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 What is the protest for ?
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Posted on 08-26-15 10:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can someone explain to me why are the Tharus / sherpas going on strike ?
From what I heard its because they want a separate province for them ?
What freaking difference does it make to them , Having a province or not ?

Posted on 08-26-15 11:11 AM     [Snapshot: 27]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They are guided by their leader: showing power like this makes them a prominent leader in their thought.
They learn from moist, by power you can gain any thing.
Last edited: 26-Aug-15 11:31 AM

Posted on 08-26-15 11:16 AM     [Snapshot: 39]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just heard from my friend that shots were fired in Birganj because protestors were trying to cut off the supplies to KTM.
Posted on 08-26-15 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 75]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not trying to be pessimistic: we will be seeing cut off dramas a lot in future. As the Cultured people of KTM hate Madhesi and same by Madhesi to them.
Posted on 08-26-15 11:36 AM     [Snapshot: 78]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That still does not answer the question.
Posted on 08-26-15 12:27 PM     [Snapshot: 148]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to the future of 'Hindu' country. Civil war is inevitable either by caste or religion.
Posted on 08-26-15 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 156]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not due to caste or religion, civil was is inevitable in Nepal due to short-sightedness and tribal mentality of all nepalese.

Posted on 08-26-15 1:18 PM     [Snapshot: 204]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You should have googled what federalism means.

Federalism 101: Power to tax locally and spend the tax locally, similar to what the states of USA do. Also involves other powers...This fight is about the empowerment because many Janajati believe that the Bahuns at Central power like we have today are not spending equally to their interests. Its an idea of central collection and central redistribution vs local collection and local distribution.

But very few in Nepal really understand what Federalism is all about. Most in Nepal think like its about having a country for their own Tribe. Other like Indian/Biharis are taking advantage to split or paralyze the country. Bihari Jamindars want to be a little king of Tarai. Rai limbu want their 4000 year old lumbuwaan kingdom back and most importantly many think they are taking stuff away from Bahuns and would like to blame bahuns for their lazyness, incompetence, backwardness, illiteracy, ignorance, violence, and retardness.

For more you need to google. No one has time to educate you what federalism means in a chat board.
Posted on 08-26-15 1:27 PM     [Snapshot: 228]     Reply [Subscribe]
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SAP Dude
No one asked you to google it and teach me what federalism is.
Posted on 08-26-15 1:42 PM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nevertheless, these same people would like a 'Hindu' natio too. One way or other, such incident will keep on continuing until we maintain a complete 'neutral' stands on religion and caste.
Posted on 08-26-15 2:37 PM     [Snapshot: 331]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lab test of my DNA showed 99.5% similarity with chimpanzees, is it possible to have chimpanzees province, so that I can live with my likes?
Posted on 08-26-15 3:00 PM     [Snapshot: 339]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The most unfortunate thing about this federalism issue in Nepal is that the legit voices for federalism has been over shadowed by

Bihari sardars who want to be tarai's chote Raja

Indian politics that wants to split nepal and use tarai as a water reservoir

Pahade Janajati who are converting to Christianity for few dollars, and a pack of Comb and hand mirror.

Old mentality Mandales who want King back in power

Greedy bahuns who are afraid to lose their votes if the splitting goes other way in their districts.

My own theory is that India wants to control all the water that flows from the himalays into India. India is not eying the electricity, its eying the water that it needs for its vas population. India wants to use the southern Nepal for a huge water reservoir. yes the whole tarai will be flooded with Himalayan fresh water and a huge damn will be built around the indian boarder. As a matter of fact India is already building a HWY along side Nepal boarder. This HWY is already serving as a dam as i believe it is going to be significant high to block any water flowing into 1700 KM long Indian border.

This is the whole theory behind why so many Biharis are active in nepal for "ek madhesh ek pradesh" Once the pradesh is declared Biharis will be allowed to create their own police and para millatary and will have much more freedom to start the civil war. Once the civil war is there India can easily justify the world that Nepal is killing their uncles and cousins and needed to intervene ( similar to what putin did in Crimea). Once its annexed into India all the rich Bihari will move to india and the poor tarai basi ( who are actually the citizens of Nepal from 100s of years will be forced to move up north into Nepal as an asylee). Rich Bihari leaders in Tarai will be awarded with a lush position and lives in India while the poor ones will be forced back into Nepal.

Some leaders in Nepal already know this grand design and they are trying their best to give pahad access to India from various channels. Like keeping Jhapa, Sunsari, Morang in East Province and keeping kailali kanchanpur into west region and also by splitting two tarais right in the middle kind of a thing. This is what this whole struggle is about. One one side we have bharsta, lovi, paapi, Kangressi, UML, RPP, parties trying to save Nepal and on the other hand we have Indian agents like Bihari parties, and Mao trying to sell nepal for their personal gain.

At the end the weaker one always loses and Nepal and Nepali people are the weaker ones in this struggle.

Posted on 08-26-15 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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SAP dude ... Now that's what I'm talking about for a A grade post.
Well put and dumbed down for a people like me who has been out of touch of nepali politics for a while.

Posted on 08-27-15 1:16 AM     [Snapshot: 567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 27-Aug-15 01:41 AM

Posted on 08-27-15 1:17 AM     [Snapshot: 571]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 27-Aug-15 01:41 AM

Posted on 08-27-15 4:29 AM     [Snapshot: 621]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Votee this is your धर्म निरपेक्ष नेपाल no हिन्दू नेपाल । Hindu nepal was much better then now.
Posted on 08-31-15 8:26 AM     [Snapshot: 870]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What are the Odds..that i said India will make Putin in Crimea like move few days ago and now the Indian home minister has said 1 Crore Indians live in Nepal and half of them have received citizenship and others have not and they are keen on protecting Indian rights in Nepal.


We are being led to this situation by the global forces and our leaders work for those global forces. Mao, kangressi, yemale, Mandales are all working in this global propaganda using Madhesh people as a bait.

Still time for real Madhesis to come forward and say NO to those Biharis who call themselves madhesis but i doubt that will happen.

Posted on 08-31-15 9:09 AM     [Snapshot: 902]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The protests are for,without chewing any words,are for gaining power.To get power among the citizens who are sojho and sida-sadha like a tree.The protests are for securing more power in a dusty land which have been under-developed in many a years.The protests are for securing and maintaining the highest ego of their so called janajaati- leaders.The protests are for the confused citizenry.

The protests could also incubate from a deep reserve of inequality and the eagerness to demonstrate the pain and sorrow which have been a part of life among protesters.The protest is also for a meaningless life that's been passing in a tick-tocks of life.The protests could also be a result of failed leadership and not knowing what to do when someone is suggesting to carry an axe and a spear in the shoulder.The protests is a result of indecisiveness and too much obeisance to the vulpine leaders.The protests are for showing anger and beliefs.The protests also act like time-pass for unproductive mass.The protests are for a friction negating a flow and a minus for anything positive.
Posted on 08-31-15 9:21 AM     [Snapshot: 948]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपालमा आर्मी साशन लागु गर्न पर्ला जस्तो छ. नेपाललाई प्रजातन्त्र फापेन.

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