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 Hard choices for the Nepalese people
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Posted on 01-18-13 9:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hard choices for the Nepalese people - Pressures on Nepal to merge with India
by Arun Shrivastava on 17 Jan 2013 1 Comment

The bombshell came from Kathmandu a fortnight ago when a deep informant said that pressure is being brought on India and Nepal to merge. Yes, you heard it right. The pressure on Nepal is from the American, European and Israeli diplomats for geo-political reasons; the pressure on Delhi is from nationalists of Nepal except those who are in positions of power siphoning off Nepal’s wealth and the international aid agency funded groups.


Baburam Bhattarai, current Prime Minister of Nepal, has a deal with army chief Gaurav SJB Rana that the army will not act even if there is a presidential order to deploy army in the event of internal conflict. Should civil war like situation arise, the UN Political Mission in Nepal [UN-MIN] jointly with the Nepalese Army will crush the liberal [read nationalist] forces of Nepal. These are official decisions according to insiders in Nepal. Sources in Delhi say that major grassroots organizations have approached Delhi to annex Nepal.


When President Yadav of Nepal called a meeting for consensus, the INGO funded Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) said that the indigenous nationalities representing 40% of the population would not accept any decision of the four largest parties. Soros controlled UN system through UN-MIN already has operational base in Nepal and Obama administration is hell bent on chaos in Asia with R2P. Bhattarai’s decision to avoid elections to form a new Constituent Assembly and continue to remain in power without the people’s consent could make him the fall guy in the fitness of time because he and his buddy Prachanda have amassed unimaginable wealth.


Nepalese people are in a vice-like grip of the International Non-Governmental Organizations [INGOs], their European Government sponsors, the Christian Church, the UN-Framework Team and the Bretton Woods international financial institutions, chiefly the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund from manipulations by social, cultural and economic hit men.


George Soros controlled UN-Framework Team and the combination of CIA, MI6, Mossad and the Christian church integrates and guides all anti-national and anti-Hindu forces and the local NGOs and ethnic federalist cronies have slowly dissolved the political choices of Nepalese people. Those who ostensibly wield ‘power’- like PM Bhattarai- say ‘power is not in their hands.’


Nepalese employees of Soros funded INGOs and NGOs have become powerful stakeholders in the Gene Sharp dictated ‘reforms’ implemented by Soros controlled INGOs, the Vatican and international aid agencies. The ‘reforms’ will rip apart Nepal.


These subaltern groups, ethnic federalists and caste groups [chiefly lower castes] collectively, as distinct social groups, believe that only political decimation of the Hindus will free them, which is the main Soros-controlled Action-Aid and Vatican agenda. Parallel to the ethnic and caste groups are now religious groups split up into sub-groups, each seeking its own identity based political representation essentially in opposition to Hindus. The arrival of a senior Saudi Arabian diplomat, ostensibly to help Nepali workers get Visa, in reality is to establish not only a consulate but to strengthen coordination between Wahhabi funded Islamic groups in all Indo-Nepali bordering districts. Other Islamic funding agencies like Birmingham [UK] based Islamic Relief Worldwide [IRW], listed in India’s Home Ministry as a terrorist funding body, are also very active. IRW’s main funders are the European Union. At the moment all districts along Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangladesh borders are in a state of major communal stress.


An ungovernable entity


Nepal’s people are sociologically classified into 102 ethnic minority, 4 religious, and 4 main caste groups. Each ethnic group has a national NGO funded by INGOs. Of the four dominant religions, three are opposed to the dominant 80% Hindus. The Hindu community itself has been split into various ethnic factions and castes. Christians claim that they have one million, which is false, but have successfully achieved their agenda of making Nepal a non-Hindu state.


According to recently released Census final total there are about 376,000 Christians out of 26 million Nepalese. Christians lie that they are one million but the Vatican is vigorously promoting conversion. In league with the Vatican, the ethnic federalists are also lying, questioning the Census final tally because Census authorities have classified ethnic minorities into 49 major groups, instead of the earlier 59. Ethnic minority is not a legal term; it simply defines a socio-cultural and/or religious group which is distinct from the majority population in matters of symbols, habits, rituals, social relationships, family life, etc, but may follow the dominant religion of the region.


This is classical Gene Sharp: split the society in small groups through identity-based non-violent, non-cooperative incremental moves where each group seeks political autonomy and the nation becomes ungovernable. That situation is further complicated by the existence of 74 political parties. [1] No one knows the true mass base of any; none has any workable economic agenda. Nearly all parrot like repeat the same UN goals of development. Leading INGOs, like Action Aid, have no economic agenda; they mainly finance advocacy groups and agitations, many with dubious credentials. They are playing the same game in sensitive North-eastern states of India as well.


Maoists have already overthrown the only Hindu monarchy in the world and majority of Maoists are Christians, well armed and well trained in the use of sophisticated weapons. The Human Rights Watch agenda of forcing the Nepalese Army to induct these former armed groups involved in 10-year long civil war into the regular army is yet another assault on other religious groups. HRW is a Soros funded group. Action-Aid, a Soros funded outfit - very active in India, Nepal and Burma - has also played an insidious role in fomenting ethnic and caste strife in South Asia.


The US and NATO powers are behind these anti-national forces because the strategic objective is to encircle China and create mayhem across India’s borders. The militarism of Japan, this time in league with former foes, is also targeting Nepal diplomatically into a broader anti-China formation.


Significantly, the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan said that while stability in Nepal will benefit both China and India, the political impasse in Nepal must be resolved by local stakeholders and the people. Houlan did not say that local stakeholders are controlled by alien powers and people are the weakest stakeholder.   


If India’s deadwoods think that the present Prime Minister Bhattarai is a useful option, they are wrong. Nepal is not Delhi rulers’ backyard. Retired professors of India’s premier research institutions are not Gene Sharp and they don’t have the backing of George Soros to destabilise Nepal, and precisely for that reason they are into an agenda that indicates a nexus with global destabilising forces. They can at best play the puppets’ role; the puppeteer is Soros and Soros is one of the hundreds of puppets of the Zionist banksters.


The federation of ethnic groups, chiefly NEFIN, claiming backing of 40% of Nepal’s ethnic minorities, are essentially slaves of the western governments. They are dreaming of becoming heads of states of bits and pieces of Nepal when it is broken up. Since neither political parties nor NEFIN can claim a national mass base, they can’t unite the people and arrive at a political consensus. That is Sharp-Soros agenda.


Nepal is today a victim of economic, social and political hit men and women, largely controlled by European Elite families and their muscleman the US Government, George Soros’s liberally funded INGOs, particularly Human Rights Watch that even had the temerity to write a letter to the visiting spineless British General Peter Wall, who has actually overseen the demobilization of 20,000 British veterans of Afghan and Iraq wars, to pressurise the Nepali General Gaurav SJB Rana to investigate human rights’ violation during the 10-year long Maoists insurgency and “wartime abuses of the Nepali security forces. HRW is a Soros ‘anti-institution’ specialising in destroying the credibility of national institutions in targeted resource rich and strategic third world countries. [2]


Nepal is a strategic geo-political asset in Asia and emerging as the killing fields for the hit men and women, exactly as Rwanda, Zaire, Nigeria, Somalia, the many Central Asian Republics, the Arab nations, and over sixty countries worldwide.


Note that the US and NATO no more use the 9/11 argument; it is now intervention with responsibility to protect the people from dictators, the R2P argument of the UN Framework Team. Nepali leaders should note that the responsibility to “officially declare” a leader a dictator and in possession of weapons of mass destruction unofficially lies with the US and NATO governments.


Gene Sharp-regime change


Every administrative unit in over one million square kilometre Himalayan region, from North Waziristan to Arunachal Pradesh, home to around 40 million people, is today a disturbed area from covert and overt wars of Western powers and ethnic conflicts fomented by the Soros brigade, INGOs, the UN-Framework Team and the Christian church. Even in Himachal Pradesh, an Indian State with hardly any ethnic or caste conflict, HRW is present and fomenting trouble.


Iranian analysts have looked closely at 80-year old former Harvard professor of Political Science Gene Sharp’s theory of non-violent regime change. Iranian prosecutors trying the 100-odd ‘Velvet’ revolutionaries charged that post-election protests were “completely planned in advance and proceeded according to a timetable and the stages of a velvet coup [such] that more than 100 of the 198 events were executed in accordance with the instructions of Gene Sharp.” [6]


It is known that Soros’ daughter has been visiting Nepal and is financing the Tibetan groups with the sole objective of freeing Tibet and it is clear that Gene Sharp has played in Nepal by making it ungovernable. Folks like Sharp stay in the background. This strategist who says “Nonviolent action is possible, and is capable of wielding great power even against ruthless rulers and military regimes, because it attacks the most vulnerable characteristic of all hierarchical institutions and governments: dependence on the governed,” is silent against US and NATO murderers, a consummate pervert targeting third world countries.


President Hu Jintao, head of Autonomous Tibetan Region for over a decade, knows what is going on in Nepal but desisted from any covert or overt intervention. He was mainly concerned that China’s intervention would intensify Indian rivalry and create a difficult situation. That may not last long. The Chinese leadership is fully aware of what is going on in Nepal.


The breakups planned from Myanmar to Syria and beyond will follow the same calibrated moves as in all colour revolutions. If Putin was embarrassed, as one top intelligence analyst says, by “the nude girls and Pussy Riot, essentially Sharp/Soros operation,” “the two major fires at centuries-old religious shrines - one in Kashmir and the other in Bhutan - has raised suspicions that agents provocateurs [have been] at work,” says Wayne Madsen. [7] Earlier attacks by Christian evangelists on Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu is part of that agenda of socio-cultural destabilization of the entire Himalayan region. [8] Prachanda and Bhattarai, both closet Christians ruling a predominantly Hindu nation, had the temerity to advertise in the local newspapers that anyone can apply for the post of Prime Minister.


Should South Asians trust their leaders?


Alien Antonia Maino [aka Sonia Gandhi], the de-facto ruler of India, is co-president of the Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific (FDL-AP), along with former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, South Korean leader Kim Dae-Jung, former Costa Rica president Oscar Arias Sanchez, and Nobel for Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who has no compassion for Rohingya Muslims attacked of Buddhists in Myanmar.


FDL-AP plans Gene Sharp designed and George Soros funded calibrated political moves that seek to break as many Asian countries up into small bits and pieces with priority on India, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar. Note that colour revolutions in the ex-USSR and the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and now Syria are also engineered by Soros together with CIA, MI6 and Mossad. [9]


Therefore, when Nepal’s nationalists say “Maoist, NC, UML, Madhesi, and ethnic federalist leaders are all traitors and should be chased away,” there is much truth that the Nepalese people should know and ponder over. The power base of Nepal’s current leaders is not different from that of the leaders of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar who have sold out to the same perverted and European criminal banksters? It is the same old story: these co-opted rulers, like Maharajas of yore, are encouraged to amass wealth by stealing people’s wealth and resources and the ill-gotten gains are deposited in the banks owned by the same banksters who can destroy any political career anywhere. How can these rulers ever serve people’s interest?


Maoist soldier Tek Bahadur Kunwar’s slap on the left cheek of former Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda [Pushp Dahal] should serve as a warning to all co-opted leaders of South Asia that they could also be publicly slapped by the people. Kunwar’s family members were Maoist soldiers; his sister Sadhna has a bullet in her stomach and brother has gone berserk from the continued atrocities of Maoist leaders on his family. Both Prachanda and Bhattarai are Maoist leaders who have used their followers as cannon fodder to come to power.


It is time that the Nepali people kick out the INGOs from Nepal because they are plague. Western Governments and their aid agencies, INGOs, NGOs, the UN system, spurious Human Rights Watch pop up like weaponized virus and political leaders have become so shameless today that they rule without law because their power lies elsewhere.


The problem confronting Nepali people is who to trust for a stable life and steady livelihood. And that trust-deficit is widening while the globalist-corporatists make determined inroads. Only a slap will remind the leaders of their true worth.


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HA hahaha when i got to the part that majority of maoist are Christian i just could not stop laughing. Majority of americans are christains and do you know who went against hitlar daa. Christanity and communism have nothing in common . Just another article of a concern high cast who thinks he has all the answers.

Posted on 01-19-13 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 275]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I see this move to futher WWIII. The move would add fuel to fire between India and China.
Posted on 01-19-13 1:46 PM     [Snapshot: 515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sooner or later, Nepal is destined to be the part(colony) of either China or India.


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