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 THIS Is What They're Hiding About BlackRock - Bitcoin Prediction
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ओहो कस्तो जीनियस को भिडियो हेर्ने सौभाग्य प्राप्त भयो। धन्यवाद। अब पब्लिक सर्भिस को लागि transkript र नेपाली रूपान्तर पनि राखिदिनु समयसापेक्ष होला।

like when the FED printed a bunch of
money during Co and gave it to like
Black Rock to manage like was that
incompetence especially when BlackRock
like wrote a plan at the end of 2019 of
the monetary policy that the FED
followed exactly when Co happened about
what the FED would need to do during a
unforeseen crisis I mean it's just like
was that incompetence or is that
corruption you know and I mean a lot of
times they try and absolve themselves of
like OB when they sort of get caught or
start to get caught for something
corrupt they'll be like oh don't look
any further we're just really stupid you
know um but if you consider just like
the massive amount of wealth transfer
that's happened in the past 20 years to
like the people at the very top um
obviously well I I think it's obvious
but I mean that can't all have been
because of
incompetence you know and more and more
has come out like with Co too like um
you know the safe and effect stuff about
the vaccines and I mean a lot of people
in alternative media knew it was
experimental and that there wasn't
enough testing and stuff and they were
uh censored and then the stuff was
forced on people through mandates and
and things like that like was that
um you know I mean they knew then what a
lot of people in alternative media knew
then they being you know the people in
charge and they still put it through
anyway and now there's like they're
acting like it didn't happen you know
today we have Whitney web discussing
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and why
things are not as they seem the recent
approval of black Rock's Bitcoin ETF was
only the beginning as more financial
institutions and governments invest into
spot ETFs Whitney points out the
underlying plan to use Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency as a means to control the
supply she discusses why very soon
cryptocurrency will be used as a way to
destroy the value and privacy that's
eluded governments until now she says
we're witnessing the collapse of the
Fiat money system and why this is unlike
anything we've seen in history while the
dollar may be the last one to fall
there's something much bigger going on
behind the scenes let's get right into
the video with Whitney Webb as she gives
her prediction for what's coming in the
days and weeks ahead there's been a push
for several years but now it's gaining
an insane amount of momentum and and
steam uh but it really goes back several
years uh and the the goal is to have a
regulated internet which means the end
of online privacy and
anonymity um and they want to do this uh
by having people link a government
issued ID to their internet access and
internet activity so in the US um well
the well it's come from the government
but it's not a lot of government policy
whether it's about this or something
else doesn't come organically from the
government it comes from think tanks it
comes from uh you know groups like that
even the we the world economic Forum um
that are then given to politicians and
politicians legislate and enact it and
then the state enforces it but it's not
necessarily the ideas of the legislature
in the state itself these policies uh
and more often than not these than takes
are funded by corporations and
billionaires and all of these guys and
they also own the politicians so it's
really them creating the policy and they
use the state as an enforcer to force it
on the public right so that's I guess
the global public private partnership is
what um my colleague Ian Davis calls
them they right and I think it's uh
pretty fair he puts the bis at the top
by the way of the pyramid uh yeah but
this policy one of the earliest
iterations of it at least in the United
States uh was during the Obama
Administration they called it a driver's
license for the internet the idea of in
order to access the internet when you
set up you know internet connection at
your house the internet service provider
links all of your internet traffic to
your ID and in doing so the government
and the signals intelligence arm or
intelligence agency of the government
then has access uh to not just
everything you're posting and writing
online but also everything you read and
consume online and everything you buy
and everything you buy to totally I mean
this whole push is completely related to
ending Financial anonymity and financial
privacy as well it's a completely
interrelated thing um and I've done uh
pretty extensive deep Dives on this uh
going back to probably like
2021 because it's very tied up with how
they're likely to force this regulated
internet on the populace because they're
not just going to be like let's do this
now I mean people aren't going to go
along with it so they need some sort of
um event that gets people uh Angry and
Afraid and panicking in order to stick
it through so basically this is going to
be folded into I guess what I would call
a cyber Patriot Act the Patriot Act
being the legislation pushed through in
the US after September 11th 2001 right
um a lot of which wasn't necessarily
related to anything to do with 911 but
was a huge power grab by the state
taking advantage opportunistically of
the panic after 911 so they need some
sort of event like that to Ram all this
stuff through but the the plans have
been on the books for a very long time
and it's not just the US it's really
everywhere I mean um I think in uh the
UK you have something called like the
online safety Bill uh they'll say oh
it's about protecting children but
really it's about ending encryption
which law enforcement in the UK and the
US have been trying to do so hard for
years and years and years I mean Bill
bar uh who is attorney general under
Trump in the US was like that was his
main policy goal was to end encryption
and he talked about it all the time but
a lot of people didn't really pay
attention I guess but in the UK it's a
similar push because of course as I'm
sure you're aware um the UK National
Security State and the US National
Security State are very intertwined uh
specifically signals intelligence the
whole five eyes Alliance which is
obviously includes more countries but
it's it's UK and US dominated obviously
it's not like Australia and New Zealand
are running the show there you know so
in terms of what we're talking about
with government you know regulation of
the internet and and all of this it's
coming right we're already seeing the
first signs of it here uh there's an
obvious push to censor more speech and
Link people's uh Speech to their ID and
have it more surveil than ever before uh
gutting encryption what's the why do
they want to do that so they can read
everything that you say and all your
transactions follow them all there's a
similar effort in crypto and
specifically with Bitcoin uh to
criminalize mixers and criminalize any
sort of service that affords you
increased Financial privacy web warns
against the entry of powerful Financial
institutions like black rock into the
Bitcoin space saying this is definitely
a negative development in crypto she
asserts that these institutions are set
to control a significant portion of the
cryptocurrency supply and emphasizes the
importance of resisting this obvious
influence on the market where they want
to take this if anyone uses a mixer they
can go after you that's what they want
to set up they don't want anyone to have
Financial privacy or online privacy
anymore and that's what part of this uh
agenda about a regulated internet is and
it directly ties in with stuff like a
central bank digital currency at least
what people are concerned about a
cbdc uh four which is the surveillance
capability and the programmability
aspect um you know it's all tied up with
this effort to inter regulate the
internet which isn't really fair to say
it's regulating the Internet it's more
like taking complete control of the
internet a complete coup of the internet
for unprecedented surveillance and
control of people's online lives at the
same time that you have these same
entities pushing for people to live
their lives online as much as possible
as part of the fourth Industrial
Revolution and all of this other stuff
like we saw in the co era you know oh
we're locking down you can't go out and
do stuff in the physical world you have
to be online as much as possible
education's online work is online uh you
know as much of your life as possible
has to be online now because you can't
go in person to the bank can't go in
person to this you should order your
groceries through your phone and all of
this stuff you know so they're pushing
us more and more into the digital realm
and at the same time preparing to take
more control of the digital realm uh
than they have now by a significant
degree and it's not a that's not a
coincidence I'm sorry if you think
that's coincidental that's very na naive
of you obviously when you're talking
about the powers that be there's
competing factions right not all of them
agree but they agree about a lot of the
stuff and a lot of the way these people
operate isn't that similar to how people
operated rulers operated hundreds of
years ago you know they want complete
and control uh control of of money and
and political power and power more
broadly because then they can do
whatever they want for themselves and
have a double standard for themselves
but Force other people to live a certain
way to support their
right and essentially what we're seeing
here is an effort to use technology to
entrench that in unprecedented ways so
that there's no more need to worry about
the peasants
revolting right um I think that's
ultimately what it comes down to so as
an example you know this this push for a
regulated internet and the end of online
anonymity and all of that is directly
related to to the fact that it's a
mathematical in inevitability that our
debt-based monetary system will collapse
at some point and that the banking
system as particularly Wall Street and
you know its Global equivalents have
engaged in an unprecedented degree of
malfeasance and Corruption and insane
Financial gambling uh activities and
just like 2008 right that's going to
explode at some point but in 2008 people
knew it was the banks and they were mad
at the banks weren't they so if you're
the banks and you know that's going to
happen again and you're in bed with the
intelligence agencies in the government
or in the case of the US you're you own
the central bank right um You don't want
that to happen again so how do you uh
blame how do you find a way to blame
somebody else for the financial uh
system and ploting and uh when you bring
the financial
system back uh what do these people you
know people like Jamie Diamond and all
these top Bankers like what is their
ideal scenario for like uh money and how
people interact with and and use money
well being able to grift as much as you
want and take as much as you you want
from the people under you without them
knowing or complaining because I mean
that's what they've been doing for
decades right Wall Street so they want
to keep doing that they don't want to
change their behavior so they want to
find a way to be able to steal from the
underclass as much as possible without
the underclass complaining or or
revolting and control how they spend
their money um and and control their
financial and and other Behavior so that
they can maintain their place on the top
so what we're having is is the
engineering of a Neo feudal society
where you have the small upper class and
then a massive underclass that the upper
class can uh manipulate and control and
you know do whatever they want with as
they see fit and so that's what this I
think the ambition of this a lot of
these various initiatives we're seeing
for unprecedented control and
surveillance are aimed at and the goal
is to use technology whether it's AI or
any of these other emerging Technologies
uh to be able to do that because
obviously there's so much more of us
than there are of them and so in order
to scale what they want to scale uh to
be able to deal with the huge difference
in size between their class and our
class um they feel like you know they
need these emerging Technologies they
need Ai and that's why that's why I
think I see AI as a largely negative
thing because the people that want to do
this are the ones setting it up and
programming it and deciding uh what its
objectives are you know web foresees a
looming economic catastrophe driven by
collapsing Fiat money systems rampant
inflation and bank failures she suggests
transitioning to a Bitcoin standard
might be on the horizon as the world
grapples with the impending crisis she
asserts that the promises made by the
Federal Reserve and central banks have
been Hollow leading to excessive money
Printing and a proliferation of poor
Investments and with the aftermath of
the recent inflation surge Webb says
this will not lead to a return to the
Webb says this will not lead to a return to the
status quo what do you think about her
prediction for Bitcoin and where we're
headed in the first half of 2024 comment
down below thanks so much for watching
don't forget to like And subscribe this
is library of wealth we'll see you in
the next video

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ओहो सार्वजनिक जीनियस को भिडियो देखे सौभाग्य प्राप्त भयो। धन्यवाद। अब सार्वजनिक सर्भिस को लागि ट्रान्सक्रिप्ट र नेपाली रूपान्तर पनि राखिदिनु समयसापेक्षला।

जस्तै जब FED ले एक गुच्छा छाप्यो
को समयमा पैसा र लाइक दिए
ब्ल्याक रकको व्यवस्थापन त्यस्तै थियो
असक्षमता विशेष गरी जब BlackRock
जस्तै 2019 को अन्त्यमा एक योजना लेखे
FED को मौद्रिक नीति
सहको बारेमा भएको बेला ठ्याक्कै पछ्याउनुहोस्
एक समयमा FED ले के गर्न आवश्यक छ
अप्रत्याशित संकट मेरो मतलब यो जस्तै छ
त्यो असक्षमता थियो वा त्यो हो
भ्रष्टाचार तपाईलाई थाहा छ र मेरो मतलब धेरै हो
कहिलेकाहीं तिनीहरू प्रयास गर्छन् र आफैलाई मुक्त गर्छन्
OB जस्तै जब तिनीहरू क्रमबद्ध हुन्छन् वा
केहिको लागि समात्न सुरु गर्नुहोस्
भ्रष्ट हुन्छन् हेर नदेखो जस्तो
कुनै पनि थप हामी तपाईं साँच्चै मूर्ख हुनुहुन्छ
उम थाहा छ तर यदि तपाईं जस्तै विचार गर्नुहुन्छ
ठूलो मात्रामा सम्पत्ति हस्तान्तरण
जुन विगत २० वर्षमा भएको हो
धेरै शीर्ष मा मान्छे जस्तै
स्पष्ट रूपमा राम्रो मलाई लाग्छ कि यो स्पष्ट छ
तर मेरो मतलब त्यो सबै हुन सक्दैन
अयोग्यता तपाईलाई थाहा छ र अधिक र अधिक
सह को साथ पनि उम जस्तै बाहिर आएको छ
तपाईलाई सुरक्षित र प्रभावकारी चीजहरू बारे थाहा छ
खोपहरू र मेरो मतलब धेरै मानिसहरू
वैकल्पिक मिडियामा यो थाहा थियो
प्रयोगात्मक र त्यो थिएन
पर्याप्त परीक्षण र सामान र तिनीहरू थिए
उह सेन्सर र त्यसपछि सामान थियो
जनादेश मार्फत जनतालाई जबरजस्ती र
र त्यस्ता चीजहरू त्यस्तै थिए
um तपाईलाई थाहा छ मेरो मतलब उनीहरूलाई थाहा थियो तब के ए
वैकल्पिक मिडियामा धेरै मानिसहरूलाई थाहा थियो
त्यसोभए तिनीहरू तपाईं भित्रका मानिसहरूलाई चिन्नुहुन्छ
चार्ज र तिनीहरू अझै पनि यसलाई मार्फत राख्छन्
जे भए पनि र अब त्यहाँ तिनीहरू जस्तै छन्
थाहा नभएको जस्तो अभिनय गर्नु
आज हामीसँग व्हिटनी वेब छलफल छ
Bitcoin र cryptocurrency र किन
चीजहरू हालसालै देखिने जस्तो छैनन्
कालो रकको बिटकोइन ईटीएफको स्वीकृति थियो
थप वित्तीय रूपमा मात्र सुरुवात
संस्था र सरकारको लगानी छ
स्पट ETFs ह्विटनीले औंल्याए
Bitcoin प्रयोग गर्न अन्तर्निहित योजना र
क्रिप्टोकरेन्सीलाई नियन्त्रण गर्ने माध्यमको रूपमा
आपूर्ति उनी किन चाँडै छलफल गर्छिन्
क्रिप्टोकरेन्सीको रूपमा प्रयोग गरिनेछ
मूल्य र गोपनीयता नष्ट गर्नुहोस्
उनी भन्छिन्, अहिलेसम्म सरकारहरू बेवास्ता गरियो
हामी पतनको साक्षी छौं
Fiat पैसा प्रणाली र यो किन फरक छ
जुन कुरा हामीले इतिहासमा देखेका छौं
डलर घट्ने अन्तिम हुन सक्छ
त्यहाँ धेरै ठूलो कुरा भइरहेको छ
पर्दा पछाडि आउनुहोस् सीधा प्रवेश गरौं
ह्विटनी वेबसँगको भिडियो उनले दिए जस्तै
के आउँदैछ भनेर उनको भविष्यवाणी
दिन र हप्ता अगाडि एक धक्का छ
धेरै वर्षको लागि तर अब यो प्राप्त गर्दैछ
गति को एक पागल मात्रा र र
भाप उह तर यो वास्तवमै धेरै फिर्ता जान्छ
वर्ष उह र लक्ष्य एक छ
विनियमित इन्टरनेट जसको अर्थ अन्त हो
अनलाइन गोपनीयता र
गुमनामी उम र तिनीहरू यो गर्न चाहन्छन्
जनतालाई सरकारसँग जोडेर
तिनीहरूको इन्टरनेट पहुँच र जारी आईडी
इन्टरनेट गतिविधि अमेरिकामा राम्रो छ
यो सरकारबाट आएको हो
तर यो धेरै सरकारी नीति छैन
चाहे यो यो वा केहि बारे हो
अरूबाट जैविक रूपमा आउँदैन
सरकार यो थिंक ट्याङ्कबाट आउँछ
उह तपाईलाई त्यस्ता समूहहरूबाट आउँछ
हामी विश्व आर्थिक मञ्च पनि
जुन त्यसपछि राजनीतिज्ञहरूलाई दिइन्छ र
राजनीतिज्ञहरूले कानून बनाउने र लागू गर्ने र
त्यसपछि राज्यले यसलाई लागू गर्छ तर यो छैन
अनिवार्य रूपमा व्यवस्थापिकाको विचारहरू
राज्यमा नै यी नीतिहरू उह
र धेरै पटक यी लिन्छ भन्दा होइन
निगमहरु द्वारा वित्त पोषित छन् र
अरबपतिहरू र यी सबै केटाहरू र
तिनीहरू पनि राजनीतिज्ञहरूको स्वामित्वमा छन् त्यसैले यो हो
वास्तवमा तिनीहरूले नीति सिर्जना गर्छन् र तिनीहरू
यसलाई जबरजस्ती गर्न राज्यलाई लागूकर्ताको रूपमा प्रयोग गर्नुहोस्
सार्वजनिक अधिकारमा त्यसैले मलाई लाग्छ
विश्वव्यापी सार्वजनिक निजी साझेदारी छ
मेरो सहकर्मी इयान डेभिसले के भन्छन्
तिनीहरू सही छन् र मलाई लाग्छ कि यो उह हो
धेरै निष्पक्ष उसले बिसलाई शीर्षमा राख्छ
पिरामिडको बाटोमा, तर
यो नीति प्रारम्भिक मध्ये एक हो
कम्तिमा संयुक्त राष्ट्रमा यसको पुनरावृत्ति
ओबामाको पालामा राज्यहरू थिए
प्रशासनले यसलाई चालकको संज्ञा दिएको छ
इन्टरनेट को लागी लाइसेन्स को विचार
जब तपाईं इन्टरनेट पहुँच गर्न आदेश
मा तपाइँलाई थाहा छ इन्टरनेट जडान सेट अप गर्नुहोस्
तपाईंको घर इन्टरनेट सेवा प्रदायक
तपाइँको सबै इन्टरनेट ट्राफिक लाई लिङ्क गर्दछ
आफ्नो आईडी र त्यसो गर्दा सरकार
र संकेत खुफिया हात वा
सरकारको गुप्तचर निकाय
त्यसपछि मात्र होइन पहुँच छ
तपाईले पोस्ट गर्ने र लेख्ने सबै कुरा
अनलाइन तर तपाईले पढ्नुभएको सबै कुरा र
अनलाइन र तपाईले किन्नु भएको सबै कुरा उपभोग गर्नुहोस्
र तपाईले किन्नुभएको सबै कुरा पूर्ण रूपमा मेरो मतलब हो
यो सम्पूर्ण धक्का पूर्ण रूपमा सम्बन्धित छ
वित्तीय अज्ञातता र वित्तीय समाप्ति
गोपनीयता साथै यो पूर्ण रूपमा छ
अन्तरसम्बन्धित कुरा उम र मैले उह गरेको छु
यो उह मा धेरै व्यापक गहिरो डाइभ्स
सायद मनपर्ने मा फर्कदै
2021 किनभने यो कसरी संग धेरै जोडिएको छ
तिनीहरूले यो विनियमित बल गर्न सम्भव छ
जनतामा इन्टरनेट किनभने तिनीहरू हुन्
यसो गरौं जस्तो मात्र हुने होइन
अब मेरो मतलब मान्छेहरू जाने छैनन्
यसको साथमा तिनीहरूलाई कुनै प्रकारको आवश्यक पर्दछ

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What a pretentious NPC
Posted on 02-02-24 4:55 AM     [Snapshot: 217]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यी दुई ले त अति आशिकी देखाए, डाम्ना। वाके को पाल्तु नै भएछ बरा यो इँडिपे।
बरु एनपीसी, डुमर, कुमर, च्याड, बेटाकक भनेर आफ्नै स्थितिको प्रोजेक्सन गर्नु साटो वाके संग Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, Duo Security, and Jasper बारेमा डिस्क्स गर् न मूजि - तिमीहरुको टेन्डर moment हरुमा

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