The Largest International work from home income opportunity.
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Surendra Shakya
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TOP 10 COUNTRIES Earning Income from Online Work:
1. Nigeria
2. Kenya
3. India
4. Pakistan
5. Philippines
6. Bangladesh
7. Ghana
8. Sri Lanka
9. Uganda
10. Nepal

TOP 10 Nepalese on the leaderboard:
Nepal Sonam Dorji L. 259,722
Nepal Lokendra D. 146,779
Nepal Rajan D. 98,191
Nepal Rabin S. 80,641
Nepal Rohan T. 74,661
Nepal Madhukar K. 47,522
Nepal pragya a. 34,390
Nepal Sarita K. 33,180
Nepal Niruta A. 32,344
Nepal Sudha G. 29,721
Nepal Dipak K. 27,840

I am happy to see that some Nepalese are indeed making good use of the work from home opportunities, part time or full time. I have enrolled too. So can you.

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whats ur source?
Surendra Shakya
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I just want to share what I am enrolled in at the moment, free of charge and have finished the free training classes. Also, climbed up the rank to Level 10 out of 20. This site needs to keep steady working less than an hour and keep building to see a steady income in a year. This is the site called Strong Future International based in Nebraska. You can read more here.
Surendra Shakya
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Another site paying for regular online time we spend on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook that has been generating income for more than 10 years is this:

I am now also testing warrior plus site and getting really good guidance. Will share more as progress is made. It cost me less than $27 to enroll.
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Sounds like a scam!!
Surendra Shakya
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Yes, there are many scams out there. Don't I know them? I check their sales page and ranking too. But I have seen that even the best system does not work for everyone, just like in school in class, some do not do well. Hence a system with a team might give a better chance for success. These days, people expect instant success and quit too easily. We have to learn to work the system, or else the system won't work, That is the reality. I will share my experience, anyway. Since my intention is to generate a source or income for social projects here in Nepal.
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The link that you posted already looks scammy! Thats the type of link that the IT guys say not to click. Haha!
But if you are making money then good for you! I have my own side hustles!
Surendra Shakya
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That link was the top seller in Clickbank online work. I have created many sites and was looking for an app to generate traffic, and finally I was able to get Tweety, thanks to PayPal account. I am checking it out and going through the lessons so that if this works out, I can get more young people to follow the online work path and not have to leave to find work. I would be interested to learn about your side hustle. I also listed properties for rent in the US, and it made good payment. Now I am expanding to and focusing on affiliate marketing. I would like to make a team of Nepalese to support each other in spreading the word and build income opportunities in Nepal. It is not a good feeling to see so many struggling during this dark hour or dwindling economy and increasing threat to national existence.
Surendra Shakya
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Good news is that the program I purchased called Tweety is allowing me to post links or marketing ads. I am still learning the details and go through the complete lessons. But if it works, then it can be used to promote other Nepali business as well, I would love to hear if anyone else has information on marketing apps that has worked for you.
Surendra Shakya
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I was able to pay for another marketing app that allows to make money surfing the web, developed by an Asian guy. That is going to be another avenue to promote opportunity for Nepalese youth. I managed to get a prepaid card from a Nepali bank and it is turning out to be better than the prepaid Payoneer Mastercard. Things seem to be turning around now. I would love to hear experience of other people.
Surendra Shakya
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If you have heard of Tweety, you can associate it with Twitter, and you would be right. I purchased an unlimited package, and for a week, I have been able to post ads to Twitter users. So, I am satisfied with it. Then I also purchased another called Browse and Bank developed by a guy in Singapore from the Warrior Plus platform, and I will be checking it out, There was some technical problem and I could not log in, Hopefully it gets resolved and I will be able to share good news about that too. If any of you have experience on these or other that is working for you, then I would love to hear about it and try to purchase that too.
Surendra Shakya
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I am now about to crack into Top 100 in Nepal's members in Strong Future International SFI. That is quite good for a month of effort. Right now I am shown to be 101 position. For online shoppers, it is a great venue to add a second income. Here is what your store will look like: CLICK You or anyone can purchase items they need and you get the credit plus great discounts for buyers. I have been able to list items or even the whole department in my sites. Take a look here on how I continue to beat Covid with a simple logic. Let me know if you need help.
Surendra Shakya
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You can also offer your service for payment like I have shown you below. It is a good income generation site for you. Any kind of task, from dog walking to baby sitting, all okay.
Surendra Shakya
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After struggling for a long time to have access to foreign currency to pay for apps and software to drive traffic to any link, I have managed to get two that are working for me now, Tweety and Browse and Bank. I am still learning and liking what I am seeing. So, if anyone else out there wants to work together, I am open to working together to promote business or links to help each other.
Surendra Shakya
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I am pretty comfortable using Tweety to place targeted ads to any city in the world now. Just linked Browse and bank to Facebook and that will allow me to run Ads there as well. It has cool features like finding keywords from five different platforms, and also create campaigns to run.
Surendra Shakya
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Finally, cracked the top 100 for Nepali country members. Still need to get into the games that is supposed to be having 1 billion plus users. Is there no one else using Strong Future International for side hustle that leads to full time income?

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