Wife hates Travel Nurse/s
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the amount of paycheck these travel nurse take home is insane. I feel , to some extent , these travel nurses are the reason behind inflation . wife got staggered to know that a nepali travel nurse was making seven thousand a week just working 5 and half days in her facility . wife makes same amount of money working a whole month (14 nights).Its the over time she pikes that pumps her paycheck . And on top, the amount of attitude these travel nurse have is unendurable .

engineers at Netflix and travel nurses needs to have pay cut by and large.
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I never understand, what exactly do these travel nurse do that local nurse can’t do. I mean why they even need travel nurse . Unless they let old rich dude bang them lol…why the hell pay that much, when you can probably hire local nurses with little more extra money .
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I don’t understand this hate. If travel nurse make that much money. Why don’t your wife do the same? No one is stopping her other than herself
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dude!! this not bout my wife , Cz yet 2 clear Nclex exam to work as travel nurse on top cz is bounded by 3 year contract .

But just imagine if a simple nurse starts making 30 grand a month, where this economy is headed ? do u think elon musk will pay her salary and accommodation ? no , we tax payers have to and this is the reason healthcare is getting expensive for no reason .
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I have feelings, it has something to do with some sort of loophole in Medicare/Medicaid . I don’t know why they need these travel nurse and why they get paid that much . If it’s purely market driven it’s probably ok, but if it has something to do with Medicare fraud or insurance upcharging , then these are root cause of messed up health care system.
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Ok this is what I understood from this post. Euta nepali travel nurse le mero budi bhanda dherai kamai bhanera ma ra mero budi dubai jealous bhako chau. Toit! Kasto sochai ho... 3 barsa pachi timro budi travel Nurse hunche ani timro opinion 180 degree turn huncha... Bhanna ta nahune ho tara Nepali para dekhayo!
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There is scarcity of nurses and health professionals. The patient nurse ratio, patient satisfaction all affects the how Medicare and Medicaid pays the hospital. I know most nurses and lab professionals are paid 70-100 bucks per hours with travel allowances 1K per week; that can be saved up good. I met a lady who made 229K last year just working 3 days shift.
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He/she just fulfilling the vacancy. Good for them, can we do anything about it?
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so what is the peoblem here? software engineers make 500k per year in FAANG companies. welcome to land of free market
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So when your wife is eligible to be a travel nurse will you worry about the economy ? It’s all about supply and demand.
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