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 Morgan Vs Jones : My political rant
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Posted on 01-08-13 4:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alex Jones is an ardent government hater, anti-establishment, deluded conspiracy theorist and fearmonger radio host. I've been listening to him since 6 years through various radios and shows, not that I like his views but he's very entertaining at times. He has social sites like infowars and prisonplanet does nothing but spread facts based on doubts and suspicions.

His journey to face CNN begins this way..,
1. He's busy doing his whacky radio shows on youtube/radios as usual, suddenly he gets phone call from Piers Morgan for an interview consisting 3 segments of it. As being a true opportunist, he accepts the offer, plans his things to say on CNN and heads to give an interview.
He takes great pride in announcing his visit to CNN. He even hints out to scare the shit out of the host. Check the video below:

2. On his way to CNN, just before he was to board on plane, he claims he was harassed by TSA. He used his social sites with full blown capacity to pour his anger towards those TSA guys. The only harassment he faced; he was asked to take off the shoes and he denied. Police officers came and made him take off his shoes. Now he is acting on to file lawsuit against TSA. Seriously, does it call harassment being asked to take off shoes for security check purposes? In his defense, which is baseless his social sites said there were other passengers walking with their shoes on. That's a big BIG LIE!!! 

3.Now, CNN interview runs, the debate is about gun control law. Show starts with a question from Morgan but before he could finish his question Alex begins with his nonsensical racial non-stop screaming, he does continue to do so and at times looks like mental. He brings in irrelevant topic of so-called suicide pill and all possible theories in his mind, explodes right there in front of CNN viewers. Then I notice he's mentally not capable to do intelligent debate and I burst out into non-stop laugh entire leftover minutes.
Check the video below:

4. After his untimely short-lived stunt, the show is put on untimely stoppage and he's forcibly escorted out. He takes his way out to his hotel, where he instinctively records video and uploads another one on youtube expressing fear for his life, how he was chased,followed whatever....
Check this video out for more:

Now seeing all this, this guy is not to be taken seriously. I knew it way before but letting others to know of it. That interview approves what this guy is made up of.

Alex looks like violent individual(though no record of any violent history that he claimed on a video that he uploaded after about an hour of that CNN interview where he confessed how he feared for his life from elites and he even managed to blame them beforehand if anythings happened to him but it doesn't take a sec when someone lose the sanity,cross the line and do something unimaginable like we've all been hearing news about who had no history of violent crimes ever before) and having to see guns in hands of people like him is indeed dangerous, very very dangerous.

Did you know he house more than 50 kinds of sophisticated guns and weapon in his arsenal?

After watchin that CNN show, I conclude ALEX is a nuts, bigtime whack who quacks bullcrap, I feel terribly sorry for him and his intellect and for those who follow him, .. he definitely needs some sort of psychiatric help.

And I'm totally in support of banning these semi-automatic guns, it's not violation of 2nd amendment, its protecting civilians from psychopaths with these guns in hand.
Check the news below:
GUN CONTROL begins 1/8/2013
President's intentions are good, interpretations are bad.

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Posted on 01-08-13 6:05 PM     [Snapshot: 60]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what have you a hard time understanding? I dont agree with Alex Jones time to time but he's right on this one.

and piers morgan is an idiot

Posted on 01-08-13 6:11 PM     [Snapshot: 72]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Deport piers Morgan !!
Posted on 01-08-13 6:26 PM     [Snapshot: 87]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No doubt about piers Morgan being a very stubborn but watching the video I think Alex Jones is over reacting and trying to defend his views by his aggression.
Posted on 01-08-13 6:44 PM     [Snapshot: 111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alex Jones' Mission - Discredit Gun Owners

"Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies."

by Chris Haywood

What on earth did we witness Monday night? So many questions. Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan's CNN show, ranting and raving like a lunatic, whilst Piers just sat there and took it.

Why was Alex on the show?

Alex was on the show for one reason. The station his show is on is an affiliate of time warner. He is not an independent broadcaster. Alex is as much a part of the same system as Piers Morgan. When you think in terms of association, Alex is to Warner as Glenn Beck is to Fox. He fulfills a purpose, and attracts a fringe audience, an audience that pays subscription fees to GCN (via So Alex was on the show because he is a 'TV', presenter. He's like a specialist reporter, a TV personality and an agent provocateur all rolled into one.

For an example of an independent broadcaster, think William Cooper, who did it all by himself.

Why did he shout, and rant so much?

When someone watches the news, they expect certain things, usually - cool, calm, objective reporting. This is why they watch the news. People who like shouting will watch WWE, and we all know thats fake right? Imagine watching a political debate and Romney starts screaming in Obama's face. Obama of course just sits there, without fear, and takes it. This is taking the higher ground. Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones was there to look like an idiot, a bully, and a psycho. Jones was there to be the patsy. Now whether or not what he said was true, it was the delivery that mattered. I cannot state this enough, Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth.

Why was this allowed to happen?

For exactly the reason William Cooper said "Because they haven't got the guns out of the hands of the American people". I'm not saying that Jones will single handedly bring down gun ownership. But he is a cog in a big machine. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies. If anyone thinks that the founding fathers were anything like Jones you are sadly mistaken. If Jones was a founding father, the revolution would likely have never happened.

Why did he threaten a revolution?

One thing people consider to be terrorism (thanks to "Law and Order" which I watched yesterday) is any threat of violence. There is a movement that would like ANY behavior which threatens violence to be considered as an act of terror - especially when politically motivated. Jones presents patriots as being potentially listed as terrorists on various government hit lists. Jones is an agent provocateur, he wants a revolution. He won't be fighting in it, he'll be watching from his government safe-house. But by threatening a revolution, he has now purposely given legitimacy to government labelling patriots as terrorists - enemies of the state if you like. Remember, people like Jones and Icke have ALWAYS said 'no violence, only peaceful means'. Why the sudden change? Because whatever is coming, is COMING soon.

Do not fall for their garbage. Remember what the average person wants (straight from the bible) PEACE AND SECURITY. You threaten that and in their eyes you are THE ENEMY.

Why did he challenge Piers to a boxing match?

To be a bully, nothing more. Piers is no threat to him. ergo all Patriots are loudmouth bullies.

Why does anyone think that Alex is on 'our side'?

Alex is a typical cult leader. He tells you that you cannot trust anyone but him, its addictive, I need to tune in to the Alex Jones show to get some truth. I need to hear what HE says about todays news. I've been there! But he also says that the news is full of lies, whilst printing out 3 dozen news articles every day.

He won't touch religion, yet claims to be a Christian. Yet he puts David Icke on every couple of months to fill his listeners heads with New Age crap. He is self-promoting, arrogant, egotistical, a pathological liar (just search youtube to find a hundred or more videos of Jones lies exposed).

You can go through all the 'in the movement' naive arguments against Jones, but to see the truth, you have to stop listening, stop caring about him and his show, move beyond it and realise that this man has been on the air for just shy of 20 years and pretty much (90%) every prediction (excluding 9/11 - which was not his prediction) has turned out to be false. He was using the same shlock in 1996 as he is today!

This interview, is nothing but MORE evidence that this guy is a fraud. Look at his face when Piers is introducing him, [The full interview here] at around the 30 second mark. Is that the face of a sincere individual?

Remember this scripture: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Posted on 01-08-13 7:43 PM     [Snapshot: 157]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What's the difference between Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'reilly and other highly paid right wing talk hosts? They all are the same and just jealous on Democratic party's victory.

You don't have to agree on this. This is just my perception.
Posted on 01-08-13 7:47 PM     [Snapshot: 161]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Did I say a single word about Piers Morgan?

I'm talking about out-of-control freak ..

Posted on 01-08-13 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 172]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree, donald

Posted on 01-08-13 7:51 PM     [Snapshot: 173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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where do you get all these from, rid?? 

conspiracy over conspiracy, hilarious

Posted on 01-08-13 8:08 PM     [Snapshot: 195]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Agree 100% with what u had to say. Those crying for Piers' deportation, understand what you are talking about. Tatto an chharo
Posted on 01-08-13 8:15 PM     [Snapshot: 193]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 the only think that I don't like about Alex Jones is that he doesn't go to the core of the matter. He blames everything on globalism or so called New World Order. 
Posted on 01-08-13 9:24 PM     [Snapshot: 254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 kiddo, thanks... 
all these ignorant ppl following him have no clue what the real issue is. 
they just follow because he talks things that they like to hear which is based on fear.
moreover, those ignorant ppl don't even know that this gun law is for semi-automatic guns. 
Keep your guns but not semi-automatic ones that kills 30 ppl in less than 10 seconds. thats the point.

And, all these ignorants are taking it as they're coming after all kind of guns. That's not true. 

Posted on 01-08-13 9:27 PM     [Snapshot: 257]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Why would Alex Jones want to deport Piers Morgan? Just because he thinks Piers is taking away ur 2nd amendment. Freedom of speech is the first ammendment ya'll bitch......Period.
Posted on 01-08-13 9:30 PM     [Snapshot: 261]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 and his factoids are based on his research, 
the research that is sourced from known/unknown , legit/fake links splattered across the web ..
he prints those out and comes up as if that's the authorised information, he in true sense is a google ninja. 

NWO, is imminent if according to these theorists, someday alien invasion happens(like hollywood movies), we've no choice but take the leadership and fighttogether against the common enemy, that time there could be a possibility of one government world,.. .. back to the reality, it's far from happening and their accusation on NWO idea is as fake as the whole idea they're coming up with. 

Posted on 01-09-13 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 420]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Followed by massive outcry, Alex Jones challenges morgan for yet another debate, but this time he seeks out for 'moderated debate' .

Posted on 01-09-13 3:49 PM     [Snapshot: 487]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Same cash cow issues for me too.
 i dont want to go into their debate, its taking toll on time

media if they dont create buzz then how they gonna survive, they want someone like him so that we can divert our valuable time, this is what they are doing.

Media is making frotune hell of money out of this discussion ,

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