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 Noam Chomsky and his view on media
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Posted on 04-12-21 12:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is it about Noam Chomsky’s view of the world and in particular, the media and its agenda that is still so prevalent and significant even today?

For starters the key term here, agenda gained new meaning after Chomsky had redefined it in all its essence. The grand planning or scheme behind everything we see, hear and do are what Chomsky has dissected and presented for all to open their hearts and minds to.

In his own struggle at trying to make exactly that happen, he highlights how far we’ve delved into a complete and utter state of the internalized lie we are fed since the moment we are born.

This internalized lie is the basis of the mind control done and used by major institutions and extremely powerful individuals who accumulate most of the wealth in not just one part of the world, but all of it.

These people have used the power and magnificent art of mind control to turn human beings or as Chomsky would describe them with the help of Walter Lippmann’s words who also expressed that someone, somewhere is trying to hide the truth and the rest is propaganda, and refers to the general population as the bewildered herd into complete mindless individuals who come into play at 2 stages in the process of decision making within a democracy.

Their usual standpoint is by being bystanders and spectators to what the richer, more powerful and authority laden human beings are up to. These individuals not only make most of the decisions that govern our lives but also propagate certain ideas and mindsets through tools such as the media in which exist, newspapers, TV shows, movies, advertisements, etc.

Chomsky expresses how, in reference to the quicksand process of democracy,

“we live entangled in webs of endless deceit.”

— (Chomsky, Noam Chomsky- Manufacturing consent 1992)

Healso believes that people have the common sense to break out of the deceit they are put into and see the world for what it really is but he is concerned that,

we are too comfortable being ensnared and blinded and that for the general public, ignorance is bliss.

If a person is told the same lie over and over again, they will eventually start believing it either out of annoyance or the lack of energy to argue against it. Power elites and institutions that use this tactic more often than not force people to stop demanding the fundamental human right to have freedom and live their lives without constant interference.

Similar to the situational authority theory by Zimbardo executed in his Stanford Prison Experiment (McLeod 2017), Chomsky asserts that people are sanctioned every second of everyday no matter where they are and that the system or those in power make sure of the force being used by the state, educational institutes, family system and peer groups to ensure that one stays within the bounds created for them.

Moreover, the propaganda model set by those in charge who put themselves in charge reinforces that the ownership and control of the media and its effect on the people remains within their control.

Chomsky emphasizes that the NEWS itself, the medium made to deliver truth and facts to the general public has been twisted by spin doctors put into motion by those who have global power. The reason for this is,

To strip away whatever freedom one thinks they have and leave them with no sense of empowerment to actually go out and change what they don’t like.

Moreover, in contrast to Chomsky’s stance on dissecting US presidents for decades, a recent interview Mehdi Hassan of the Al Jazeera news channel (Chomsky, Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era 2016) asks Chomsky’s views on Trump’s election with his response being that Trump’s unpredictability is his only predictability and not much else.

In another interview by the news program Democracy Now (Chomsky, Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! 2017) Chomsky says how the healthcare program in America is a scam and how takes people’s money and doesn’t actually help cure them or identify or try to fix why they got sick in the first place.

The whole point of such expensive and so called “affordable” healthcare programs is that they identify the causes of illnesses and diseases and try to eradicate them in order to lessen their occurrence. However, as we can see, these programs are only put in place to give the illusion of help and healthcare while all they do is deal with temporary problems and take most of one’s earnings.

For the general population, this in itself is very difficult to deal with as medical care is very expensive. As Chomsky exclaims, however, that’s the whole point.

Chomsky also claims that in this constant process of control and being controlled, both parties forget what happiness is. That it is not in material wealth but in the essence of the intrinsic human interaction and communication. He so strongly believed in this fact that a chimpanzee used in an animal and human communication experiment in 1973 was named Nim Chimsky (Kappala-Ramsamy 2011) solely to give importance to Chomsky’s love and understanding of communication and linguistics.The population of a country and its growth is curtailed and controlled by the higher ups so much so, that mortality rates are fixed and the number of children and families that need support from the government is positioned in a way that the ones that don’t fit the bill “naturally” expire and give way to more potential workers who will eventually be used in the future.

His constant claim was that the system is grander and more complex than one is made to see but that power is afraid of those who speak up and tries its best to shut them up.

So as to control the amount of free thinkers, power houses keep people busy with bogus news by taking the actual truth out of the news and spreading it, by funding TV shows, Movies, Magazines, etc. that show certain lifestyles and ideals they want people to follow and succumb to in order to forget what’s really happening.

“There is another part directed to the “ignorant meddlesome” outsiders. That is mainly using diversion of one kind or another. From that, I think, you can predict what you would expect to find,” (Chomsky, What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream 1997).

It is unnerving to understand that while Chomsky might speak the truth, why have said institutions and power elites not gotten to him, yet, if it is indeed so threatening to have the truth spread.

The fact remains, however that an individual seeking truth and freedom must step back, reflect and reassess everything they have been taught and find truth in hidden agendas and be able to identify propaganda in the first place, so is Chomsky’s advice to those listening.

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