Moving to Nepal. What are my options?
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I am a naturalized US citizen living in the US for over a decade. Lately, I have been thinking what is all this for? Do I really want to spent another decade without celebrating Dashain & Tihar with my family and friends? I think I will be happier in Nepal. Life has become extremely monotonous here in the USA. I feel like I belong to Nepal and really want to start a new chapter in my life. I do have undergraduate degree from the US and decent work experience in Finance & Accounting.

What are my options in Nepal if I decide to permanently move to Nepal?
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You can apply to jobs in banks with your degree its better if you do MBA here. US MBA has more value in Nepal but you know its like its difficult too due to COVID now. You can also apply to managerial positions in big companies like CG, Bhatbhateni store regional manager but still as far as my frees are saying economy is really down there but you can spend time with your family for a time being.
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Technically, you lost your Nepali citizenship when you naturalized as a US citizen. You could go back on an NRN visa and work, but that limits you to private companies as government jobs require Nepali citizenship. However, Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 Clause No. 11 allows you to reacquire Nepali citizenship if you give up your US citizenship and apply to reinstate your citizenship provided that you can prove your previous Nepali nationality. Other than that, you may have to get your US degree certified through TU and use that to apply for jobs that require a bachelor's degree. But fiance and accounting rules vary significantly between Nepal and the US, so you may have difficulty convincing people to hire you unless it's a multi-national corporation. You can always open your own business and be self-employed.
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just out of context i read ur nickname as umaga and reminded of wwe wrestler ....
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As a US citizen, any option for a remote job with a US company? I know you are in finance so 100% remote might not be possible. Maybe you can negotiate in a way that works out. Trust me companies are a lot more flexible than you might think but you have to have skills they will value and like you.
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Find remote work and work from Nepal. That's the best option I guess.
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Love n respect if u return n help Nepal just like Kulman n Mahabir
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How will nepal goverment know you are not nepali citizen anymore?
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First go for 1 year with no job worries (think of it as an extended unpaid vacation with your family members). Chances are you will return back to US even before that 1 year passes. Don't think of a long term because very very few US returnee make it long term in Nepal.
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Thanks for the input. I am willing to give up my US citizenship. I think I can renounce my citizenship at US Embassy in Kathmandu (Not sure how the process works). Do anyone know what the process is for renouncing US citizenship?
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You are being way too dramatic. Simply go and live in Nepal for 1 year as vacation and see if you want to stay there as long term. If so you will come up with what option is best within that timeframe rather than planning everything perfectly now as it never works out
Sexy In Sari
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There is a saying, kukur lai Gheu pachdaina...( Dog can't digest Ghee) Delta Ghee or Dalta Ghee the popular one...I am confuse

Sajha users are dying day and night hoping for TPS REdesignation, and you are here to give up US Citizenship. Joke of the day. Nepali haru...

My uncle talks like this shit, wants to live in Nepal, life is good, bla bla.., when he has too much of Black Label in his body, and the next day, he starts to count dollars. He has been saying that for almost 25 years. lol. But one thing he does about Nepal is to watch Nepalese News on Youtube.  

Good luck!!

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Agreed with sexyinsari...You want what you don't have...this will continue forever. Just use common sense & rub two brain cells together you will get the answer easily. Taking 1 year off from work to see how things pan out or just go nuclear & give up citizenship & take the SAME path? Why?
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We would like to see the options you are seeing and moving to Nepal. We will let you know which one is best ! I met one gentleman who do not want to give any suggestion but will review the plan and will suggest which one is better!
There must be good reason and reasons to move to Nepal. Wish you Good Luck and you will prosper.
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Did I offend people when I said "I am willing to renounce US Citizenship?"

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No , you did not offend people, but you are doing:

" Just like some one have sickness and he was asking to doctors about the solutions. The doctors were telling him to try medicians for couple of months and if it does not work , then go for surgery, but he is trying for surgery, not to take a chance with mediciation."
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I have heard many people say I will go back I will go back but less than 0.1% do with their own free will. Agree with Sexy in sari on this one. I am not saying OP is one, maybe she or he is one of the genuine ones but the rest of us are hypocrites (includes me) we will say yes I will return someday but we just say that for the sake of saying, we don’t mean it. We always find excuses to not go back.
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Khatey ko chori sexy
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when both saturday and sunday will be holiday in nepal - i ll go back to nepal.
why the f no dual citizen!!
i really want to start a business in nepal that ll not only help myself but also create some jobs for the qualified one.
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पहिला गएर 1 बर्स बसेर हेरनुस
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Bro ! Let's go to Angola
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