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My favorite quote is: "I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do!!"

Dark Maroon Dress

one sleeve altered! and red belt made out of ribbon that comes with chocolate box
Fashionista el naturale is pleased to feature Neelima Manandhar, who has an impressive knack for designing clothing and decorations out of ordinary day to day use materials and accessories. Best wishes to Neelima for expanding her hobby!
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My Name is Neelima Manandhar. I was born in Biratnagar but brought up by my maternal family in thimi, bhaktapur. I did my schooling from Holyland International School in new baneshwor. Did +2 at Ace Institute of Management.

I often get homesick. When, I get homesick, I try to keep myself bg in the household things or books. If, I don't have anything to do then, my mind starts creating stuffs itself. Whatever I hold, I think about it, in what ways, it could be used or could be more beautiful then, I start playing with it. That's how, I create stuff. I only get sundays off. So, whatever, I do, I do on sundays. It depends what material are u creating or designing. Sometimes, It could take a minute or sometimes it take a 2-3 hours. I don't like to be stuck for the same thing. Many people have suggested me to go for designing course including Sanjay Shrestha(Drummer: 1974 A.D). Right now, I m just taking it as a hobby. I like to design clothes, make corn husk dolls, create stuff from anything which I see useless to make them meaningful that's my hobby.
Dress out of leftover fabric I had! It's a simple dress and very comfy. I sewed a belt too and the fabric I used was black net just to give a contrastic look. Perfect for any events. You can wear this dress with a black coat too :DFabric Type : Satin
Personal Information
Age: 24

Figure: 32-24-33
Height: 5 ft 4 inch

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Weight: 115 lbs

Zodiac: sagitarrius

Hobbies: designing & stitching, crafts, Dancing, Travelling, hiking, badminton, swimming

Undergraduate in Bachelor of Business Management.

Motto: Love is only the reason for living life. Love is priceless. So, do small things with great love that changes other lives. Live your life for others!!!



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I know, I have been stitching so many dresses in a row. It's very addicting and it's fun. So, here is one more a simple dress. I know summer is almost done but, I think, we can wear this type of dress in the office with a black coat on top. The fabric type is cotrise. The neck type is V-shape and I have added a slim black belt to give a shape myself :p I have more of this fabric so, will be designing and stitching more of it. The color is very beautiful.  Out of men's full shirt. A beautiful full top!
I got this scarf from my dear friend Priyasha KC. I didnot have good looking
top to go to party so, I turned my scarf into beautiful sexy top! (front).

Side view!

Red gown . I have been using mac to take my pictures and I know, it's not a perfect one! However, today, I sewed a full length gown. Usually, red is not my fav but, as I was checking out some fabrics, I don't know why I fell into this one and I bought this fabric. Anyways...This is a full length gown without sleeves and perfect for evening cocktail parties or even regular parties. Very comfy and attractive with high black heels.

Fabric type: Brocade
This skirt is made out of black long scarf!

Same skirt


Turn your long scarf into beautiful dress! You can do many things with your old long scarf :D Don't just store them in the closet!!
Beautiful Skirt with a bow and a matching clutch/purse :) I have been making stuffs with the same fabric time and again. I didn't realize 2 yards would be more than enough for me to make a dress, top, cluthes and bow. 
This time, I made a beautiful skirt with matching bow. I think, this skirt is perfect for a party or any kind of events. It's not too short and not too long. It's got lil sexy look too :) and Bow adds the flavor to the dish. And, I just thought to hold the cluth that, I made before !! 

Turn your shiny tshirt into party dress. Altered your sleeves and create your own design 

Same dress at party! 

Recycling Can tabs again! This time, I made a belt out of can tabs. It took me almost about 6 minutes to make this belt. It's very simple and got unique look. Looks Perfect on black dresses or even black jeans :D There are 5 tabs in each flowers. I was collecting can tabs to make this belt since long time. Thanks to my room mates who got me more tabs :D

Today, I designed and sewed this dress. Don't know what type of fabric is this but, this is lil thick. I got 1.25 yards. The color is cooper and gold mixed and has metalic texture. This dress is perfect when u are going out club or any party. THis time, I did put lil length . I wanted to put sleeves but, didn't have enough fabric. SO, this is what it turned out to be :D

Recycling tights/leggins :D Guys, I had these tights/leggins which were old enough to wear and worn out. So, I thought why don't I make something out of this. So, I turned out to make a stuffed small doll. You just need a couple of old tights / leggins and cotton to stuff in and here you go, a nice Doll. Don't forget the threads :D You can use this doll as a key ring or hang on the mirror of your car!!

There is another way to wear a man's shirt 

You can do so much with beads and this
is one of them! Cute anklelets! Go celtics :)

This Necklace is made of Can's Tags(Opener)!!! I had fun
making this necklace! This is very beautiful way to recycle :D

Beautiful way of recycling! A Ring out of Can's opener (Tags) :D

Woollen Bangles!
Hi guys. I have made a pair of crochet woollen bangles which will never break. How fabulous is that! I wanted to decorate em' with some shiny stuffs but, i didn't know, I was all out. So, they end up with just a plain pair of simple crochet bangles. 
It's just an idea of using or crocheting / designing wool other than sweaters or woollen clothes :D

jhyall ko parda ko kapada tucked in readymade tank top

Magazine and then a beautiful clutch/Purse :D I made this clutch out of magazine papers and It can fit in cell fone, pen, key, kindle fire, tablets, note book, charger and everything you need !! perfect for the party too!! IT'S GOT VERY UNIQUE LOOK! SO, RECYCLE YOUR MAGAZINE :) 

Wear your Pashmina Shawl with a style as a Cardigan and give it a new look to your old Pashmina:DD This is perfect for work and for casual wear too :D 

I have so many ribbons that, I got when people got me gifts!
SO, I used them to make My Cute Hair accessories:D 

Finished making Clutches/Purse for me and my friend :) All you need to make this clutch are fabric, any shoe box or hard boxes
and Foam and glue and some accessories to decorate. I used the can openers to make flowers and fabric to make a bow
Had left over Fabric. So, decided to make One Piece Summer dress.
style: Halter Neck

Pajama - Basic need for girls :) THis is my first time ever try to sew pajama and I was surprised that, I finished it in about 15 minutes. It was not that bad as, I thought, it could be. Therefore, this is what I got tonite in 15 minutes for myself a "new pajama" . The fabric type is 100% cotton and is very comfortable. 

Turn your old Kurta Sulwar into a fancy dress ! I m not a kurta sulwar girl and I had this kurta sulwar since long time. 
I was thinking to turn this into something that, i can wear and, I did some alterations to give it a lil western touch. I really love the color contrast which is festive too :D 
So people, Here it is, a simple idea to wear your kurta as a one piece dress.
Beautiful One arm sleeveless top with Matching clutch/purse
and a hair accessory with black belt. Perfect for the party :))
 Since, I have sewing machine now. The fabric I used is 100% cotton. This is very simple dress. To, give it a lil shape, I made a belt too :) The neck style is not too open and is sleeveless. Perfect for summer :) more on the way :)

This is the back side of the dress. The fabrics that I used are net and satin type. So, it's pretty simple in front with ruffled design infront. The bow on the back gives lil elegant look :D

Finally done with the dress for tonite's party! I sewed a raffled top with a belt. I did make can tabs necklace just to add a flavor. The fabric type is satin :)
I also sewed a black skirt to give a contrasting look :D
Prashant Tamang(Indian Idol) and Amit Paul :) ,me with the outfit that I designed for that party :D
Their performances were mind blowing. Amit Paul did sing a Nepali song too!

Dark green shiny dress. The fabric I used to sew this dress is net type. It is very complicated fabric because when you start sewing it, the threads will start falling off. It took me almost like 3 hours to finish this one. At the same time, I had problem combining two snaps in one frame. But, finally I have completed! So, this dress is short, wide open on back. 
I was tired so didn't even bother to put make-up on :P I might take a break for designing crafts coz, It's been too long since I haven't created stuffs. So, may be corn husk doll :D

Inspired by adam sack's design 
This dress is made out of Priyasha KC's full sleeve shirt and bottom part of X-large Tshirt!!!

A Tie :) I had a left over fabric and I thought of making a tie for my friend as a birthday gift. 
The fabric type is 100% cotton :D

Beautiful flowers ! I cann't stop myself to make things out of magazine papers that's only because, I have so many magazines piled up. Instead of throwing them out, I thought of using these to make useful stuffs. So, I made these flowers with magazine papers and it came out very beautiful. It's perfect for living decor and I am goin to put it right on the coffee table. 
Getting ready for winter. A warm woollen handmade crochet headband. I didn't know a 83 yards of woollen would cost me just 99 cents. That's way cheap and It is enough to make two of those headbands! So, if you know how to knit or make crochet then, you can get two headbands in 99 Cents!! Good deal guys !
It's a simple crochet design headband. I made a flower to give it a complete look. It's very comfy and warm and covers both ears :) Perfect for winter :D
Wollen type: ACRYLIC

A small basket/tray. This is made out of magazine papers. This is strong as regular tray and it wont break out! It can hold up to 4 cups of coffee and you also can put fruits, vegetables etc. 

Sharing warm love to loved ones in this cold weather with hand made woollen headbands: with Bikash Lamsal and Sharada Paudel.

A pair of woolen shoes. I made a pair of crochet woolen shoes for a beautiful princess
who will  be coming soon in this world. Many CongratulationsCarolina Lisette Juarez ♥

My Jewelry kit :) This is my second item that, I made out of magazine papers. It's very easy to make. You just need the
glue and magazine papers. Its got unique look and has wide storage space to store all your jewelries. I love it :D

My summer bag made out of an old saree :)

Traditional Haku Patasi in the mordern style :) (Front)


Hi everyone :) Hope everyone is having wonderful time. This 
time I recycled my old tank top (In nepali we call semiz) :D Yes!! I turned my old tank top into a beautiful bag. I just stitched the bottom of my old tank top and added my old red ribbon (which I got in the gift rap) just to make it attractive. You can put books, your laptop, you kiddle fire, your Ipad, wallet everything. 
Everything we use could be recycled into many things that we can reuse and save money for other use. So, here you go Girls :D Enjoy !


Way to wear Pasmina Shawl :D I thought of wearing pashmina shawl as a dress. This is how I style my old Pashmina shawl :)

Recycling grocery plastic bags !! A crochet Hair accessory out of a regular grocery plastic bag! We can do so many things with the grocery plastic bags and this is one of them!!! I just added the yellow and green shiny stuff to make it beautiful :D

Got a new sewing machine. So, couldn't wait to complete a set of dress which was not done! Just added a halter top to complete a look :D 

Being homesick motivates me to do something. So, I tried to give a shot to make my fantasy world inside a roll of a "Paper Towel"; create life inside a roll of a "paper towel". In the first roll, a man patting his goat, 2nd roll: village houses and a tree, 3rd roll: My Brother playing soccer!! 

Am I too late to wish my dad, " Happy Father's Day"? I guess, I m :( I made this as soon as I got back from my work coz, I wouldn't want to miss the last minute to wish everyone who is a daddy , Happy father's day :) and also to those mothers who raised their kids being a daddy :). So, this is dedicated to them !!
let's see, a man sitting is my daddy wearing a cap, shirt and pant. He has a lil re d flower on the side of his ear. And a girl wearing green dress is me. On this very occasion, we Nepali people pay their homage to their father with their favorite food, clothing and other dad’s favorite stuff and that's what I am holding and he is trying to accept my gratitude, love and respect with a smile :)

I really wanted to make a mother holding a newly born baby! But, I was just lazy enough. Recently,Eugene Shrestha (dai/brother's) sister had a cute lil baby. So, I just wanted to gift my creation to Eugene Dai and dai, this is Neelima DD holding cute lil princess. Hope you will like this :)
She is a Nepali woman sitting down and holding her newly born baby for a hindu ceremony called Nwaran :) This ceromany is performed to give a birthname to a child according to his/her lunar horoscope which is usually not the name by which he/she is known. Nwaran is celebrated in the Hindu tradition on the 11th day after a child is born. She is wearing a beautiful red saree with some golden ornaments. :) Corn husk doll :D

 Corn Husk Doll :D I saw Nepali dolls made out of corn husk at Shun Il borther's home but, couldn't ask him, if I could take it with me :( So, I decided to make lots of doll for me and this is my first ever doll made out of corn husk. More on the way. This is gonna be perfect gifts that reflects Nepali ethnic culture :D
I made a Tharu girl, and she is from lower part of Nepal, terai Region-Biratnagar (which is very hot and where I belong). Her name is "Dhaniya". She is carrying woods for cooking. And she says," tohar halkhabar thik che ki nai" meanin: r u doing fine?

 My baje (Grandfather) carrying stuff to work in the field wearing typical newari cloth with cap and red rose on the side of his ear. And he is all the way from Bhaktapur, Thimi, Nepal (where I grew up) :D His name is "SANU". He says, "jya wone tena Pasa", meaning: ready to go to work my friend)

left: She is a newari bride from kathmandu valley, Nepal. Her name is Soni Nepali Manandhar She is wearing bridal dress with some gorgeous ornaments with red marks on her forhead.She won't say anything coz she is lil nervous!!

Right: she is a business woman from hilly region.Her name is Arshu Manandhar ;D She is wearing a typical skirt and a blouse. She is selling corns to the customers. She's got lil purse hanging to put her earnings :D And she says, " kya naam makai kinne hou k?" Meaning: Are u buying corns?

I thought of making a sherpa couple but, I ended up making a couple from Lamjung, Nepal.SO, they are from magar community. Their names are Harimaya(female)Right and lok bahadur(male)left. They both are in love with each other. In Nepal, most of the time, love is expressed through the dance. Thus, they are expressing their love by dancing in Kauda song (very unique song for kauda dance in magar community). Both are wearing typical magar dresses. Boy is on his knees :D and playing especial musical instrument called "dumphu".
Lok Bahadur sings," hoo hoo mayaaaaaaaa, chanchale raicha timro tyo joban" Meaning:" my love, your beauty is very (idk how to translate :D) unstable!!
And Harimayal dances in the beats that he is playing :D

It's very addicting to create stuffs. So, here is one more which I made. A Foto frame out of magazine papers :)
It's very attractive and you can either put on the table or hang on the wall !!!

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