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 Sathi haru yaso help garnu paryo
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Posted on 02-09-18 3:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Friends,

I need your suggestion/Ideas...

Got job on IT through TEK SYSTEMS.Im in TPS(Was in H1B) and did not work for 3 years because I was waiting for IT job.They are willing to do my Green Card and wondering what documents do I have to give them? Will I be able to hire Nepali Attorney or do it through them.
My resume is fake with 5 years experience.I have not filed tax as worked only on cash and I think it may effect in the process of GC.
Your ideas will be appreciated.


Posted on 02-09-18 4:36 PM     [Snapshot: 120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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contact swami D from dallas texas.. he has IT company too..
Posted on 02-09-18 4:44 PM     [Snapshot: 130]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you helpitusa !

I did talk and have been told to work on their w2 which I cant as I have to work on w2 of TEK.S.

Do you work in IT?

Posted on 02-09-18 4:46 PM     [Snapshot: 137]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You have to provide genuine resume for GC process. Do you have US masters degree? If not then get one asap and only start processing for GC.
Posted on 02-09-18 4:51 PM     [Snapshot: 142]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No,I do not have masters degree.Im applying through Adjustment of status through T.P.S.
I even told them I have only T.P.S. and they are willing to help for G.C and still wondering how will it be possible.
Thanks a lot Ip Man brother.
Posted on 02-09-18 5:34 PM     [Snapshot: 192]     Reply [Subscribe]
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777, It's nothing new. All small consultancy does exactly same and they do GC process w/o any hassle.
1. As someone suggested above, do not use any fake resumes or show any work experiences w/o any proper work authorization for USCIS filings or any government related filings.
2. You can show your work experiences if it is related even if you work on cash. Only IRS cares about taxes. But many times USCIS might ask for W-2 and pay-stub. So better not to show.
3. I think Nepal EB3 is current so no need for masters. but verify...EB3 category doesn't require any work experiences. However it requires Bachelors degree from US or if foreign, then you have to do equivalency.
4. Anyone can file GC through employment as long as you meet the requirements. Remember this (very important) - GC through employment is for future position. You even don't have to be current employee for GC processing company.

I am not sure what is your main concern though.

TEK filing GC is something new. Never heard big shark consultancy doing this except those big ones from India. Please have them in writing that they will process your GC in the near future. They might be only thinking about $$$$ this at this time. U loose job, they loose money.

My concern - What if TPS doesn't get extend? What is backup plan? Even if you have GC processing, you need work authorization until last step. Current time period is year to year and half. Are you planning to go to H1-B this year in April?

Let me know what else info you need. I am not a lawyer but someone like you who have been through these hassles few times.

Forgot the most important part. tell TEK that you will hire your own lawyer and pay out-of pockets expenses related. Now there are some expenses that GC filing company has to pay. DO not pay this on your own or consult lawyer how to achieve that  if TEK denise it. If they disagree and want to use their choice of lawyer, you will have to explain the resumes and others. If I and few I know was able to do this directly with clients (after few years of good work), it is not a big deal. Just be cautious. 
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Posted on 02-09-18 7:00 PM     [Snapshot: 275]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks a lot for going through my post and your time.I do appreciate your answer.Now,I will have to work for a month and then discuss with them for GC process as they said it will be done after a month.I did use fake experience and I think they may ask for pay stub for past employment if I choose them to apply for GC.I have my lawyer,who is out of country so Im waiting for him to come back because I want him to do all my paper work and its easy if we have Nepali Attorney.
One of them were saying I have to ask Human Resource about hiring my attorney.

Can you please explain what is Nepal Eb3 is current ? AND GC through employment is for future position. You even don't have to be current employee for GC processing company.

Im sure they will extend TPS one more time or more because situation of Earthquake Victims have not improved with 19% of construction being done and again new government will throw out CEO to make new one with his party.No,Im not trying to get H1b because I was in H1b in year 2012 and somehow got out of status and therefore now want to get GC through TPS adjustment of status.

My concern is what will happen if they wont let me use my attorney but them.
I do not have any past pay stubs and had worked in store with cash.
I know i have gone through a lot since then somehow got TPS and got job offer this week but now worried what to do.

Lat month there was discussion on TPS and was watching live attorney saying this Nepali guy with no status got GC through TPS as Indian restaurant chef so Im little bit positive about me but lets see..

but hey thanks again STUPIDA...God bless you...


Posted on 02-12-18 5:55 PM     [Snapshot: 806]     Reply [Subscribe]
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EB3 is just one of the category for GC. There are several category and there is limit per country per year so that is why Indians have to wait much longer to get GC even they have masters or file in EB2
Just google EB1 vs EB2 vs EB3.. and go to this link which tells which country is where in the processing...

"GC through employment is for future position" --- Not sure if I can explain this easily in writing.
Just google or go through these....

Posted on 02-13-18 10:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1091]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Like StupidA said, employment based GC is for future position. You don't have to be employed by sponsoring company during process. My case was like that. After I got GC, I switched to sponsoring company.
Except India, China, Philipines ,EL SALVADOR,GUATEMALA,HONDURAS and Mexico , rest of the countries fall in same group for employment based which is called ROW ( for rest of the world). For ROW, EB3 is current.
Posted on 02-13-18 8:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1330]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you so much STUPIDA...
You have been helpful and will ask you question again.
Posted on 02-13-18 8:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1331]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Thatangry guy ...

I will be happy if u can tell me what do i need to submit to file GC or what they will ask..
I did not file tax for 3 years and now in TPS and now applying through IT job which I will start next week as BA...

My sis who is moving to new state having same situation..
what state you are in?
Can you please tell me process for GC???

Posted on 02-14-18 11:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1547]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You need to start going through immigration related forums to gather all the details you need. I don't think any of us here will be able to provide 100% of the details .
For Eb3 :
first there will be prevailing wage determination , around 2 months.
Then there should be recruitment followed by silence period of 30-90 days, so recruitment takes around 2-3 months .
Then you should file perm. Which is very fast these days . If not audited , it will be approved in about 3 months ( used to be 6-7 months few years back). Add another 3 months if audited.
Then after approval of perm, you have to file i-140 within 180 days otherwise your perm expires. Since EB3 for Nepal is current, you can file i-140 and i-485 together. Only i-140 can be processed in premium . i-140 regular takes 4 months to a year , very unpredictable these days. ( 2017 jan filers are still waiting in Texas service center). But you can upgrade to premium any time. If it is in premium , you will have decision within 15 days for i-140. i-485 takes around 6-8 months. But it wont be approved before i-140 .
So 485 gets approved usually 6-8 months from i-485 filing date if i-140 is already approved . If i-140 is not approved , i485 will be approved within couple of months of i-140 approval. But since there is now mandatory interview for 485 filed after march, I expect 485 approval timeline to extend for another 4-5 months.
These are usual cases. I have seen people waiting for 2 years just for i-140.
Among all of the above steps, only i-485 is your application.Rest of all are employer's. So employer will be paying for all cost with an exception of 485 fee.
Mine was EB3 as well, I did have tax filed for last few years. But I did not submit any tax return and got approved. EB3 do not require any prior experience, so you should be fine without tax return .
I-140 is all about employer showing the ability to pay you for your future position. For this , they will be submitting revenue and tax details ( I believe) which not every employer are willing to share with their employee , so be prepared to go through their HR/lawyers and denying you to get your own lawyer.


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