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Namaste Sajha Mitra,

As I am new to this, Looking forward to Sajha Community with Help.
I have finished my Bachelor's in Nursing and have been working in Nepal for the past 1 year. I wanted to pursue a Master's in Nursing in the USA.

1. Can you recommend the Steps to follow through
2. Which University would be best Cost-wise or easy to get in.

So far I know I need to get 7.0 in IELTS to get in USA college

All helps | Comments are welcomed.

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my wife is bachelor of nursing and here is how we came to US last year with around 5lakhs NRS .

So the covid has huge health care professionals shortage in the US , we came to contact with a Pilipino recruiting agency through my sister in law who is already a nurse in the US .

the recruiting agency hired my wife and sponsored our green card to come to the US but since she has not passed NCLEX exam, she is not supposed to work as an independent nurse but has to work under some other nurse licensee in a nursing home facility .

the agency has my wife under contract for three years and they send us to work in remote place in US . initially i thought remote palace would be like Rukum or rolpa and was scared to death . upon coming here we realized the term " remote " was like heaven . small town , 2 hrs far from big city , friendly people and eventually everything you need to have a quality life .

my wife works straight 7 nights on and she has next seven days off but she has plenty of overtime to pick up . since the pay while overtime is more than double, she picks 2 extra nights in her seven off days . we have a 3 bed apartment and all our expenses are covered by her extra work shift . this way we save all her salary .

once she passes her NCLEX exam her pay will be significantly higher . she is bound to stay with the company for 3 years and if she wants to extend her contract with this company they will pay her tuition fee if she wants to join university . so far we are very happy with her job and the place we live but i must admit winter here is severe here . this is the only thing that scares us .

my sister-in law on the other hand who came here winning DV is still paying her nursing school debts while we are debt free. considering the delays it will still take more than 9 months to get her green card she is working on EAD .

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Also the steps to join uni would be , validate your nursing credentials with WES , Tofel islets etc .as per my experience i would recommend university of phoenix for affordability and hybrid setup . easy to work and study, i believe there are plenty other universities that are beyond my knowledge
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