Forms needed by Govt of Nepal before leaving Nepal for the US (International Flight)
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Does Government of Nepal require its citizens who are flying out internationally, to fill and submit travel information related forms?

When I had visited Nepal last year, while coming back to the US (around July 2021), there was a traveller's information form that I needed to fill out and submit. I think it was Ministry of Tourism or some thing similar Ministry's website. I also had that form printed out. The guards are the gate of entry at TIA had taken it when we were returning back.
That was when there was covid lockdown (phase 2) going on. Now, when I go to Tourism Ministry and few other ministries websites, I do not see anywhere any forms mentioned that needs to be filled out by "Nepali Citizens" traveling internationally. My mom is coming on a visitor's visa in 5 days. I wanted to check if anyone travelled back to US recently from Nepal and whether they had to fill out any forms?

I already did the following:
* Vaccination records (e-confirmation from Nepal's official site) and printed a hard copy
* Will do the PCR before the flight
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When you are flying from Nepal to the US, the US Center for Disease Control requires you to perform a Covid test within 24 hours of your flight. Most labs in Nepal offer the PCR test and that has become the de facto standard.

PCR test is not needed on the outbound to Nepal. Just full vaccination & completion of online CCMC form. On the return, you do need to take the PCR within 24 hours of your flight. You can follow the guidelines at which is current.

For additional information, you can call Zen Travels 202-552-1508 from the US or 01-597-0995 when in Nepal.

Bon Voyage.
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