TPS late renewal
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Anyone have filed for TPS late re-registration and got approved. My initial application was approved but I didn't file for re-registration. I want to do it now. Just asking to see if anyone have done it.
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Fill the application form and send them ASAP . But no worries Keto since u ha e already filed once there will no jhanjhat and ur background got to come clean .
Tps advocates are urging to coil up all the tps holdere including current tps beneficiaries like haiti, Myaanmaar, together and get this pass by the end of sep.
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I lived in Nepal from Jan 2017 to Dec 2020. I was in US prior to 2017 in F1 visa and had an approved initial TPS application. Can I apply for late TPS re-registration too?
Sexy In Sari
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What if my client has failed to re-register for more than one re-registration period for his or her country?

Typically, the longer the delay in applying to re-register, the more compelling the applicant’s “good cause” reason(s) may need to be. However, late re-registration has been granted to TPS beneficiaries who failed to register during more than one re-registration period.  In such cases, consider including evidence of the good cause for late filing in addition to evidence that the applicant continues to meet the requisite continuous residence and other eligibility requirements for TPS.

Good causes might include unemployment, family emergency, language barriers. So write down a letter explain one of the "good cause' reasons clearly, and explain that the reason for filing late. 

If a re-registration application is denied, will USCIS issue a Notice to Appear?

Good luck!!!

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I think I re-registered for Oct. 26, 2016 through Dec. 27, 2016 deadline, but not 100% sure. Is there anyway I can find this out? Calling USCIS maybe?
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Sexy In Sari
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@himalphedi: YOU SAID
"I lived in Nepal from Jan 2017 to Dec 2020. I was in US prior to 2017 in F1 visa and had an approved initial TPS application. Can I apply for late TPS re-registration too?"

Law said:

Individuals must demonstrate that they have been continuously physically present in the United States since the TPS began, which is June 24, 2015 for Nepal.

Evidence for physical presence is essentially the same as for date of entry and residence.

So What is your Date of last entry into the United States?
They ask this question in Form I-821, Part2, line 19, and once you write year 2020, 2021. It will trigger a flag.

You said you were in Nepal for period of Jan 2017 to Dec 2020.

And what happens is

the applicant’s entire case should be reviewed to see if there is sufficient evidence to meet date of entry, residence, and physical presence requirements.

Departure from the United States Before Approval of Form I-131.

 Failure to obtain advance parole before the alien's departure from the United States may result in the withdrawal of TPS or the institution or re-calendaring of deportation or exclusion proceedings. See 8 CFR 244.15(b). 

Good luck!!

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First time in US: Jan 2008- Dec 2016
In Nepal: Jan 2017- Dec 2020
Second time in US: Jan 2021 onwards.

So far: No immigration laws violations. No criminal record.

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Himalphedi I think u are a lucky ass. ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅
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Sanaklaal bro mathi typo bhayecha. Second time in US Jan 2021 ho, but typo le garda Jan 2020 bhayecha
kamila ko dumbell
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garo cha timro himalphedi raja if its 2021 and not 2020. Maybe essential worker ko chance cha.
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He was here when earthquake hit means he is qualified enufff. Physical presence may disqualify u but the first one will and no criminal history will help u . Lawyers will do it himalphedi
kamila ko dumbell
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I was also thinking along the lines of Physical presence possibly being an issue for Himalphedi bro. But since there are so many waivers lawyers should be able to help. All the best Himalphedi goodluck.

Jai Bajrang bali !!
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Himalphedi timro ra mero case similar cha, so text me "Himalphedi" at 314-226-660two .
We can find a good lawyer together or something like that.
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