My prediction on Senate Parliamentarian
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(Again its just my opinion and does not have to be true)

I feel like below things will happen....
1) this week or next drama will go on re-negotiation with senate parlimentarian on the language proposed .... if she accepts move on ..... maybe the number of people will be reduced from 8 million to daca tps only ......
2) dems will become serious about firing her .... chuck uncle has power to fire her ..... or kamala aunti can overrule her also
3) dems hide behind her skirt and say we tried and again never ending circle of all talk no action will start ..... in that case dems will look like a big hypocrites ......

lets wait and watch this show lol ..........
kamila ko dumbell
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Mero pick is either 1 (10%) or 3(90%). I dont trust these dems to get anything done.
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I dont either ..... but this time im feeling like some big drama is around the corner ..... ppl are fired up all over the twitter ....... some big pressure is there .....
kamila ko dumbell
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Yes I feel the same bro. I wonder if the dems can propose some sort of New Status which wouldn't be LPR/GC but lets say something new. The new status would not lead to GC and people would not be able to use any federal benefit. But they would receive work permit for 10 years and would be able to travel. It would give theses TPS/DACA/Essential workers some peace of mind being able to work and travel.
It would also take care of the point raised by Senate Parliamentarian regarding the current bill having impact beyond budget now that they cannot use federal aid/benefit.
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ए मूजि पाण्डे, immigration भन्दा financial status बनाउन ध्यान देउ, tPS विल गो फर इन्फिनिटी। याट द इन्ड अफ द डे, मनि न सेक्स इज व्हाट म्याटर्स । यो मूजि ग्रीन कार्ड, सिटीजन्शिप त मूजि सरनार्थी भएर नि पाइन्छ ।

तिम्रो पुर्खा मूजि अंग्रेज भगाएर नेपाल देश एकीकरण गर्ने, तिमि मूजि तोर्पे आफ्नो उर्जा र जवानी येही TPS को लागि सक्ने भयोउ। मूजि मरेपछि त्यो कालो अनुहार आफ्नो वीर पुर्खा लाई कसोरी देखाऊछौ । लेट एलोन पिपुल लाइक हाकु, सनक, सेक्सी सारी ह्यान्डल सिद व्याटल । "जाति चिकेनि गेडा बाहिरै " हिहिही GN
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Priya muzee baje dherai pachi jhulkinu bho darshan!!

malai ta yo yeuta movie drama jasto matrai lagcha so i follow it hahaha ......

and sometimes if fellow nepali bros/sis panick i just try to give my point of view ......

aprt from that ur absolutely right ..... moneyy n sekzzz matter a lot too ..... GN
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Pandey bhaya timro prediction pani Mero jastai huna laago hai .
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ma stella artois ra buff khadai yar priya Sanaklaal.... yo yeuta movie ho priya ..... jatho gc ko lagi euta moti gyampi keti khoja na .....

90% ppl in sajha got it thru
1) asylum
2) consultancies
3) ugly ass wife
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uups missed 4

4) khate dv
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Pandey sadai buff bhanxhau…buff ko k chai khadai chau timi ?? Timi manchey sachha tapari baun bhayera looki looki soongoor Ko geda fry garera khadai chau Tyo mikes hard strawberry lemonade peeyera Timi asatti lai paap lagcha.
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Protesters shut down the Golden Gate Bridge for immigration reform .
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