sajha and me!?
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Bad Boy
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gud luck!
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 i don't have anything to say about your first vid i.e. proud to be a nepali? in fact, i didn't watch it all. but thumbs up for this vid. generaly people stop using sajha or come back with different usernames when they face a lot of criticism. for example, nagarik report, syanjali, and there are many more who just run away being unable to answer to those critiques. you are the first guy who came up with an audiovisual response!! and that's pretty darn brave and legit. good luck.
Sexy In Sari
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San Dai! PLEASE transfer this guy to
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I agree. I see potential (not necessarily talking about the comments you get). Keep at it!
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This one goes for Nas!
I haven't talked to you before, but felt let's be a big mouth here as usual!!
I think you almost showed your balls (?) showing the glimpses of a male torso and then hints of jerking off and then enjoying and pleasuring oneself(?) watching some slick porn. It would be a double standard in your part to say that you got no guts to do all that when you quite successfully did make a  big fiasco about the doomed video you were bringing out hopefully. Not all can do like that, well...
None of my business, but just wanna be a smart ass to give you a heads up that you aced in making some out of the world videos, bolder than these attention seekers' monologoues! 
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Nas is right Ktmpatrol bro has the biggest balls in sajha to be able to be out in public in his own identity. Keep it coming.
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  I am not sure of many things, but having balls is not one of them 

Just for the records, I am a fan of Nas and Sexi In Sari.. 
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I apologize for my 1st comment, i guess i aint got life that i criticize your lil nice video ..... For 2nd i dont really have anything coz everybody tries to get attention to be someone and abt RWJ , he is most subscribed channel in youtube and had good carrer now , im fan of him ........ And lastly i give it up for you that you got em balls to be on the vedio to talk abt shit i/we posted .........well good luck ahead...... I learned something out of u ..... Good luck ahead waiting for your another vedio....... Cheers
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