What's the source of longetivity of our Nepalese leaders(age I mean)
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Almost all of them're 70+ and nb of them show any signs of dying soon. Why're they not dying? Tandem ma marey ni hunthyo ni, euta rando, arko rando, tespaxi arko rando. Lagalag 1 week bida hunthyo. Bhada kati majna gairakhnu yaar dinkai.
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Well some of them died. Krishna Bhattrai, Ghirijha Koirala, Ganesh Man . World wide life expectancy is around 78 and nepal is around 71. Some of the current leader will for sure die in next few years . But that won’t be solution. Nothing changed when it went from Ghirijha to sher Bahadur. Nepal is fertile ground for useless and corrupt leaders and burocracts . It will produce many more and most likely even more corrupt.

Nothing will fix until nepal society and education system is fixed . Cultivation on land is fallout of type/property/weather of land not plant itself.

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Nepal isn't fertile fyi. Nepal is a shit country. Even if abraham lincoln ruled Nepal, we won't do better than India.
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I like your views though. I agree education is a must. And I'm planning to run for election for education ministry.
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The country ruled by Abraham Lincoln is not better than Nepal it will be ruled by cult as long as Trump does not go to jail.
Good to know ,you will run for election to be a Education minister, Is Sajha helping you to achieve your goal? Good for your and wish you the best.

First of all Education was privatized by Bramhans and genetically they are upper handed. They got the expertise on using Chadankya's "saam" , "daam", "danda" and 'bheda" nitis. You can see it harvesting in Sajhaa and getting better and better as time passes.

Education itself will not be able to get the changes that we want to see. Because education does not give you wisdom but knowledge. This acquired knowledge is using similarly as couple century ago and we all wanted to see oranges from a lemon tree?

Go back to Sajha, read your own comments and find out what kind of person you are and what kind of position will fit you.

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