Documentary - A Tragedy for the Liberty - Somerville, MA
Date: Monday, Aug 06, 2007

Documentary Show - A Tragedy for the Liberty - Somerville, MA

Date: Monday, Aug 06, 2007
Time: 7.30 PM.
Ticket:$ 8.00 only
Running time : 50 Minutes.
Documentary Awarded in Hollywood

"A Tragedy For The Liberty" is a non-fiction award wining documentary produced
and directed by Mr. Subash Thapa Magar and Miss Anjana Budhathoki. It is about the
human revolution (2006 A.D. Of Nepal) against the Royal autocracy of Nepal, which
has vividly shown the plight and agony of those families whose loved ones have sacrificed
their lives for the people and nation during the revolution. Yes, it is all about
the martyrs and the pathetic condition of martyrs' families. The main theme
of this documentary is not to encourage more death, but to make Nepalese people
realize that human life shouldn't be wasted opting for the revolution again
and again.

World's popular revolution of Nepal brought lots of positive political changes
in the country, but what has it left....? Many Nepalese women removed her vermilion,
many old parents lost their faint glimpse of hope at the last stage of their life,
many children who are yet to be born became orphans, some protesters left seriously
disabled while others are still recovering to these days. One mother is still waiting
for her son who was killed in revolution in Kathmandu. She still has faith that
one day he will be back to pay all debt of her family.... One wife who had been
abroad for work returned home on request of her husband, she got nothing in her
hand at the time but just a snap! in which her beloved husband was dead. ... two
small kids never let her mother close main gate of their home because they think
that their father is returning from his work as they were unknown of the reality
that he has already laid his life for the country. These all are the bitter hidden
reality of revolution. So we can proudly say, "A Tragedy For The Liberty" is
all about hidden reality after the revolution.

This Documentary is already screened in major cities of Nepal. Besides that, we
have already gotten a schedule to show this documentary to all politicians in the
parliament of Nepal.

The production company is Cats Eye Media Pvt. Ltd. We can be reached at

Tickets available at:

Quick Food Mart
1385 Cambridge street
Cambridge MA, 02139

Himalayan Bistro
1735,Centre street
west Roxbury, MA 02132

Shalimar Food and Spices
571 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

President Travel
1385 Cambridge street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Punjab Food and Spices
454 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474

Mr. Mahesh Limbu
Ticket Box Office (Temp.)
328 Somerville Ave, 1st Floor
Office time M/F 9am-1pm
617-776-3510 (office)
617-407-8366 (Mobile)

Venue: Good Times Emporium Hall, Somerville ,MA
Disclaimer: This Documentary contains violent materials and bloodshed. Viewers’
discretion is advised.

Venue: Good Times Emporium
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