot: 2178]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all I am 30 yrs old....LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR ....THIS WAS A JOKE YOU DUMB FUGGER WHAT PART OF A JOKE DONT YOU UNDERSTAND,,,,...Indians make funny jokes about Nepali, Us makes fun about Canadians and almost anyone in the world, English of the Irish and vice versa, and many more countries throwing ethnic jokes at each other so whats wrong at mine........Yes I do hate India for the way they treat our mother land NEPAL and Nepali people...and Yes i have come across good indian people too and BAD ones too.     ..WOW... is used by most people when they are surprised, astonished to stupid comments like yours..........   you know something cylegend......My hate for indians didnt come from the US Army...and every Nepali knows where it comes from...some ignore (like you) some express it....your kind leaves a shut eye when Nepalese in the border gets harassed raped and beaten by indian border forces and nepal loosing land everyday....its people like you do nothing when India noses in Nepal politics and safe housed terrorists like Prachanda supplied arms and act innocent. It is people like you who try to portray peace when we grew up sanctioned by indias border discrimination and we back home didnt have lively hood products because India closed the borders... AND yes how can we forget the millions of Nepalese in India being racially discriminated for being Nepali...and all those poor women in brothels. YA I have my reasons OK.....so dont tell me to love India.

as for your comment of the US Army...Yes we recruit young men and women. SO whats wrong with that....do you know that most of these men would have taken the path of crime , violence drugs and Gang life.....YES we recruit these men and women....install them with values, discipline and integrity. do you know how many teens and young people die here in the US due to crimes,drugs and  drunk driving etc??? YA too many....the number is higher than the count if you put both wars combined. NOW did you know that all Army jobs(MOS) are not combat related......Any jobs you find in the civilian world you need to pay to learn .....ARMY teaches these for FREE....college tuition free, life insurance free, food, lodging FREE and get paid.......show me a civilian equivalent institution where you get paid to learn all these.
                 ...RESEARCH BEFORE YOU POINT FINGERS ....

Posted on 08-04-10 1:28 PM     [Snapshot: 2192]     Reply [Subscribe]
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1. WOW can you post your id so that we can verify if you are really 30 year old or not..you sound like a 16 year old high school drama queen.
2.  what have you done so far to stop the harassment, raping and encroachment of nepali borders by indians that you come here and point out at me asking me what i have done.
3. as a nepali no i don't know where your anti indian sentiments come from? i have no HATE towards indians, although i might condemn their actions and feel angered, but hate is too strong of a word to use.
4. Learn the difference between "loosing" and "losing" Mr. Criminal justice lawyer aka US CITIZEN army man.
5. So those women you talk about who got sold in the brothels, most of them happened to be sold by your own nepali brothers, you talk like as if Indians came into nepal and snatched these women. i think indian administration have as much as to allow nepali organizations to go in to these brothels and rescue these women. source: maitinepal
6.if you are mad at india coz Prachanda sold weapons to innocent nepalese then i dont really see what ur talking about. Prachanda is a liability to india when it comes to fueling india's own nakshalbaad maoist movement and you think they would help nepali maobadis? please backup your claims with credible source.
7. Yeah sure US army recruits gang members, shows by their incredible inability to win a war what kinda Army US has. yeah why give these young broken men/women a chance in some other way when they can be put in the forefront of war and sacrifice em all in the name of freedom.
8. Free food, lodging, education comes at a tremendous price of losing a life. show me where in the civilian institution one has to risk their life to achieve that?

Posted on 08-04-10 2:28 PM     [Snapshot: 2220]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agrees with cylegend with everything besides the statement that Nepali chelis are sold by their parents etc to Indian brothels.  Nepali chelis sold to India are lured saying they would provide good jobs to the girls and once they get to India they are locked up and forced to become prostitute. poor villagers in Nepal think their daughters are there working as  domestic helpers or doing some other work. What has Indian government done to help that so far? they have done very little and that is also only during these last few years after strong international pressure.

Posted on 08-04-10 6:32 PM     [Snapshot: 2266]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Armies are robots of politicians, Follow the command, Yes sir!!!
Last edited: 04-Aug-10 06:33 PM

Posted on 08-04-10 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 2261]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नमस्ते !

बिन्ति: भारतलाई धेरै गालि नगर्नुस । मलाई भारतिय महिला सार्है सेक्सि लाग्छ । 

Last edited: 24-Aug-10 07:40 AM

Posted on 08-04-10 10:36 PM     [Snapshot: 2320]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Over and out Cylegend...I wish I had time like you but I dont probably my last post to you.....this discussion has gone too long and unnecessary. ..i dont know if Im a fool trying to convince my actual post was a joke and treat is as one  which led to me showing my anger towards Indians. OR you are a fool to be such a serious dumbo reacting to a joke complaining like a little girl. So what people dont make fun of people from other countries???.....you keep on correcting my spelling like this was some kind of exam....are you so naive that you cant understand that I DONT CARE what I type here..... im not concerned a bit about the spelling...comprendo....YET..  You make Valid points about our own short comings as Nepalese people, and thats true BUT what makes you think that as Nepalese we cant be angry towards Indian atrocities towards Nepal and Nepali???? HEY supply and Demand..Indians lust for young nepali girls so there is a market......SO I AM MAD......dont care who supplies them, tricks them....they suffer and there is the source of my anger, in their suffering. PRACHANDA himself said that he was in India during the maoist rebellion in an interview was all over the news.....research your self you are educated and smart. AS for the Army...............you didnt answer my point at all....more teens die here in the US DAILY due to guns, drugs and crime than the both war combined. Lastly Cylegend you wouldnt understand what it means to serve .....its not your fault .......... you stay home type in your computer being so ever righteous ...while I have my life on the line like all those who serve..... so fuggers like you can express the freedom of speech. YOU know how much muslim extremists hate America.and anyone living here.....its too late to ponder whose fault this war is because if we dont do what we do, you better pack your bags and head home they will destroy us,AND  before insulting the people who sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom, the freedom that you are enjoying at whose price its coming from. Im done with you and anyone who reads this post..........IT WAS A JOKE....THATS ALL A JOKE...HHAHAAHHAHHA yup some chuckles and giggles and some laughs that was the target......please dont take it seriously...cylegend work on your humor.

Posted on 08-04-10 10:49 PM     [Snapshot: 2337]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i dont think it was a joke...and the bullshit about the patriotism was way off topic....ya'll are all boredass sajha members....well its good....keep yourself busy writing comments back....good thing
Posted on 08-05-10 7:54 AM     [Snapshot: 2378]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cylegend you pretty much said what I wanted to say....kudos to you.... gorkhalisainik thinks he is IT just coz he is in the US army and CJ lawyer? Anyone can join with a medium fit health - with GC can join the army.

I will not take away the pride of joining the army but dude comon...stop it.  Gorhalisainik you sound so illiterate.  Your arguments sqashed by cylegend I do not even feel like elaborating more on it. 

We nepalease have so much of Indian in us and still hate indians and call them names.  All you indian haters: tell me you have not been to one indian restaurant, one indian store or just kept away indian music and movies all together? 

Indian politics towards nepal is a differet topic.  Gorhalisainik sounds like a mid western boy from a farm who got recruited at the cattle show.  You are not a CJ lawyer, you woudnt join the army if you were....

Posted on 08-05-10 8:43 AM     [Snapshot: 2388]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If it hadn't been for the ARMY's damn budget which gobbles up a significant amount of US tax dollars the US govt probably would have allocated that money for education? job creation? tuition assistance? police? health care? therefore eliminating lot of young people getting killed perhaps, maybe even giving them a chance to excel in some ways? In my opinion the US defense budget is one of the biggest problems that is contributing to the National Debt taking this country down the shit hole it already is heading towards.

Posted on 08-05-10 9:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2399]     Reply [Subscribe]
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heres the thing, cy, I agree with you but US also needs its army to be the best out there.  there are just too many threats out there...thats for another discussion

Posted on 08-05-10 9:15 AM     [Snapshot: 2404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mucho_fiesta i do agree to your point as well. however, i am not saying that US defense spending is the only cause of social unrest in US but it's one of the biggest contributors when it comes to feds budget cut on spending on security, health care etc. in my opinion.

Posted on 08-05-10 9:23 AM     [Snapshot: 2400]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तेरो गाण्ड किन जल्यो


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