What can NRN do and don't do in Nepal Legally and is it worth it to be a member ? - Sajha Mobile
What can NRN do and don't do in Nepal Legally and is it worth it to be a member ?
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Hi Everyone.

Can anyone summarize what can NRN do in Nepal and not do. Such as buying land, voting etc.
And Is it worth it to be a member? Any personal Experience please share.

Thank You
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What are privileges of having NRN Card?

-Identity of the status of the person as NRN
-Free Visa to enter and stay in Nepal (for persons having citizenship of countries other than SAARC Countries)
-Right to open a bank account in convertible foreign currency
-Eligibility to make investment in convertible foreign currency
-Provision to repatriate proceeds of the investment out of Nepal in convertible Foreign currency if investment made in the same currency
-Purchase and sale of land (area as referred in NRNA bylaws) to limited extent Inheritance of ancestral property and ownership of that property in Nepal
-Tax Exemption on initial capital of investment
-Certificate of Investment Tax Exemption on upto NPR15 Lakhs remittance to close relatives of NRN in one fiscal year for personal expenses
-Tax exemption on the remitted funds via formal banking channel for the Social, Political, Cultural, Religious, Charity, Sports and Disaster Relief Projects
-Rights to establish Industry and Business and enjoy investment facilities as enjoyed by Foreigners
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NRNs can be both Nepali ctzns living abroad for certain time and the former Nepali citizens who now has foreign ctzp.
If you are nrn who hasnt received foreign ctzp then you are a full fledged Nepali and have all the rights.

If you are nrn with foreign ctzp then nrn id card can give u certain benefits but now since nrn ctzp has been approved you have better option.

Nrn ctzp should grant you all the rights except for voting ,political or taking any govt jobs.

Nrna membership, which is a membership to the association has no bearing on the above two, ie, nrn id card or nrn ctzp.
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Correct me if I am wrong here-
a. You have to renounce your Nepalese citizenship legally to get NRN Citizenship.
b. You will be given NRN citizenship card with new Nagarikta Number and in that card your citizenship will be where you have your Foreign Citizenship. Example- USA/Australia
c. The moment you take that citizenship and go to Government offices-Malpot they will charge you 35% on the sale of land.
d. Nepalese law does not allow you to take money out of Nepal regardless whether you are Nepalese Citizen or NRN citizen.

For me this NRN citizenship is just the way of making Nepalese give up their citizenship and tracking it in the database.

Disclaimer:Just my personal thoughts here. Do not take it as legal advice.Consult with an experienced attorney.
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OHIO, I think you are correct with everything you said. Just curious tho how u found out about the 35 percent tax? Is that different for Nepali citizen of bansaj?
Question is what option do we have. Sooner or later they r going to be strick with citizenship checks. Everything is digitalized in Nepal. Soon there will be national id cards in Nepal and you'll have to show both nagarikta and that card to make legal transactions. It will have bio metrics and chips. It wont be that difficult to link that with immigration and find out who is using their old nagarikta number after entering Nepal in foreign passport.
There are legal consequences for using ur old nagarikta including jail terms and possible deportation and ban from Nepal.
At least with nrn ctzp we can do things legally.
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No matter whether we like it or not you have to follow the law. There are few choices, either you take it or leave it. There are no other choices here until dual citizenship is provided.

Let's analyze the ground reality here.
a. By Nepalese Citizenship Act, Your Nepalese Citizenship will be void and null immediately once you take Foreign Citizenship whether you renounce it or not.

b. Regarding Department of Immigration- Currently it just track the arrival and departure record and publish it as a monthly report in PDF.

Immigration Department Duties and Responsibilities-

Till now they do not have an working android app from which you can fill the form for on-arrival visa. Their link for android app does not work at all.

Similarly, there is no online system even for paying for visa.

This immigration Department requires massive reform at this point. If there is a good leadership, these portal can be up and running with all features in a month.

c. National Identity Card | Rastriya Parichaya Patra- Think of it as a SSN. The architecture of NIC is to use this unique number to verify you when you go and take any government services. The amount of data they take really scares me. They take biometrics, Digital Signature, Eye Scan and has embedded chips in it. The biggest problem with this is the data security since the data resides outside of Nepal.

1. I believe most of people in Nepal currently give a damn about this card. All they know is they need this NIC number to make a passport. That's it. The government forced it as a mandatory to take this otherwise you would not be able to get a new passport or renew it.

2. Millions of Dollars have been invested in this project since last 7 + years but outcome and implementation is pretty poor. 90% of the Nepalese residents haven't even received the physical card yet. People are waiting from last 3 years but do not have NIC physical card in hand.

3. As Nepalese Government portal are down 90% of the time same applies here. This NIC portal is completely down as we speak now.

Taking these ground reality, Nepalese Government portal with interconnection between all the department is a long way to go until there is some good leaders in Government IT department, My guess is Government does not want to fully digitized and we all know the reasons for that. But if needed these can be interconnected within couple of days by just building an API. I will reconfirm that percentage for the sale of land one more time.

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Thanks for sharing some good reaearch. I was aware of inefficiency in implementing the technology and had some 1st hand experience too while applying for my parents NIC in Nepal few months ago. However, just because the technology hasnt caught up yet doesnt mean it will nver catch up in the future as well. Specially when we are talking about land and other asset where we normally plan out things for decades or even for next generation.
Also maybe the overall all technology might take time or lets say not even possible for Nepal but lets not forget it is very effective if the search is done in individual level. If somone files a complain against you or there is a case in the court then Nepal immigration can easily find your foreign passport in their records. Doesnt matter if they use databse or filp some old files somewhere (dhadda paltaunay) but it can be produced in few days.
If it's only for getting cheap flight rates etc in Nepal it might not hurt but if you have some properties and some clever enemies then i wouldn't take the risk. It's like almost everyone speed up beyond speed limit and most of the times get away with it as well, however, that doesn't mean the speed limit doesnt exist or dont apply. Similarly most may get away using their old Nepali ctzp but the fact is it is illegal and can invite some serious consequences.
It seems that this nrn card is a copy paste of oci card from India with some minor differences. I personally dont think that Nepal will give full dual citizenship in my lifetime aince India hasnt either. It sad but seems true that these politicians dont have any vision to see beyond india. I personally have to take this cizp because i have some land disputes if it wasnt for that reason i wouldnt bother either.
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Do you plan to take it in the near future?
Here is what you need from documentation side.


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Thanks for sharing, ya in few months maybe..btw, have you check out another thread in sajha..there are some good discussions too..u might find this intresting if u haven't looked at it already.

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I am well verse and aware of that thread, after that thread only I started exploring more.

Probably will create FAQ for NRN Citizenship if I get some time to help the community.
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