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 आफू सवारी गाडि चालक साथीले रक्सी सेवन गरी महिलाको ज्यान गएको बारे नायिका पारमिता राज्य लक्ष्मी राणाले मुख खोलिन
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Posted on 01-09-20 4:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Today, I have finally collected all the courage I have left inside me and have decided to tell you all what exactly had happened on 14th December 2019 Saturday morning. First, I would like to apologize and let everyone know how sorry I am. An unwise decision made by four people took a life of an innocent soul. Although I wish it wasn’t true and this was all a bad dream, but I too was one of the passengers inside that car. I sincerely apologize for being late on doing this because I still am very much traumatized and shocked by the unfortunate incident. A mother of four lost their loving mother and a husband lost his supportive wife. My life has completely changed after this incident. Only god knows how I wake up every morning with my heart and soul still in anguish and sorrow. I will never be the same person again. I stand in solidarity with the emotions of the public and their empathy for the victim and family. I wish I had realized it sooner that DUI (drinking under influence) is never an option but a responsibility to protect not just ourselves but everyone who may be affected by it. As I write this with a very heavy heart, it kills me every single moment of my life that an innocent life has been lost. I will live with this pain forever. For those who know me personally know that I would never even hurt a fly. I grew up believing that kindness is the most greatest thing in the world. As some of you might not know that I lost my father in a car accident when I was just two years old, I have lived with the pain, anger and sorrow for him not being there in my everyday life. I am someone who was brought up by a single mother and I very well know the pain of a family member not being by my side. I have cried and yearned for my father all my life. Being strong was never an option for me, seeing my mother do her best and work the hardest for my family since childhood made me think that I too have to be like her when I grow up. I have tried to be a strong person all my life. But at the end of the day I am merely a human no matter my status in the society and I too get afraid. How I wish from the whole of my heart and soul that I could take back this unfortunate incident. She could have been anyone, my loved one or myself and it haunts me everyday to realize that I could have asked him to call a driver or a cab and not drive under influence, instead of hopping inside without thinking of the consequences that I have had to learn the hard way. I absolutely understand the rage and the hate public showered upon me. But I have also come to understand that I too am an human being just like all of us. And I accept the fact that I made a grave mistake which will haunt me forever. But blaming one another won’t bring justice to the deceased and her family. Yes I got scared and I was completely frozen when the incident happened, I didn’t even know what to do. My mind was completely numb and my ears were ringing. I didn’t even “FLEE” I was still inside the car shocked, frozen and traumatized, while my friend had gotten out of the car to see the commotion. When he came back he saw my state, held my hand and pulled me out of the car and shouted “LEAVE! JUST LEAVE!” I was so much in shock that even when I came out I was sitting next to the car not knowing what to do. I didn’t even know that a woman had been hit. Then I saw the commotion outside, crossed the road as my heart was racing with fear. I opened my bag and recharged my phone immediately. The first person I called was a responsible guardian as I was too scared to call my mother at that point of time. Since no one answered my call I sat there at a shops stair case not knowing what to do. My mind was completely blank and in shock. Couple of locals came up to me and asked if I was there inside the car I said yes I was in the car. I was ready to face the consequences as I was right across the street where the accident happened. I burst into tears not knowing what to do at that point of time. At that very moment a local man on a bike came up to me and said that it wasn’t safe for me to be there. He told me that anything could have happened. At that moment I was horrified. All I was thinking was I wouldn’t want to experience that. The first thing that came in my mind was my mother, she always tells me that she is alive because of me. What would happen to her? What would happen to all the sacrifices she made for me in her life? I thought my life was over. After sometime the same man came back with a taxi. Soon after I reached home I called my other friend who told me to leave from there, he told me that the person who was hit is taken to the hospital and they are at the police station. The person who was driving the car is behind bars since day 1. I then contacted my family lawyer and told him what had happened since he knew that I had tried to harm my self before while in severe stress, advised me to delete all my social media handles and not read what people had to say to me. But I didn’t listen and saw all the hate messages and comments. I cried, I cried day and night. Then he advised me to block all the negative messages comments that was sent to me. And I did that accordingly. What happened was so wrong and can’t be forgotten. I was cursing myself to have agreed to sit inside that car. The person who was driving is a mutual friend. He was always well behaved and well spoken whenever I met him. That night too he was well behaved and offered us to have breakfast. I was already starving at that time so I said yes to food. Little did I know that we were going so far and little did I know that this incident would take place. If I had known the future I would have taken a cab home and slept like I always did. Now, many of you know that I love loud music and dancing, it was my therapy. Being a victim of depression isn’t easy but I never complained. Every time I checked social media I felt like ending my life. I was again in the verge of committing suicide. If I have ever offended anyone in a personal way, my sincere apologies. Sorry from the whole of my heart and soul but creating your own false versions of me when I was silent was not the best thing to do. I understand venting your anger on me but false accusations and character assassination is something I cannot accept. But I do accept my mistakes and I am fully responsible for it. I apologize to all of you if I have ever done anything wrong. I also know a lot of you were not happy with me when I did a fashion show two days after this incident, I had already given my word and there was no way I could have backed out in the last moment. Getting on that car was a choice, leaving the scene and walking the ramp wasn’t. I may have kept a straight face but I was dying in the inside that particular day. Knowing the fact that I lost my father in an accident made me fear accidents all my life, that is why I was so frozen and traumatized when I could have done something. Every day I regret the fact that I was involved in something so traumatizing something which should never have happened. I learned my lesson in such a horrific way. And I know a lot of people in-fact friends who used to drive around ktm city early morning after a night out, PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU not to do so. Anyone could have been in my position. I don’t want any lives lost anymore. I never wanted bad for anyone else, I was never judgmental, I was always forgiving. And I think we as humans should be more forgiving and less judgmental towards each other. What happened was very wrong and It kills me every time. But most importantly, I would like to pray for Leela Devkota’s soul to rest in peace and I would like to apologize to the family and people who cherished her the most.

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Posted on 01-10-20 10:35 AM     [Snapshot: 1368]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जंगल मा होइन गुरु, सम्भोग गाडीमै भएको प्रमाण प्रयोग गरिएको ढाल गाडीबाट बरामद भएका सामानको मुचुल्कामा देखिन्छ. हत्याराहरूलाई त्यो कुनै ठुलो कुरो भएन. They get out easily. Remember the teen who killed three pedestrians walking on the footpath near Bhotahity subway few years ago. I heard he is free already. I forgot his name.

I happened to read most comments. Few interesting points:

She was active as usual on public events like fashion shows and also on FB and the claim that she was too traumatized is false.
Her movie is releasing on Jan 31st and the producer must have asked her to apologize.
The text she posted is crafted by the lawyer as some people who know her claim that her English is not that good.
She claims herself as a victim to protect against possible charges (Nepali law requires passenger to report suspected DUI of the driver).
Posted on 01-10-20 2:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1656]     Reply [Subscribe]
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DUI (drinking under influence)

Posted on 01-10-20 5:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1984]     Reply [Subscribe]
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माटोक्ने जाँठी को नाम चाहिँ परमिता राज्य लक्ष्मी राणा रे, अनुहार चाहिँ किन परमिता राना मगर जस्तो? यो जाँठी राणा पुत्री हो भने म मुजी जस्टिन बिबर को साख्य दाजु. जीवन मा धेरै राणा पुत्री हरु देखियो तर मुजी यो जस्तो कुरुप माटोक्ने केटी निकै कम देख्याछु. अब हेर्नुस् त सम्राज्ञी राज्य लक्ष्मी शाह लाई, हो त्यस्लाई भन्छन रोयल ब्युटी. ठुल्ठुला आँखा, झपक्क परेको परेली, स्याउ जस्ता गाला, गुलाबी ओँठ, उन्नत वक्ष्यस्थल, चिटिक्क परेको कटी प्रदेश, मुजी अनुहार हेर्दै सुन ले लिपेको जस्तो र मुस्कुराउँदै मा मोती झर्ला जस्तो. यो जाँठी परमिता को जन्म लुक्ला मा भाको भए नाम बिना माया तुम्बहाम्फे हुन्थ्यो होला. मुजी अनुहार हेर्दा गोरिल्ला लाई ब्लो जब दिएकी जस्ती.

जाँठी एक्स्पोज नभाको भए मुजी दुनियाँ लाई चिकेर दारु खाएर बस्थी अहिले आएर सुइसाइडल रे. मुजी त्यस्को हाउ भाउ हेर्दा सुइसाइड गर्ली जस्तो लाग्छ र?

यो माटोक्ने सबै फेला परेपछी मात्र डिप्रेस्स्ड् भाको नाटक किन गर्छन्? अब मुजी हेर्नुस् हाम्री अर्की जाँठी ज्योति मगर, जो मुजी 'पिसाब लाग्यो', 'दुध चुहियो', 'तल चिलायो' आदी गीत हरु की गायिका, जो कुनै एङल बाट पनि डिप्रेस्ड् देखिन्नन, भोली मोरी ले कसैलाई हानेर (गाडी ले नि फेरी) मारी र त्यति बेला आएर आफू डिप्रेस्ड् भाको भनेर खुलाशा गर्छिन भने हामी त्यो पनि पत्याउने? माटोक्ने जाँठी हरु ले हामी लाई के भन्या छन? गौतम बुद्ध जस्तो लाँडाँ ताल्चा लगाएर बसेका साधु कि राम भगवान जस्तो मुजी सोझो?

हेर्नुस् - यो जाँठी ले सिधा सिधा - 'मुजी अमेरिका बाट आएको केटो सित रात भरी मोज गरियो, डान्स गरियो, चिकियो, दारु खाइयो, अनी मुजी ले गाली ठोके पछी तर्सेर भागेँ, म जाँठी को पनि त्यति नै दोष छ, फन्दा मा पर्दिन भनेको जनता जनार्दन ले देखी हाले, बर्बाद भएं, म माटोक्ने अब देखी एस्तो रात भरी पार्टी-सार्टी चिकान गर्दिन' भनेको भए म त्यस्को कुरुप अनुहार लाई इग्नोर गरेर फ्यान हुन्थेँ.

तर माटोक्ने डिप्रेस्ड् रे? जाँठी को चाक मा 'गलबन्दी' गीत शुरु गरेर नसिदिउन्झेल सम्म लौरो ले ठोक्नु जस्तो.

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Rana and Shah are descendent of Gorkhali Magar therefore they always look a like magar and their culture is same. They marry mama and Fupu cheli.

They are Magar.
Posted on 01-11-20 9:10 AM     [Snapshot: 2507]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pabitra chhan timra laajakaa gahanaa..!
Posted on 01-11-20 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 2649]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Parmila its not your fault and you do not have to go through this. You were not the driver, you happen to be in the car like any of us. The situation turned out to be bad, its just an accident that involved alcohol. Yes driving under the influence was wrong! But with adrenaline rush and the spur of moment people like us have done abnormal things. It is not right to take somebody's life but you are not as guilty as the guy who drove the car. You were a passenger, going with flow. You will have to live with it but you are not guilty. We all have done stupid stuff while we are under the influence. Its sad but life has to move on and do not let this hold you back.

People talking just cringey stuff like she is not rana , incest and blah! you all make everybody else sick, just sick ! Post your motherfreaking picture and let other judge too. You degenerates, what she does in her personal life, its nobody's business. Ya your parents fu*ked and you are here. Mothe***ers acting like they have not done it. Sick arse psychos! Look urself in the mirror and judge yourself, your bit**ch arse aint perfect either ! Have some at least some dignity and humity!

The guy who drove is guilty, yes he had to be responsible, but passenger?? just because she happen to be in the car! Sickos!
Posted on 01-11-20 6:26 PM     [Snapshot: 2902]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo mofo underwear koi kei limit chaina. Mooji ko mukh ma ghu vakole hola yesko bolne sima chaina. Yesko sochai ni gu nai jasto xa. Moojiko kura pani chikeko matra hunxa. mooji le payo afno santan lai paani baaki rakhdaina. Arulai judge garnele vaalu [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] afno budi, santan pani bechera hidi raheko huna parcha.
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Posted on 01-11-20 6:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2926]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कैसर सोझो दाइ, म सित तपाईं को रीस किन हो बुझ्न सक्या छैन, तपाईं मुजी घण्टा जस्तो अन्पपुलर लुजर ले जे भने पनि मलाइ बाल मतलब, जानुस् मुजी आफ्नो हल्लाउंदै बस्नुस्.

ए साँच्ची तपाईं मैले पडकाको रमा भाभी को हेर्दै थकित र सोझो देखिने श्रीमान त होइन? थुक्क मुजी, अलि मर्दानगी देखाउनु पर्‍यो के, त्यो मुजी दुइ इन्ची को हल्लाएर घण्टा पार लाग्छ?
Posted on 01-11-20 8:30 PM     [Snapshot: 3030]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ta mooji lai matlab na hune ho vane comment padera lekhna audaina thiyis hola. Vaalu ta mooji le kubai mardangi kaam garira ches ni. Arulai teen inchy vanera tero 6 hudaina. moojifrastu tero story ma kub arulai garis vanches. Tero zindagi ko kahani jastai cha. Arule ta navako bela satis gareko thiyo hola ani kei garnu sakinas. yaha auches rish pokhna navako fantasy lekhna.
Posted on 01-11-20 8:45 PM     [Snapshot: 3045]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My point is clear and simple. She did not drive the car, that means she is not responsible for the death of that lady! She happened to be in the car that killed this lady which is equivalent to being in a bus that had driver who was drinking and killed somebody. After the tragic incident like this, people if they are normal, go through the phase you can call it depression or bad time or guilty phase or denial or any word. Its just like if you are diagnosed with cancer or death in a family. I been to that place before not crazy like this, but death in close family which had worst feeling ever. Stuff like that happens.
Just be the judge, you if your friend drives a car ( drinking or not dont matter) and involves in accident, what is your fault? Crush/ sush kehi haina hai, just judging the situation without being biased, who cares what she had done before, if not for this incident, she would been just another artist trying to make a living. Just because she is in media, that do not make her guilty. Btw, never heard of her before!
Lotta MF get carried away! just be a judge of the situation without being biased. Dont matter who is involved!
Posted on 01-12-20 2:29 AM     [Snapshot: 3286]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Underwear मुजी नामर्द, नाम तेरो नामर्द । मद होस भने तेरो 14 इन्च लाई तेरो चाखमा हालेर देखा। तैले नसक्ने हुनाले तेरो स्वस्नी कसैलाई चिकेर देखाको हुन पछ्र । तेसैल कल्पना धेरै गर्छस । खाते गनाउने Underwear। तेरो कल्पनी कथा तेरो आफनो मन्छे लाइ सुना । तेरो कुरा पत्याउलान।

Underwear मुजी त सँग दुस्मनी केही छैन । त धेरै जझमेनट गर्ने आँफु हेर्ने गर तेरो इश्टोरी सुनेर।
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Posted on 01-12-20 9:53 AM     [Snapshot: 3463]     Reply [Subscribe]
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दिनेश अमात्य ले पालेको भगवान को टाउको काट्छु भन्ने अन्दर्वेर हैन त तँ ? पूजा कुँवर को मा आउने जे जी र्यापर को हावा खाइस, अब अर्को भगवान को रिस को हावा खा, यो खेल को शुभारम्भ त भैसक्यो मूजी, कति तँ मुजी नेपाली को स्त्याटस आइस कम्पनी लाइ भन्दै बसचास अब गईस । बढो मजा गरीस है त्यो बेला???
Posted on 01-13-20 8:47 AM     [Snapshot: 3887]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People always looking for ways to bring others down so that they can feel better about themselves. Paramita is not responsible for this accident. She did not even need to apologize but god bless her heart, she did.

As they say, ugly people like to hide behind computer and call others ugly. Let's see some pictures of you ugly guys who have nothing better to do than promote castist agenda. Who cares who looks like what tribe. We are not living in 1900.

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