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 Aaja kaal bata bachiyo...Randi ko Chora Kale lai jhandi mareko...

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Posted on 12-22-10 2:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Aaja maile euta naya jeewan paye...Gas station ma kaam garda dui jana kaale aayera Gun dekhayre loote malai...Tara bachna chahi bachiyo....Yo sala america ko zindagi dekhera pani khattam bhaye..
kaam garda pani marne darr. Aba ta gas station pugyo malai....
randi ko chora kaale haru, maile aafno aama, buwa lai samjhe kaale le gun dekhauda.....bhagwan ko naam jape...
I never thought i would be so scared.....I was literally unconcious....
I feel i god gave me another life today.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-22-10 6:07 PM     [Snapshot: 309]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you have a gun under the counter, f--- them mofos. But make sure it is loaded and you know how to shoot. Some crazies don't want to leave witness behind which is you. So your life is 50/50 so don't take chance. There are many cases even when you give them everything, they fire eventually and kill the clerk. It is so sad that a person's life is worth a few thousand dollars sometimes hundreds. It is getting worse and worse these days especially Texas. 

Posted on 12-22-10 6:31 PM     [Snapshot: 359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That is really sad. I know what you went through at that time. I was in the similar scenario long time ago and i know how exactly it feels. I was shaking for 3 days and it was like a nightmare and i quit the job right away and moved on.
God bless all the Nepalese in US.
We're happy to see you Okay.
Posted on 12-22-10 6:33 PM     [Snapshot: 366]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Malai ahile samma Darr Lagiracha tyo samjhera....You know what came in my mind as soon as they pointed gun on my Head ? I thought i was gonna die and there will be News about me being killed and i thought about my Mom.......
I came Home, cried and i can't wait to talk to my Mom in Nepal....I'll call her tonight..

Posted on 12-22-10 6:40 PM     [Snapshot: 359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I disagree with furke. Most robbers dont want to kill the clerk because that is a much more heinous crime can can put them behind bars for life, if caught. It is more sensible to just take the money and run.. and even if they are caught, they will go to prison only for a couple of years max. Besides they are always covered with a mask or such.. so leaving a witness behind doesn't mean much to men. Also, they know they are on camera.. so it does not matter.
But the most important thing is to not piss them or make them feel threatened. If they feel they will have a better chance getting away by killing you, then they might do it. or else, in most cases, they will just take the money and leave.
No amount of money is worth the risk of retaliation--which is death! Even if you have a gun, what if they pull the trigger before you can. or what if your gun jam? trust me brother.. when a pistol is being point at you, and you are in the mercy of the robber, you don't want to take those chances! 

Posted on 12-22-10 6:44 PM     [Snapshot: 392]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Purana kagaz... if I were you, i wouldnt tell this to my mom. She will get very worried. Why put her through all that? I understand that you are shaken and want to share your story.. but dont tell you mom that you almost died. Bad idea. share it with your friends but not with your family. 
I broke my ankle a couple of months ago playing soccer and was in teh hospital for 2 days... I didn't tell my parents because there was nothing they could do from nepal..  Why make them worried about something they can't help me with? Right?

Posted on 12-22-10 7:40 PM     [Snapshot: 477]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sad to hear the news but glad that you are OK. When Kales point a gun to you, formula to be safe: 
1.do not make eye contact or look at them because they feel you may notice them and they are scared that they might be caught.
2. do whatever they say, give key or give money from cash register or whatever........
3. better look for a restaurant instead of gas station in such places which are risk of kales. Nothing worth more than your life. I know you have no option to work but can find a safer place.

Hope the same incident do not repeat to you and also hope no Nepalese friends become Kale's Victims in coming days. 
God bless us all!!!

Posted on 12-22-10 8:44 PM     [Snapshot: 577]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Glad to know u are ok.. i agree with Jai_nepal,  u should not tell ur mom abt the incident .. Just have a normal talk with her .. take care brother
Posted on 12-22-10 10:44 PM     [Snapshot: 729]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मलाई न तर्सा न केटा , हुँदा खदा को राम्रो काम सुरक्ष्या पत्ता के चलौनु भनेर छोडेर भर्खर भर्खर ग्यास स्टेसन मा हात हाल्या छु । येस्तो कुरा ले साटो जान्छ , फेरि आफ्नो काम ने तेस्तै ठाउँ मा छ के गर्ने गर्ने ! नखाउ भने दिनभरी को सिकार खाउ भने कान्छा बाउ को अनुहार भनेको हामीले ग्यास स्टेसन मा काम गरेको भाको छ 
Posted on 12-23-10 1:38 AM     [Snapshot: 847]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tell your parents. They should also know we r not living in a cozy house, driving fine cars and working in an office 10-5. Let them know what u r going thru.
Posted on 12-23-10 6:49 AM     [Snapshot: 922]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You can definitely tell them where you work and how you work and and all your living situations..... just dont them about about the incident!! furke is missing the point.
Posted on 12-23-10 9:30 AM     [Snapshot: 1019]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I can feel what you went through purana kagaz cause I have experienced it. Whole time I was watching that freaking gun pointed towards me. I followed what Churse stated. 
Posted on 12-23-10 12:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1168]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i feel u homes....past thru same situation two months ago....cant sleep that horrible night....n make a call to nepal...but frm nex day jus make up mah mind that if ur day is near, u can get killed anyhow....so jus stay cool....hop u overcome this disaster pretty soon like me....gotta do wot u gotta do!!! jai nepal
Posted on 12-23-10 5:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1370]     Reply [Subscribe]
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teti saro dui tin dina chai kamnu pardaina hai tara k k daar bahneko paisa lincha jancha mare amrcha [Disallowed String for - bad word] kati nai uimp cha hamro life after all we are nothign in US, i work in kales hood u know and i dun give a [Disallowed String for - bad word] whether i get killed or not i just work enjoy [Disallowed String for - bad word] smoke drink
Posted on 12-24-10 7:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Be safe all hard working people!God bless  us all.
Posted on 12-24-10 8:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1698]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Some relatives of Willis Willis are targeting people working in Texas gas stations especially who look like the guy below:

So don't be surprised.

Posted on 12-25-10 12:32 AM     [Snapshot: 1800]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank GOD you are saved.
All we can say is BE CAREFUL during this Holiday Season.
White are Happy & Black are Angry during this festival !
So, drink light. Maintain low profile....

Je Jasto Mozz Garnu Cha ... Hamri Nepali Thita Thiti Haru Sanga Garnu ..... within a closed doors !


Posted on 12-25-10 9:08 AM     [Snapshot: 1881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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खैजडे के छ तेरो हाल खबर ? बचेँर काम गर है

Posted on 12-25-10 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 1886]     Reply [Subscribe]
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good to hear that u r fine bro take care and work safe 
Posted on 12-25-10 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 1881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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glad to know that u r okey.....dont u dare tell ur parents about the incident u went through.....even though families back home know how tough it is to work in gas stations out here in the US....esp when u work over night shifts.....
i suggest all Nepalese who are working over-night shifts to be more careful at ur work station....drive-through chha bhane.....lock the front doors when the traffic slows....n ONLY Drive-through......be friendly with every customers...never know jasto kaale wa khaire...or bhote....jasle pani banduk bokera aauna sakchha..... if possible try avoiding the over night shifts and look for other alternatives....

Be Safe....

-nepali kanchha

Posted on 12-25-10 8:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2063]     Reply [Subscribe]
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blame punkaj joshi he is the one becaus eof him everuwhere we go dhotis are syaing nepali chorke bahgagya did n dat, he is menace for our people

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