Calling my friends in US on B1/B2 visa from Nepal? Is it possible?
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I have friends from Nepal. I am planning to help them out travel in USA. I cannot find much of the complete information on B1/B2 visa. My queries are:-

1. What are the things I can do from my side from America?
2. What are the things he/she can do from Nepal?
3. How much does it cost? For him/her ? For me?
4. Does it requires any sponsorship letter? Any reqd extra document?
5. Is it possible to call Nepali friends?

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Xkavreplanchok ji kati Nepal ma bhako tehi kta lai matra maya garnu huncha ho. Yeso hami US ma bhako kta lai pani chance diyera try garera ta hernus. Maya ko hami lai pani khacho cha ni hajur. Ghar ki murgi daal barabar na garnus na hai 😀😀🙏🙏
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himalphedi dai man pareko jutta po jutta natra ta khali khutta naai thik. Yeso B1/B2 ko kei idea bhyaee bhandinu paro?

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Xkavrepalanchok did you end up bringing your boyfriend? My suggestion for you would be to go to Nepal for a vacation or something. Marry or get engaged with your bf. And while you are there, assess the situation in Nepal and look for yourself if it's worth Investing in Nepal. And when you come back you can start the processing for k1 or spousal visa. And let us know about your experience and what not.
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You have no role, any invitation or sponsor letter won't be looked at or accepted by the embassy. You friend applies for it and appear for the interview. Getting approval is all luck.

Btw, i don't think US embassy ktm is scheduling any B1/B2 interviews at this time.

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I thought people in a rush were going to Delhi or other cities in India
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@ark, What are the possible document required for US Visa?

I wonder wether bank statement/ proof of employment is required for it ?
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Yeah, some people are going to other countries to apply for the visa.

No supporting documents are required. The only docs are the DS160 confirmation page and PP photos. It is solely based on the interview.
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