Is visa required for Nepal born US citizen?
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Mr. D
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My son was born in Nepal and has never went out of country but has US passport applied through US embassy. Is he required to have Nepali visa since he actually physically entered through any port of entry? Would it be an issue when he leaves the country as his passport page in blank?
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He definately does , although us has dual citizenship policy , nepal dosenot .you cannot use 2 passport at 2 points .lets say if you use his nepali passport to enter nepal, you need to show exit stamp in the nepal immigration desk . Unless you are able to produce the exit stamp from us they wont let you in nepal through their airport .
Mr. D
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Hey Logan,
Thanks for the input but you misunderstood the question. He does not have two passports, he has only one US passport, but it does have any entry stamp, because he was born in Nepal, so unless he goes out of Nepal and comes back in, there is no way he would have entry stamp. But my question is while going out of the country, would Nepali authority give hassle since he does not have any visa?
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They will issue visa in Nepal airport. You can choose the duration of visa there and pay the fee.
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why are u waiting? i heard they will backdate your visa and u will have to pay penalty too
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If applied through embassy and never left country still has to be reported to the immigration . You have to pay the penalty for illegally staying in the country . Until u correct it , it definately will be a hassele once your son decides to fly through airport . Get a long term visa , i guess 3 year is the longest they stamp at one time .
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don't guess, log on..1 year is the longest stamp for long-term stay.
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