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 Tapai Lai ke Diyo Nepal le??????
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Posted on 05-20-09 10:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal aama le malai k diyo hoina. Maile Choro bhayera Nepal aama lai k deye.

Posted on 05-20-09 11:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WE normally think that we come to America because there is nothing good to do in Nepal. Partly it may be true but underlying is even truthful reason for it. I call it desire to see advanced world, personal whim to experience freedom and a mere personal showoff saying 'see I have in foreign", a pride in itself.

But after coming over here, we come down to reality, grass on the other side iis always greener. WE then start bargain. WHY? why me?, what went wrong, my initial intentions were to get better life, earn lottsah money and feed more to my showoff. But opposite happens.

How can we blame our personal self then? Its self-humiliating, so we start to blame Nepal, a nice excuse which is easily sellable. Other's too will agree to it and you'll feel better about yourself by false assurance that this is actually becuase of pthetic situation of nepal. There are millionaires in nepal, there are happy people in nepal, how did they do manage to live better life? Cared for it?

Self-analysis is the best way to start with. Retro inspect on what you did, you;ll definatley find a point where you actually began to go wrong but you kept wronging and thats why you are here today where you are? there is a way out. DO the best you can do.

Posted on 05-20-09 11:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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timile Nepal lai k diyo.....Nepal hunu jel alchi garera paadyo.....khayo...sutyo.....chowchow ko package pani bato ma kehi volunteer kaam desh lai ramroo hune kaam garyo.........ani ahie sajha ma aayera bakwash garyo

Posted on 05-21-09 12:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nationality, citizenship, passport... for which Palestinian still strive for...

freedom, rights, country, pride... which Tibetan still lack

ma rajabadi haina, tara.. "ma marey pani mero desh baachi rahosh!!"

ma maaobadi haina, tara.. "I have a vision for a new Nepal"

ma congress haina... na ma communist nai ho... ma RPP haina... neither I'm MJF, Sadhvawana,... Tiger, Cobra, Lion, National, Royal (...) Armies... no... none of these... tara ma Gorkhali ho, Madhesi ho, Jhapali ho, Dangali ho, Palpali ho... tara J bhaye pani.. J bhane pani... Jun sabda prayog gare pani ma Nepali ho... parishrami ani swabhimaani Nepali!!

Let's put hands together to make our country a Nation of Peace... even if we couldn't keep it as a Zone.. we can still make it a nation with peace...

Let's not dream of Switzerland... Let's try to re-create our country Nepal again...

We have slided down the road alot... Let's realize and pull our nationl up on the surface, so we can dream of Switzerland or even better than that in future...
and for that... Let's first try to make it a real... an actual Nepal... and forget about demanding for Greater Nepal... coz it's just gonna torn our country down... and create a new Somalia of Asia!!!

Think about it guys!!!

Jaya Nepal!!!
Posted on 05-21-09 2:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wah wah wah my salute to you.
aani tsharma bhai ho ya dai kehi sika--america aayeka chau kyra.

Posted on 05-21-09 6:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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lathe chora bhayera aama sanga magne? thuikka tero buddhi, sakchas bhane kehi de. sakdaina bhane jun aaama ( america ) le dina sakcha tyahi bas. Nepal aama needs from us, she's very week,,,,,, hey bhagwan, nepal aama lai kehi dine shakti, sabai nalayak chora chori ( me too ) lai pradan garun.

Posted on 05-21-09 7:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepali aama le sabai vanda pahile ta malai euta name diyeko cha ki ma nepali hu...this one most imp thing

malai esto culture diyeko cha sayad tyo wold ko kahai chaina hola....

mero aafnai aaasthiito ra pahichan cha...tyo ho nepali....grnu ta aafu le parcha aafno lagi desko lagi...aafule kehi nagarne ani  des bata aasha garne tyo vayena hai mitra haru so Kehi garu des ko lagi...Proud 2 b nepali

Posted on 05-21-09 7:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपाल केही हो भने त्यो हामी नेपालीले गर्दानै हो। यो राम्रो छ, यो नराम्रो छ, सबै हामीले गर्दानै हो। देश ले कसैलाई केही दिदैन जब देश लाई कसैले केही दिएको छैन भने । कसै सँग केही छ भने न उस्ले केही दिन सक्छ। नेपाल मा त सबै लुट्न पल्केकाहरु नै पावर मा पुग्छन, अशिछित नेपाली तिनैको पछी लग्नु पर्ने बनाइएको छ। क्लासमा फेल हुनेहरु नेता हुन्छन, हवल्दारहरु र चुनाव हारेकाहरु प्रधान मन्त्री हुन्छन। जनतालाई मारेर, जनता लाई तर्साएर आतंककारी हरु देशको नेत्रित्व गर्छन्। कोही देश टुक्र्याएर मोज गरौला भन्ने दाउमा छन। जो अली बुझेका छन ति बिदेश गैसके, कोही जानेवाला होलान, जो नेपालमै केही गर्छु भन्ने छन तिनी हरु यती थोरै छन कि समुन्द्रको पानीमा एउटा परमाडु जस्ता भएका छन।

नेपाललाई लुट्ने भनेको नेपालीलाई लुट्ने भनेको हो, ............. जबसम्म हामीले यो बुझ्दैनौ यस्तै चली रहन्छ।

i wish we understand this fact before everyting is vanished .....


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